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হাউস এম.ডি

What episode in season 5 does Kutner die?

2 answers | my answer: He dies on 5x20 - Simple explanation :)
হাউস এম.ডি

When and why did Chase and Cameron split-up and get a divorce?

4 answers | my answer: They বিভক্ত করা up on 6x08 "Teamwork" because Chase had...
হাউস এম.ডি

ok there is a rumor about a Huddy wedding, does anybody have any deets অথবা ANYTHING about it?

1 answer | my answer: There are only rummors, nothing confirmed. A possib...

Will someone make a video for me?

1 answer | my answer: Hey, I think can do it. I'm not so great, but I ca...


1 answer | my answer: I think the fic u're looking for is 'Hitting the Gr...
টেলিভিশন জুটি

What are your 5-10 পছন্দ ship names?

19 answers | my answer: -LoVe -Huddy (My OTP) -Grillows (I think its funn...

Is EO like Huddy অথবা B&B??

2 answers | my answer: I think they're আরো like BB. Just my opinion =D