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Abby and Mcgee

please somebody write me what did McGee says to Abby in Mexico, in the hotelroom?! thnx

3 answers | my answer: which part? at one point, he jokes about her gainin...
Abby and Mcgee

what eps have the best mcabby scenes

3 answers | my answer: each season has good McAbby scenes. "Borderland" ha...
Abby and Mcgee

do আপনি think mcgee will one দিন চুম্বন abby on the lips ?

3 answers | my answer: on camera this time, instead of off আপনি mean? I sur...
Abby and Mcgee

when does ক্রিমিনাল ইনভেস্টিগেশন সার্ভিস season 9 start ?

1 answer | my answer: I'm going to go on a hunch and say tuesday, Septemb...
Hotch & Emily

What are the chances of Hotch and Emily to get married if an annoying stupid Haley hadnt been around

3 answers | my answer: if Haley had been unheard of after season 3, probab...
Hotch & Emily

WELCOME to all the new H/E অনুরাগী here on this Club!!:)So, tell me why do আপনি প্রণয় them? When did আপনি start liking their ship? অথবা do আপনি just like their friendship, without shipping them?

6 answers | my answer: Just got into the প্রদর্শনী over the summer and have all...
SSA Aaron Hotchner

Who here thinks Hotch is hot অথবা good looking?

15 answers | my answer: He's ridicolously hot. IMO,hottest guy on CM =D
Damon & Elena

Thoughts on what happened in the motel between DE in Shadow Souls...

4 answers | my answer: people seem to think they ব্যক্ত they loved each othe...
Damon & Elena

Okay. So I need আপনি Delena অনুরাগী help and give me some hope. I will never give up on Delena, but after পাঠ করা the deleted scene from Shadow Souls, I started crying, hysterically.Can আপনি give me some Delena hope back?

7 answers | my answer: why did Damon চুম্বন Bonnie? random. *shudders at the...
Damon & Elena

so after 'by the light of the moon' when wil they air the পরবর্তি episode ? ?

1 answer | my answer: I think it'll probably be late Jan. i'm guessing th...