Kisuke Urahara

ফ্যানপপ্পিং December 2012 থেকে

  • Male
  • karakura town, soul society
  • Favorite TV Show: Bleach,One Piece,Naruto shippuden, dragonball z & Fairy Tail,
    Favorite Movie: bleach diamond dust rebellion, Mr& Mrs smith, curious case of benjamine button, spygame, troy, blood sport,twilight
    Favorite Musician: Micheal jackson,Amy Lee,John Cooper
    Favorite Book or Author: bleach ,naruto shippuden,TWILIGHT,HARRY POTTER
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JosepineJackson আমায় শ্রদ্ধার্ঘ্য প্রদানের কারণ my comments
Yep, it is one of my পছন্দ চলচ্চিত্র too ☺ I am okay and everything is good with my school I got 8 and 10 balls in my tests :) How are you? পোষ্ট হয়েছে ·3 দিন আগে
JosepineJackson আমায় শ্রদ্ধার্ঘ্য প্রদানের কারণ my answers
Sorry for my delay... আপনি know... school and a lot of other things to do... How are you? Umm, it is like that for some people... Did আপনি watch The notebook? I watched some চলচ্চিত্র with Brad Pitt Meet Joe Black, Legends of a fall, Mr & Mrs Smith.... Have আপনি seen them? ☺ পোষ্ট হয়েছে ·15 দিন আগে
JosepineJackson আমায় শ্রদ্ধার্ঘ্য প্রদানের কারণ my comments
Do আপনি like Nicholas Sparks romantic চলচ্চিত্র like "Safe haven" "The choice" "the longest ride" "A walk to remember" "The notebook"? What about tragedies... I like them... Actually they are not real. Character dies but actor who played him stays alive. Everything that happens in চলচ্চিত্র is not real. It is just some peoples imagination... So I don't take it too serious. It makes me sad but only for a moment. পোষ্ট হয়েছে ·29 দিন আগে