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kittylin posted on Jul 21, 2011 at 03:15AM
My wedding is in October at Jonah's at Whale Beach, so an outdoor, beachside ceremony.

I have 3 bridesmaids - my sis lives in London, my godsister is 16 and lives in Brissy and a close friend who is fortunately in Sydney.

I was dreading bridesmaid dress shopping as to put it nicely, all my bridesmaids are quite chubby and my godsister has extremely large breasts.

I went with my friend yesterday and we tried on a lot of dresses and it was quite difficult. I did find one dress that looked lovely and it was nice and bright which is what I want. It is patterned tho and my mum has this thing in her head that having a patterned dress x 3 will be too much and detract from the bride. I disagree (besides my mum is driving me mad sticking her nose in all the time).

What do you think?

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বছরখানেক আগে Isharaa said…
If you're sick of solid colors, give your bridesmaids a playful look with striped gowns. With simple stripes and candy colors, this whimsical dress won't take any attention away from the bride.