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Damon & Elena

So tomorrow tvd will return and there has been a lot of rumours that damon and elena are going to চুম্বন so i just wanted to know how would আপনি react if that happened????

8 answers | my answer: I think that it would be about time. Stefan, runnin...
Damon & Elena

Your favourite DE song?

11 answers | my answer: linksubstitute scottie with...
Damon & Elena

There will be an upcoming christmad TVD episode what do আপনি think will Elena´s present be for Damon and Damon´s for Elena?

1 answer | my answer: A Kiss? Like LJ Smith's short story. Damon's for...
Damon & Elena

Should i write this?

3 answers | my answer: Sure, there is no reason not too and আপনি may be sur...