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I don't really update this anymore! If আপনি really want to see ALL the songs click link.

Adventure Time Theme

Adventure time,
Come on grab your friends,
We'll go to a very distant land,
Jake the dog,
and fin the human,
The fun will never end,
Its adventure Time!




Adventure Time Ending Theme
Come along with me
And the প্রজাপতি and bees
We can wander through the forest
And do so as we please.
Come along with me
To a cliff under a tree

Adventure Time Ending Theme (original)
Come along with me
To a town beside the sea
We can wander through the forest
And do so as we please.
Come along with me
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posted by ATFan1
So it's kinda like the one with Fubblegum. পরবর্তি one in series will be with FP.

Silver rays of moonlight invaded the Treehouse. After an adventure-filled day, Finn, alone at home, prepared himself for bed. As he changed into his pajamas, he calls to his mind the face of that beautiful damsel Marceline. Dark eyes, elegantly formed hands, that breath-taking figure…and her hair.

Oh, how could he ever forget that wonderfully long, black hair, smooth as silk! Who would think such beauty was formed দ্বারা a cold, heartless demon, instead of Glob? Such a rose could never have grown among thorns. Yet among...
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posted by Eula2003
[At the শীর্ষ of the বৃক্ষ Fort, Finn watching, Jake eating a তরমুজ and Princess Bubblegum প্রদর্শিত হচ্ছে her latest invention.]
Princess Bubblegum: And so, through my experiments with cloud-seeding, I've invented... liquid pyrotechnics.
[Fireworks burst, splashing Finn with multi-coloured liquid.]
Jake: That's really cool, PB!
Princess Bubblegum: Aw, thanks, puppy. [Draws Jake onto her lap.]
Jake: Isn't it cool, Finn?
[Princess Bubblegum looks at Finn]
Finn: [Stammering] Owwww-guh...
Princess Bubblegum: [Giggles]
[Finn makes an attempt to put his head on her lap, but she pushes him away]
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posted by ThisRedApple
Before আপনি Princess Bubblegum প্রেমী go on and go hating on me, I would just like to point out that this is my opinion. Please be respectful about it. Also, I am making this প্রবন্ধ because আপনি might see me hating on PB for no reason, but I do.

Now, where do I start? Ah, yes. With her science obsession. Princess Bubblegum is just so fucking obsessed with science that she does not even give time to those who need her. I am not also a big অনুরাগী of the Science subject so I am not amused at all with her character.
If I can remember correctly, she was so obsessed about revenge and her complexion in...
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posted by emerald_32
Couldn't resist লেখা another story, especially after listening to "Melt" [by Hatsune Miku] for like, the 20th time.
I ব্যক্ত my laptop was broken. But FINALLY, my mom let me use hers. So don't think of me like I was lying there, because I wasn't.
I'm using Fubblegum for this story, because FinnAme didn't seem to fit it. I'm planning also to make a FinnOnna অথবা FinnCeline story in the future.

Finn woke in the morning. Before even rising from his mattress, there was one person in his mind. No, it wasn't Jake. No, it wasn't Marceline.

But Princess Bubblegum....
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Author's note

Leixie is a 16 with বেগুনী eyes, dirty blonde hair and is 5ft'3in tall. She loves reading, wrinting , গান গাওয়া and swim when she not practice dragonspeak, battle moves. Best Friend: Lightning dragon sliver 14 years old very portative of Lexie Boyfriend: Victor Vampie deep loves Lexie do anything for her Lightning and him don't like each other very much.

Lexie lives in village caves on the edge of oo. She tough warrior has a cople of battle scars. She is alwaystrying to make the world a better place.

"Lexie,Where are you?" asked Lighning

"Up Here" she anwered from the blacksmiths cave....
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posted by IsabellaFanboy
This is a multiplayer zombie fighting survival game where all the survivors must work as a team to survive...

Beta players will start with few items they had before due to storyline

-Everyone can join!
Please যোগদান at the link
If আপনি played the beta of this game before... আপনি still have to introduce yourself...

The story takes place in post-apocalyptic Earth. The story will live on after we start playing...

Yes there will be আরো survivors... and I will play their role... people are most likely to যোগদান our team if we are successful

for example:
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posted by stellamusa101
Well a lot of people have been saying “Why do আপনি hate PB? You're crazy!” (well, my বন্ধু at school) and “Why do আপনি like the teen vampire Marceline?”. And also here people want to know why. So I guess I should let out my opinion!

Princess Bubblegum – I hate her
Well my first reason would be because she's too full of herself…and if I correctly in "The Duke" when she turned [completely] green, she was SO worried, she cares about her skin too much. My other reason would be because she's too girly and scientific for me– this is an unpopular reason; I don't like her scientific ideas...
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Adventure Time is one of the weirdest, trippiest shows on television, and that is দ্বারা no means a complaint. Despite অথবা because of that — probably because — it has built a rabid following over its six seasons, snowballing in both viewership and its merchandising presence, and becoming one of the most জনপ্রিয় কার্টুন on television.

And that, as creator Pendleton Ward explains in a new Rolling Stone profile, is why he walked away as showrunner in Season 5 without telling anyone.

“To spend that extra energy and time আপনি don’t have, to make something that’s worth making, to make it awesome,...
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 Adventure Time planet earth..
Adventure Time planet earth..
So this প্রবন্ধ is written দ্বারা a 40k madman! It's about the "ditch" অথবা "whole" on Adventure Times Earth caused দ্বারা the মাশরুম bomb.. It is ব্যক্ত that it was the humans folt.. yup. But not just any Humans. Infact it was probably an Imperial Inquisitor who gave the orders.. the orders for an exterminatus! What is an exterminatus? Lexicanum will explain..


(although আপনি still wont understand nothing 'cause you're probably not all 40k)
Now the order was executed and the planet was bombed (probably 'cause of some heretic scum) Yet Finn survived! Weheyy!! But as the last human.. Now thanks to...
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Disclaimer: I don't own any character, name, place অথবা whatever mentioned in this story, everything belongs to Cartoon Network, and Pendlenton Ward. And THIS IS SERIOUSLY NOT MY STORY.

Adventure Time: The Awakening of Heroes!

I: The Gathering

Tale 1: A usual beginning!

Inside BMO's screen…

Two warriors stare at each other waiting for their fight to begin. The announcer starts the count: "3 – 2 – 1…GO!" The warrior on the left, an 8-bit ninja, makes the first সরানো and starts running towards his enemy, an 8-bit pirate with a big black hat.

"WOW! This battle has become an explosive display of...
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 The Terrible Truth behind Adventure Time
The Terrible Truth behind Adventure Time
Yes these are theories that অনুরাগী have come up with over the years. So i thought it write them out

The Theory: Finn was a lonely boy ignored দ্বারা everyone but his loyal dog Jake. When Jake dies, Finn falls into a deep depression and attempts suicide. Instead of dying, he ends up a coma, where he lives in a perpetual dream state.

Why it could be true: I DON'T WANT THIS TO BE TRUE! Why is it that অনুরাগী theories are always so gut-wrenching? This one is courtesy of Creepypasta. Basically all of the stories in Coma Jake's head are ones he used to tell Jake before he died. A ফ্যান্টাসি world where he was a...
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posted by emerald_32
Song Lyrics for Season 1 songs

Episode: The Jiggler
Song: Baby

Finn: Baby, (Jake: Ooo!)
Finn: I know what আপনি need, (Jake: What's that?)
Finn: আপনি want your little baby socks...
for your little baby feet. (Jake: Woooo.)
Finn: Baby, (Jake: Yeah?)
Finn: I know what আপনি crave, (Jake: Oh yeah? What's that?)
Finn: আপনি want to poop your pants all দিন long,
well baby behave!
Finn: Baby... আপনি lookin' so good,
You lookin' like আপনি might... want some baby food. (Jake: Keep it goin', man!)
Finn: Baby, আপনি lookin' so fine.
You lookin' like আপনি might... just start cryin'.
Finn: I gotta tuck আপনি in, girl.
I gotta sing...
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posted by Raymantlegend
Well as you've probably realized this প্রবন্ধ is about Fionna and Cake and the whole "gender swapped universe".

I hate Fionna, Prince Gumball, Marshall Lee etc. (*everyone gasps). WHY? This is why..

First of all: Why is it necessary? Honestly I don't understand the need for them!
Adventure Time has an incredible amount of weird, wacky, adorable, complex and simply awesome characters.. But instead of giving us a bigger insight on all these characters (like FP অথবা Simon and Marceline) Cartoon Network go and create more, which is totally okay দ্বারা me.. But the stupid thing is that they don't create...
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posted by dadadas
A very intersesting,fan - made,incompleted comic Press "CTRL" and key "+" to see clearly
(This may offend all Flame Princess অনুরাগী but this is just mine and my cousins opinions)
Some may be valid some may be not ? Either way their just our opinions.

1) What if she becomes unstable again?
I mean remember in "Burning Low" Pb ব্যক্ত "She's
stablelized were নিরাপদ for now" get that "For NOW"
that does not mean forever.

2) She's made of FIRE!
I mean its kind of a hastle to keep putting tinfoil অথবা flame shield on finn. I mean any time the flame shield could were off অথবা the tinfoil could rip. And she could burn finn without even trying.

3) She sometimes can't control her powers.
I mean remember in "Vault of Bones" she couldent control them she just kept burning away. Remember she ব্যক্ত the The Power of DISTRUTION!!! (come on!!!) she spun out of control!

4)She may not have the same taste with finn. Remember in "Vault of অস্থি she didnt like finn's way . (HERE) "Finn im not having any fun
i dont like doing things your way." see what i mean.
The word Princess implies that Bubblegum is the daughter of royalty, yet she seems to handle all the duties that a king অথবা কুইন would normally perform. Then the প্রশ্ন is: who are the king and কুইন of the ক্যান্ডি চকোলেট kingdom, and where are they?
Now, remember that it has been ব্যক্ত that the world of Adventure Time is a post-apocalyptic wasteland that has rebuilt itself into the strange land of Ooo. Bubblegum is one of the few characters who appears to be human. Therefor, if her parents are human too, they could have been destroyed in the apocalypse and she keeps her শিরোনাম as princess in order to honor them.
It is also possible that they have gone missing, and Bubblegum doesn't want anyone to know that anything is wrong. She works so hard and has become so talented at science in preparation to rescue them as soon as she gets word of their whereabouts.
posted by ATFan1

Finn and Marceline walked along the path leading through the forest. How overjoyed he was! After their first night together, Finn’s প্রণয় for this damsel began to know no boundaries. Whenever his eyes fell on her his হৃদয় skipped a beat. How could he ever stay away from this queen, this embodiment of beauty? He was the only one to actually look beyond her marvellous figure, and into that soul, that poor lonely soul, once cursed to never taste love. Now it had finally found someone who adored it. Oh, sweet heaven, with all your singing...
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Me: Okay, before আপনি read this, আপনি should better know that this may offend আপনি whatsoever. This is just my opinion about why she can't তারিখ him. Please refrain from rude comments. Thank You.
Okay, I have to say. There are a lot of reasons why PB can't be with Finn. But here are those that I think are valid:

1) She's too old for him. It's the most common and most valid. She's too old for him, which may be the reason why she keeps pushing him back. Remember in Too Young she ব্যক্ত that she didn't want to grow up, she wanted to be 13, with Finn? She ব্যক্ত she...
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Anyway this a অনুরাগী fiction that includes the reader(s)! So আপনি hang out with Marcy অথবা anyone (I don't care) and আপনি hear this faint cry and its because of the ice king আপনি say “that complicated jerk ruins every thing" and ask if they want to investigate and they " yeah why not" so আপনি heard that was from PB and looked in her room with Finn and surprisingly আপনি kinda dislike him for the Flame Princess break up which was bad beacuase আপনি thought they were perfect! After আপনি খুঁজুন PB's room আপনি remember she was leaving for a sience thing so আপনি tell the others. Anyway আপনি see Ice king with...
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