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yepp আপনি are rude XD
but welcome me too hahahahahaha XD
আপনি know আপনি are heheheh ^^

আপনি Need it i Need it =p
aweee thank আপনি for the cute words,it means alot to me!haha thanks I try my best XD❤️🌸miss আপনি and all here so much too
I am so happy your dog is doing better now !!!

wishing আপনি a Beautiful Monday like আপনি Alx muaaaah❤️🌸 পোষ্ট হয়েছে এক ঘন্টা 1 আগে
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Princess in a box. Oh yeah I wanted to let আপনি guys know that my dog is doing a lot better.^^ The first thing I did was give her a hug because she was a lot better. T_T Sorry I just never dealt with any of dog's being that sick well I did but it lead to death so why I was so worried about her.>_< Also thanks for the comforting and help আপনি guys. পোষ্ট হয়েছে ·2 দিন আগে
Riku114 মতামত প্রদত্ত…
Any time my dude ·2 দিন আগে
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hahahaha yeah i am so agree with আপনি my sweet Alax sunshine XD
same here too
lets Dance we নিরাপদ the Money XD আপনি rude Girl XD
omo I will miss আপনি so much if আপনি don´t here><
yupp I spoke around all the time boooo XD
thank আপনি too
btw happy weekend Alax ❤️🌸 পোষ্ট হয়েছে ·3 দিন আগে
big smile
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I প্রণয় your banner :D পোষ্ট হয়েছে ·3 দিন আগে
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নমস্কার Alex. Sure thing and nice to meet আপনি too. I'm Valerie. পোষ্ট হয়েছে ·3 দিন আগে
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Thanks for the শ্রদ্ধার্ঘ্য and add. i did respond to your মতামত on my timeline in case আপনি didn't see it yet. :) পোষ্ট হয়েছে ·4 দিন আগে
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Alx my sunisnine tomorrow I am not online I went out with my lil Boy8playground and Walking)
so see ya on Friday
take care of আপনি my Beautiful sunshine<3 পোষ্ট হয়েছে ·5 দিন আগে
GDragon612 মতামত প্রদত্ত…
-8 ·5 দিন আগে
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আপনি can be sure i am poor
everytime I want new merch I save the Money
but I Need that all
I should win in the Lotto XD
yeah buy that শার্ট too
when will ya college ends?
yupp the sunny swagy Kat is the কুইন of health now XD
not to thanks পোষ্ট হয়েছে ·5 দিন আগে
Blaze1213IsBack বিষয়ে বক্তব্য যেভাবে খুশী
Am really hoping the reason my dog is sick isn't because she ate অস্থি অথবা something but am starting to get worry about her because she's been sick for two days straight. ...and I had a dog in the past died as well from eating bones. I know why she's been sick but it's really starting to worry me and I don't want her to died... So it's been on my mind lately.. পোষ্ট হয়েছে ·5 দিন আগে
Blaze1213IsBack মতামত প্রদত্ত…
I don't know why she's sick ·5 দিন আগে
Riku114 মতামত প্রদত্ত…
Sometimes সারমেয় just get sick like that. Did she eat অস্থি at anytime that আপনি know? Typically to what I know a lot of সারমেয় die আরো from choking on a bone than anything else ·5 দিন আগে
Blaze1213IsBack মতামত প্রদত্ত…
Thank I appricate it and it could of been a bone but like I ব্যক্ত am not 100 percent sure why she's sick. My brother ব্যক্ত it was normal as well for dog's to get sick like that so it's gives me hope she will recover. ·4 দিন আগে
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I just got my first medal for the জীবন্ত club on this account which I was not expecting to get lol.. It's funny because I use to think I wouldn't get one because even I পোষ্ট হয়েছে so much it was taking so long to get one.XD ...but আপনি know what a medal is a medal. পোষ্ট হয়েছে ·5 দিন আগে
Blaze1213IsBack মতামত প্রদত্ত…
even though ·5 দিন আগে
Lusamine মতামত প্রদত্ত…
This surprises me. I had to post thousands of things before I could get a badge on my user club. I'm pretty sure the admin decide who gets পদক and when, but they sure do so in a very erratic fashion. ·5 দিন আগে
Lusamine মতামত প্রদত্ত…
Congratulations দ্বারা the way! ♥♥♥ ·5 দিন আগে
Blaze1213IsBack মতামত প্রদত্ত…
Maybe am still trying to figure this whole medal thing and I think a lot of us I don't how it works either হাঃ হাঃ হাঃ but thanks dude.^^ ·5 দিন আগে