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posted by CarolineG
Some things had gone missing at my house, so my mom and my grandmother started especulating what the heck happend to the things.
Ten মিনিট later, no one came to a conclusion, and I was abolutelly full of the stupid discussion, all I wanted was to finish my ডিনার in peace. So I ended the conversation with...
"The kraangs stealed it and took it to dimension X. The end."
My mother, in her not knowledge, answered:
"Ah, so ask them to give it back!"
And me...
"Yeah, yeah, sure, go ask them to return it to you, let's see what will the Kraang do..."

... Amazing idea of my mom, ask gently for the Kraangs to return our thing...
Just imagine kraang's answer...
posted by KatieK102
These are all from the 2012 series!

Raphael: আপনি don’t flirt with the enemy Leo. আপনি take them down!

Donatello: Snake turned into a weed!
Michelangelo: Funny. You’d think he’d turn into a snake.
Raphael: Yea আপনি would. If আপনি were an IDIOT!
Michelangelo: But his name is snake…
Raphael: SO?
Michelangelo: আপনি don’t understand science.

Donatello: Gentlemen, and Raphael

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