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posted by kagura224
abby is so cool i'd like 2 give u info like how she has a million bottles of perfume,I wonder why?
probably she's religious who knows?Anywho,she is so damn awesome!I really wish I could go into her lab it would be awesome!it's like she understands me when nobody else does we have the same personality except i'm an ecogoth she's a plain goth. though stil it would be so cool to meet her.i wish i was her, she's so lucky to have so many বন্ধু who প্রণয় her.don't আপনি wish আপনি were her?anyways always let her live in your হৃদয় no matter what happens.keep on readin her fansite laugh,cry,hug,kiss,anything just keep on পাঠ করা and always remember us as abbys' followers from her kind,generous,noble heart.forever will abby sciuto live in our hearts as our hero our leader.i think i'm about to cry from my own artic le.I hope this touches all of your hearts don't forge abby sciuto will always be inour হৃদয় whenever আপনি need her.;(sniffsniff)i প্রণয় you.
posted by nanicat
 Abby Sciuto
Abby Sciuto
Abigail "Abby" Sciuto (pronounced "shoo-toe") is a fictional forensic scientist in the ক্রিমিনাল ইনভেস্টিগেশন সার্ভিস টেলিভিশন series দ্বারা CBS Television. The character is a goth with skills in tradional forensics, and in computer forensics and hacking. She is portrayed দ্বারা Pauley Perrette.

Abby has a গথ দেশীয় style of dress, including black dresses and t-shirts, mini-skirts, and goth jewelery, including anklets and toe rings. She wears pigtailed dyed hair, and at least nine ট্যাটু on her neck, arms, back, ankle and other places. While some of the ট্যাটু are Perrette's, and real, others, such as the large cross...
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I start waching ক্রিমিনাল ইনভেস্টিগেশন সার্ভিস as a pain to suffer tell they run Quick clips of abby. and WoW! Her and ducky make the প্রদর্শনী have a wild zing. I know the other cast are good actors. what I like to see is a case the army cid has at fort bragg nc. It is a take off the mancin murders. It is knowing what team life was like. আপনি could say medics sandbagged the happy Shot and greenboom go pill both use and the cia keep things around the house. Just sop! what a joke when they ব্যক্ত the gulf war was the first time of drugging the troops also had dmso patch differant amp. There were labs to make a controled troop. DB Cooper was a 11g a gost greenberet. I could tell আপনি a lot of the box. প্রণয় আপনি to get into the cid files they keep on the cia and the fbi.