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ফ্যানপপ্পিং June 2009 থেকে

  • Female, 22 years old
  • Malang, East Java, Indonesia
  • Favorite TV Show: ...idk.
    Favorite Movie: Drama Movies...
    Favorite Musician: টেইলর সুইফট্‌
    Favorite Book or Author: ...mathematics?
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chubby_girly ব্যক্ত …
Hi. I'm লেখা here because of boredom although i dont think someone will read this. Im just wondering why i got পদক in small সংগঠন that i rarely contribute. in the past i fought so hard for pokemon group but i got nothing haha. পোষ্ট হয়েছে বছরখানেক আগে
big smile
fansPunzie-22 ব্যক্ত …
Hello! I have same feelings as আপনি for the website. Plus, do আপনি watch Fairy Tail??? :D I see that's Erza in your icon. I প্রণয় Fairy Tail too. পোষ্ট হয়েছে বছরখানেক আগে
chubby_girly মতামত প্রদত্ত…
hi! nice to talk to আপনি :D of course i watch fairy tail--i think it's the only জীবন্ত i watch, the story is amazing and i am always looking অগ্রবর্তী to পরবর্তি episodes although these days the জীবন্ত becomes আরো vulgar (?) বছরখানেক আগে
chubby_girly ব্যক্ত …
Thanks for all the adds and শ্রদ্ধার্ঘ্য and, yeah, everything. I just wonder where are আপনি all going? Has this site been neglected দ্বারা its fans? I somehow felt bad for this site.. Im sorry guys if I did something wrong in the past. I প্রণয় আপনি all. I also thank ফ্যানপপ for filling my childhood times. This is one good site for grown ups and kids, yeeehay! পোষ্ট হয়েছে বছরখানেক আগে