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  • Female, 22 years old
  • Toronto
  • Favorite TV Show: OTH, BTVS, Lost, AHS, TWD, PLL, Sherlock
    Favorite Movie: Can`t Decide, there's too many!!
    Favorite Musician: 1D,Ed Sheeran, Cher Lloyd, Imagine Dragons, Avril Lavigne,Muse, Maroon 5, and so many more....
    Favorite Book or Author: The Host, Harry Potter, Beautiful Creatures, etc
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perticipating prop...(Taylor সত্বর contest) পোষ্ট হয়েছে বছরখানেক আগে
Stelena-Finchel আমায় শ্রদ্ধার্ঘ্য প্রদানের কারণ my answers
Sorry for replying late! School's keeping me busy!
Glad to hear things are good now! :)
Haha, you're very welcome! :)
Happy New বছর to আপনি too! :) ♥ পোষ্ট হয়েছে বছরখানেক আগে
big smile
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No problem :P Sorry about the late reply myself.
Haha, seems nice though :) Well, I went to a couple of my বন্ধু house, and some বড়দিন shopping.
Thanks, Happy New বছর to আপনি too :)
Anything new happening? পোষ্ট হয়েছে বছরখানেক আগে