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 হাওনা & Hyunseung
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This 4minute ছবি contains পশম কোট, পশম মণ্ডল, and পশম অ্যাকসেন্ট. There might also be hip boot and thigh boot.

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4minute’s maknae Kwon Sohyun stunned the public when she revealed that she originally debuted with an young girl group called ‘Orange‘.

Orange originally debuted back in 2005, and was comprised of grade school girls.

While guesting on Mnet’s সঙ্গীত talk show, ‘Beatles Code’, Sohyun confessed that she entered the সঙ্গীত industry when she was in 5th grade, at the age of 12.

Unfortunately, she gave up halfway because of the pain she experienced due to harsh criticisms.

She said, “I tried not to become a singer. Since it was a primary school girl group, the envy and jealousy of my classmates...
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Source: Jihyun,Jiyoon and GaYoon
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