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What Does Your Name Mean?

95 answers | my answer: My name is Nadia. it's a Russian name, it means *ho...
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How many brothers অথবা sisters do আপনি have, how old are they, and do আপনি like them অথবা not?

49 answers | my answer: I have one older brother. ( : he's 25 yeeah.. :P...
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Post all ur পছন্দ প্রণয় pictures here!

12 answers | my answer: lovee this one. ( :
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Put something and I'll give আপনি a শ্রদ্ধার্ঘ্য

92 answers | my answer: aww. :D
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What was the last song আপনি listened to?

102 answers | my answer: One Republic- All we are. <3
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do u pay attention in school

50 answers | my answer: haha. NO! :P are আপনি kidding me? xD maybe just 4...
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What special super ability would wish আপনি could have?

30 answers | my answer: To be able to stop the time and be able to read som...
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What's you're favourite Letter of the Alphabet?

29 answers | my answer: N.. cauze my name start with letter N. :D
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Whats ur পছন্দ website to go on when ur bored?

39 answers | my answer: besides Fanpop, ফেসবুক and YouTube! :D
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What is your motto? :)

71 answers | my answer: প্রণয় isn't about finding the perfect person, but se...