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I don't know if this প্রশ্ন has been asked already...

16 answers | my answer: I forgot that it was a mothers দিন today XD But th...
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What's your obsession?

22 answers | my answer: Well let's see. My current obsessions are: TV Sh...
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Rate Miley Cyrus in percentage.....Even if আপনি are a hater .... xD

32 answers | my answer: I'd say 50% Mainly just because I am not really a...
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Type your name with your eyes closed. Then জমা করুন the result!!

28 answers | my answer: Roberta Holy shit! How did that happen? I usuall...
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I'm bored

6 answers | my answer: The picture says it all :D
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What Do আপনি Think of This Drawing: :3

14 answers | my answer: Oh wow, that's really good! So yeah, good for you!...
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What's the age difference between আপনি and your best friend?

115 answers | my answer: My best friend is 1 মাস younger than me :)
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Post a picture what represents you!

14 answers | my answer: Not like criminally insane অথবা anything *laughs nerv...
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How old are your parents?

25 answers | my answer: My mum is 45 and my dad is 46 :)
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Song that makes আপনি cringe everytime আপনি hear it?

23 answers | my answer: I know it's a cliché, but come on! It works! (sorr...