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posted by Mandydoodle
ur in hevein flying u have fun addi i well never forget u never :(( *crys* well fly on addi u and me was justin drew bieber's প্রেমী well im gonna gonna be beilber'in on u and ur my one less lony girl and im ur প্রণয় me! :'( well go on go fly in hevein u well see me soon! and all of ur বন্ধু here on অনুরাগী pop well tete left অনুরাগী pop and mandyc did too brooke is here but and peter is not here well i hope u look at this addi we প্রণয় u! me justin nick zack and cody and sydney and ally well bye this প্রবন্ধ was 4 u addi the bieber love'er! well have a bieber day!! D= byee! o wait i প্রণয় u addi every one does! i do tete do'es প্রণয় me and every one in অনুরাগী pop addi byee i cick অনুরাগী pop bye 4 ever
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