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Do আপনি have any quotes?

18 answers | my answer: That one <3
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What do আপনি think?

1 answer | my answer: This is pretty good and catchy :)
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What's your motto?

31 answers | my answer: This <3
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Want to know your superhero name? Color of your shirt, item to your left, TO THE RESCUE!

46 answers | my answer: Blue White অনুরাগী XD
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I need help, I forgot something.

1 answer | my answer: no idea what movie you're talking about, sorry, but...
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What are u afraid of?

16 answers | my answer: Heights and anything that could eat me :P
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So...... what আপনি doing?

13 answers | my answer: ...
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what is the hardest part about drawing for you?

24 answers | my answer: All the parts... I can't draw :P
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post a pic of something funny

11 answers | my answer: This XD
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What is your idea of the perfect first date?

10 answers | my answer: Pizza. Movies. Talking. IDK, just pretty much anyth...