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ডিসি কমিকস প্রকাশক

who else hates ব্যাটম্যান and finds him overrated

2 answers | my answer: I don't hate ব্যাটম্যান (actually he's my favourite sup...
ডিসি কমিকস প্রকাশক

Who hates Marvel?!

16 answers | my answer: I'm a DC fanboy but don't hate Marvel. I hate when...
ভিডিও গেম

What new games are আপনি super excited for and looking very অগ্রবর্তী to?

4 answers | my answer: Soul Calibur VI, Mega Man 11, Super Smash Bros. Ult...
ভিডিও গেম

What's your পছন্দ final boss battle?

4 answers | my answer: God of War Kratos vs Ares Devil May Cry Dante vs M...
ভিডিও গেম

What game companies make আপনি get angry and upset at them as well as tick আপনি off?

2 answers | my answer: ARC SYSTEM WORKS!!! সেকেন্ড is EA


16 answers | my answer: The best couple in my opinion is definitely be Sasu...

whats u শীর্ষ ten fav নারুত couples ?

6 answers | my answer: #1. Sasuke x Ino that's all I got for you.

What is your পছন্দ character?

15 answers | my answer: Sasuke Uchiha but it might change if what I hear is...

What's your Chakra Nature?

49 answers | my answer: Lightning

Do আপনি like Haku?

3 answers | my answer: Yes.