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মাইন্ডলেস বিহেভিয়র

Who is the funniest out of the Mindless Behavior group ?

5 answers | my answer: রশ্মি রশ্মি is but i lov prodigy
মাইন্ডলেস বিহেভিয়র

wat would u do if u bcame a member of mindless behavior

4 answers | my answer: me too
Prodigy (Mindless Behavior)

wat if prodigy wuz cold and he started to cuddle on u would u let him অথবা u would push him away how would u feel

23 answers | my answer: Oh yeah
Prodigy (Mindless Behavior)

Prodigy thought আপনি was cheating on him with রশ্মি রশ্মি because আপনি and রশ্মি রশ্মি were dance partners and he slapped and punched the mess out of আপনি what would আপনি do

32 answers | my answer: beat him up চুম্বন him then leave him