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posted by Shelly_McShelly
hi, so i think i might have depression. i know people just say these things to get attention, but i'm not just saying it, this is something i'm really scared about. i'm sorry if this is really long, but i need to just let it out.
i'm sad all the time, manly when it comes to things like school and family. i just started বছর 10 and it really isn't gong well.
i've been put in the challenge class (advanceed class for super smart people) and dont know why. everyone n my class gets A in every subject and 100% in tests and my average grade is a C অথবা B, and my average percentage is under 75%. it's...
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 me SurferChic
me SurferChic
all people of ফ্যানপপ i have a habit of biting my nails my mom and me have tried every single thing to try so fellow fanpopers please give me a solution if আপনি do i will give আপনি somthing in return if আপনি want a reward if IT DOESN'T WORK i will still make আপনি somthing আপনি just leave me what আপনি want in your picture unless i already tried your suggestions thanx for পাঠ করা

yours truly SurferChic. :D

ps thanx so much if আপনি responed pss thanx

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :::::::::::::::::::::::::::DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
 smile awile to help
smile awile to help
 Mário *-* the amazing guy who saved my life in so many ways, my boyfriend and the প্রণয় of my life <3333
Mário *-* the amazing guy who saved my life in so many ways, my boyfriend and the love of my life <3333
I want to dedicate this to my boyfriend Mário aka ফ্যানপপ user leuron. It's not enough, no matter how many times I tell him how thankful I am for what he did and still does for me.

You are my boyfriend, my love, my life.
The one I want to spend the rest of my life with.
But you're not only that.
You have always been the best of বন্ধু I ever had.
The দিন we first talked we had no idea.
What was gonna happen later.
We became close friends.
Because আপনি helped me out of trouble.
If there was noone I could talk to
You still had advice.
People got tired of me talking about my troubles.
Not you.
You never got...
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posted by iluvtheoffice12
first of all i would like to say thnk u to all u fanpoppers out ther i have talked to several of u about this and u have been very suportive and comforting and im sure any1 tht reeds this will be to. i made this spot for people tht need to get things off their chests can so here we go....

when u wer here i loved u,i miss u আরো thn ever and i want u bak আরো thn anything ,the scars প্রদর্শনী my pain L.B. R.I.P. i mis and প্রণয় u forevr linzi

her name was lyndsay

she was the most amazing person ive ever met open to all ways of life and all opinions she was beautiful smart funny and she loved to party....
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Ok, here it is,
One দিন I'm at school, just minding my own biz, and talking to my friends. Then one of my ex boyfriends বন্ধু comes up. Hes all," Hey, heres a note from Robert." So I read it. It read,
If I could have 3 wishes, it would be to have the girl I প্রণয় back who burnd me, and to have enough money to buy her whatever she wants...
Obvisosly, hes talking about me. We dated last year, now... hes still on my shoulders, like an annoying তোতাপাখি that won't go away. My friend told him that I wanted to go back out with him... and I don't!
Then...*sighs* then, theres my online boyfriend... hes sweet, charming, and we do things... I've known Robert longer, but my প্রণয় for him..(online bf) is so strong... we talked with our voices today and I almost screamed...
But the probolm is, is that I'm tring to break up with Robert, but every time I'm about to say it, he gives me a gift অথবা when I say it, he laughs and thinks I'm joking.. What do I do?!?!
posted by Emmett4ever
Though sometimes we feel like we have this huge weight on our sholders. We feel so alone in this world. That no one cares for us. But we just have to open our eyes and look right পরবর্তি to us. We always have someone there for us. We are never alone.
Life is like a game. But it only has one mode and one mode only...hard. But to me it seems better that way. Like I ব্যক্ত Life is a game but when আপনি have instructions to win it doesn't it get boring quickly. Life wasn't made to be easy. I learned that the hard way..but someone very special to me once told me "Make Life what আপনি want". আপনি are the only...
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posted by Cullens4eva
Hi people. well im starting up an উপদেশ column for those people who need উপদেশ through situations and questions. If আপনি yourself find your stuck in a problem যন্ত্রপত্র my account at dearannie_advice@hotmail.co.uk. this is my special account i use for people needing help. Dont worry anything আপনি say will never be told to anyone else, thats my promise. If আপনি dont think আপনি trust me then send it to my ফ্যানপপ account. im here to help those stuck.

please if আপনি need advice, just try it.

the new Dear Annie
posted by kid_symmetry
নমস্কার everyone!

So i have a really good guy friend that I now have feelings for. He's the first guy that I can't get over. I've never had a boyfriend, only really good guy বন্ধু and I don't quite know what to do!! He doesn't like to talk about how he feels, he is always in and out of relationships, and he is honestly a really nice guy! He and I can talk freely about almost anything and he and I are now really close.
School got back last monday and He had I have been hanging out a lot. Most of our বন্ধু have been বিভক্ত করা up onto different classes and only he and I are left of what was our little...
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posted by DragonsArt
Many people say that they have a terrable life. But in truth, that's only a fragment of your story.

Strippers are one of the many people who's dreams where shattered in their youth and went mentaly cracked or, "hormanal leads" (which is someone who rarely thinks for themselves and runs their life through instinct). Not ALL strippers where broken in their youth. Some where forced to turn to this because of "insparation" অথবা have no other jobs to turn to.

Obease people-
Fat people most commonly are born fat because the father is fat. Others are fat because of stress. Insulting people...
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im a girl and i have 13 years. i have been bestfriend with this particular girl for about a year. we have been through a lot because of me like there was a time i didnt want to be close with her anymore and i hurted her a lot দ্বারা that but than like after a week everything turmed back to normal. i was always a shy girl and im the last summer we didnt go out so much together i wish we did but i was shy because if we where going out we would be just us (just 2 girls together) and i thought that when people will see us just the 2 of us they would thing that we are together and i didnt want that...
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Copied and edited from: link



I really mean it! What would আপনি be able to do if SOPA/TPP censors the internet? What would আপনি be able to do if লেখা fanfics and drawing fanarts become illegal? What would আপনি do if it's illegal to do a cover of your পছন্দ song on YouTube? What would আপনি do if downloading things from the internet (music, movies, TV episodes, etc) became illegal? What would আপনি do if SOPA/TPP wins the war and takes away internet freedom? Net Neutrality is already dead so far, we can't risk the freedom of internet...
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I met this girl four weeks পূর্বে and since then we have spent most of our time together; we even worked out the other দিন we've seen each other everyday for nearly 3 weeks. From the beginning our relationship was very touchy feely and I had no problem with that; the only thing is I think I've started developing feelings for her plus I've never liked a girl before.
After a few times of her coming round my house my family started making funny মতামত like 'are আপনি decent?' before coming in the room when she was around. I thought nothing of it until we were at the ডিনার and they started questioning...
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posted by SilverFanGirl
My own advice. আপনি con't have to take it. Its just something I like to do. Hopefully I can do something আরো once I'm out of high school! :)

Life is like a race. Some are cheaters, some aren't. Just remember there are stages আপনি have to go through to keep moving on. In order to get to the finish line, আপনি have to keep running. 

Have আপনি ever wondered how many stars are in the sky? Have আপনি ever wondered what stories you'll be able to pass down to your grandchildren, maybe even great-grandchildren? Just because life is harder than আপনি expect, your path is still laid...
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posted by HonoviHania
The art of being wise is knowing what to overlook.-William James

A wise man learns দ্বারা the mistakes of others,
a fool দ্বারা his own.-Latin Proverb

Silence does not always mark wisdom.-Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

A loving হৃদয় is the truest wisdom.-Charles Dickens

Try not to become a man of success but a man of value.-Albert Einstein

Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true.-Leon J. Suenes

The power of imagination makes us infinite.-John Muir

You miss 100% of the shots আপনি don't take.-Wayne Gretzky

Most of the shadows of this life are caused দ্বারা our standing in...
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posted by cassidy86
Hi guys! If any of আপনি want to talk, vent অথবা just get things off your chest, please let me know! Many times i had to talk to one of my friends. I felt so much better afterwards! We all need somebody to turn too once in awhile and i hope আপনি consider me! i'm Cassidy86 and just want আপনি to know that i'm here for you! everything will stay between আপনি and me! I promise! this is just the সেকেন্ড মাস of a new year, i wish everyone the best for 2011. If i can offer any advise to anyone, please let me know. Wishing আপনি all well! y.f, Cass~
posted by jazz411
Christopher Orellana. age 16. i've been with him since june 15th, 2010. I প্রণয় him to death. [future husband] yeah we've made plans for our future(: but there are soo many things that slowly tear us apart...

He's cheated on me with some girl named "Ariel" -.-
i know that because whenever he texts me, it says *!leira!:D* as his signature :/
he also has her name on myspace -___-
he's still with her to this day. but i প্রণয় him soo much that i just wouldn't let him go, even if he has another girlfriend :'(

i have cheated on him too, just to get even with him. it was a wrong thing to do, but i just...
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Three things in life that are never certain:




Three things in life that, one gone never come back:




Three things in human life are destroyed:




Three things that humans make:

Hard Work



Three things in life that are most valuable:




Three things in life that...
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posted by befferz
1. Live life to full, like there's no tomorrow. -Because আপনি never know.

2. No dream is so small অথবা big, that it can't be accomplished.

3. Keep your বন্ধু close - আপনি never know when আপনি will need them

4. Don't dwell on the past, live for the future - what's done is done

5. It's not your fault - Whatever happens, happens. It's fate, and আপনি can't change that.

7. The night is darkest just before the dawn - Things will get worse, before they get better. learn from your bad times.

8. Everyone is different, and equal. - your awesome, in your own special way

9. Remember - আপনি ARE LOVED

10. if আপনি প্রণয় something let it go

11. be yourself

12. It's your flaws that make আপনি beautiful - আপনি are beautiful the way আপনি are
I'm an 13 years old girl and a normal teenager.

my problem is that my parents don't understand me well , and I don't see my bigger sister
i have a little sister , but i can't relate to her , and i have an older brother who helps me a lot but not enough.

i'm always depressed and i just listen to music all the time , actually music helps me a lot to express my anger , sadness , happiness .

i really Love Avril Lavigne because she is the only person who helped me in hard time , her music is so inspiring And meaningful .

and then , i have you fanpop users , you are my only family , my only friends , and my only hope.

so , please tell me what can i do to get rid of the negativity .

Thanks for your time,
posted by XDRoseLuvsHP
I don't know. I've been very close with her for years... since 7th grade, actually, so that's over three years now. But... I just don't know anymore.

She tells me that I'm stupid all the time. She'll be like, "Oh my gosh! I got a 48% on my Chemistry test! I'm so proud! It's not great, but it's better than আপনি would do". (Yes, those were her exact words). She also laughs obnoxiously whenever someone else says that I am smart.

Just the other day, I found out that my aunt has breast cancer. She'd had it for a মাস before I'd found out (my mother thought that it was "not necessary" for me to know...
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