Aang "Everything Is Connected": Maximum Relational Capacity

wordbender posted on Jan 26, 2013 at 02:27PM
Every particle of information in the universe and every facet of reality is related, directly or indirectly, to every other particle of information or facet of reality…..

Therefore, different sources of information, if accurate in representing a portion of reality, would tend to point toward the same truth
The integration of multiple, seemingly isolated pieces of information into a meaningful whole is vital in the accurate interpretation of reality….

Once the fibres of existing knowledge can be woven into a coherent tapestry of the truth, new patterns of information will become evident, thereby leading to the discovery of wider perspectives of reality.

As a result, this integrated picture of the truth, or representation of reality, assumes predictive power. In turn, no occurrence will be completely inexplicable, mysterious or surprising, since these would all be manifestations of the same truth, or represent facets of the same reality.

In achieving such predictive power, one may not have come to know everything, but would certainly have acquired the capacity to learn all things. Such an individual would then have developed……………….


Cover to cover,
Dust to dust;
Strive to discover,
To integrate, we must
Open the gateway to reality:
Maximum Relational Capacity!

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