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গার্লস্‌ জেনারেসন/এসএনএসডি

Your SNSD Bias List??

40 answers | my answer: 1. Sunny 2. Sooyoung 3. Seohyun 4. Taeyeon 5. Y...
গার্লস্‌ জেনারেসন/এসএনএসডি

WHO IS THE PRETTIEST IN PARTY SNSD সঙ্গীত VIDEO? Please মতামত your ranking below if আপনি want <3.

30 answers | my answer: 1. Yoona 2. Sunny 3. Seohyun 4. Sooyoung 5. Tae...
গার্লস্‌ জেনারেসন/এসএনএসডি

Who is the most beautiful in this picture? Write your ranking.

16 answers | my answer: 1. Sunny 2. Yuri 3. Yoona 4. Tiffany 5. Sooyoun...
গার্লস্‌ জেনারেসন/এসএনএসডি

(CONTEST)post yr fave member in yellow

36 answers | my answer: Lee Soonkyu
গার্লস্‌ জেনারেসন/এসএনএসডি

who has no plastic surgery in snsd

6 answers | my answer: I think Seohyun haven’t done any surgery yet.
গার্লস্‌ জেনারেসন/এসএনএসডি

Who do আপনি like most in SNSD

21 answers | my answer: I like them all, but of course their is ranking. M...
পার্ক শাইন-হে

Park Shin Hye CONTEST

5 answers | my answer: link...
Choi Sooyoung

Can u tell me the name of this dog?

2 answers | my answer: jjangee

Celebrity Contest

10 answers | my answer: Sunny of Girl's Generation the cutest member of al...

Taeyeon Contest

8 answers | my answer: Taeyeon <3