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Who are your two পছন্দ ডিজনি characters EVER.

20 answers | my answer: Peter Pan and মুলান

Which ডিজনি heroine do আপনি guys think my sister looks like?

4 answers | my answer: She kinda reminds me of বেগুনী from The Incredibles...
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Which house do আপনি think you're most likely to be put in and why? Also, who would be your best wizarding friend?

21 answers | my answer: I would be either Hufflepuff অথবা Ravenclaw the main...
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Out of the potter charachters who would আপনি go to the yule ball with?

26 answers | my answer: George Weasley
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Who would be: Your best friend (girl), Your best friend (boy), Your brother, Your sister, Just a friend(boy), Just a friend (girl), Your mom, Your dad, আপনি girlfriend/boyfriend?

93 answers | my answer: Best Friend (girl): Katie ঘণ্টা Best Friend (boy):...
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Where can I buy a House scarf that actually has the correct colours?

3 answers | my answer: I don't know where আপনি can buy one but me and my fr...
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Have আপনি ever met anyone who looks just like a character from the series?

15 answers | my answer: There are twins with red hair and freckles in level...
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Can someone help me?

5 answers | my answer: Potions - Chemistry Herbology/ Astronomy - Earth S...
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Theme parks?

3 answers | my answer: Well I've only been to the wizarding world of Harry...
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My friend just dissed Harry Potter!?!

9 answers | my answer: All of my friend প্রণয় harry potter but no one in my...