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I woke up to a mysterious noise on my balcony. The soft padder of feet faded as the wind blew from soft, now the heat was turned to strong! I guess this is my house for you. My cat bluebell was almost sufficated দ্বারা me a I squeezed her neck tightly. নমস্কার I'm only in 5th grade, I'm scared alright? Bluebell scratched my arm. I let go of her and let out a big yelp. I covered my mouth so the intruder could not hear me.

Our back porch door slowly and swiftly opened. Little black figures appeared out of no where. On the side one was alittle hunched over, one looked alittle flat headed, the other was...
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Name: Zila Kiroston Clainton

Date: Septembet 11th, 2001.

Birth Place: Boston, Massachusettes

Hometown: Manhattin, New York.

Likes: Cherries, Kowalski, Wepons, golden hearts, Pie, killing, Blackops, Minecraft, the Bible, the dictonary, Encyclopedia, books, drawing, singing, dancing, her friends.

Hates: Julien, cars, shoes, Her sister, Mort, Pok`emon, girly stuff, et.c

Some যেভাবে খুশী quotes:

"Inconifigant Life form -_-"

"You baked me a pie? WHAT FLAVOR!!"


"I hate you, nah I প্রণয় YOU!"

"You could of killed me!!"

"Get হারিয়ে গেছে idiot..-_-"

Bio: Born on 9/11 in Boston, Massachusettes, Zila has delt her life with greif. The দিন she was born her dad died in the twin towers. He Aunt Abigal, and Cousins Brigdette and Corina have taken care of her. It has been a hard life since Abigal makes her shoot arrors each day.
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