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posted by Ginnyweasly44
Animal have been treaded unfair all over the world!! It feels like no one care for them,I think it is a big problem in the world now.Animals don't have a voice of their own,I hope some দিন I can use my own voice to speak for them and help them stand up.
If not now when ? If not us who? thouse are some প্রশ্ন that came to my mind when I think about probvlem
What is animal cruelty?
Cruelty to animals, also called animal abuse অথবা animal neglect, is the infliction of suffeeing অথবা harm upon non-human animals, for purposes other than self-defense. আরো narrowly, it can be harm for specific gain,...
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posted by adavila
I am against animal cruelty but there are some things that I dont concider animal cruelty. Im gonna post the things that I think are real animal cruelty and the things I don´t think are animal cruelty (I know Im using way too much the animal cruelty phrase):

I´m against (concider animal cruelty):

Dog fighting
Cock fighting
Bull fighting
Killing জন্তু জানোয়ার for fun
Using জন্তু জানোয়ার for military purposes (only when they are meant to die like dolphins)
not socializing dogs
hitting animals
hunting (fishing) জন্তু জানোয়ার for fun (sports)
using জন্তু জানোয়ার in the movie industry
owning exotic জন্তু জানোয়ার (except some reptiles)...
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posted by twinklestar11
people are so mean to dogs. lots of people kill সারমেয় for meat. that is so cruel. people give সারমেয় so little of খাবার and not a lot of মহাকাশ for them to run. people hang সারমেয় till they are dead. that is mean! i প্রণয় সারমেয় and other people প্রণয় then too! what do people think they are when they kill dogs!?! it is just so mean and cruel! who knows how many সারমেয় people kill each day, mouths, and years! people should never never never kill a dog! it is just so mean and cruel! it should be a law that NO ONE can change! it should be PEOPLE SHOULD NEVER KILL ANY ANIMAL! CATS, DOGS, FISH, WE SHAW NEVER KILL THEM! and if someone kills any maniacal, they should get arrested! i hate to see সারমেয় die, অথবা any animal die. it is sad, mean, and cruel to kill dogs! people should stop it right away! also people make them aggressive before they kill them! SO MEAN!
posted by Kibahina96
A tan deaf 3 বছর old pit-bull with a হৃদয় shaped alpha mark saves infant baby. She was able to feed the baby. 6 miles from Toronto Canada. Pit-bull Rescue watched baby to see what would happen Amazingly it managed to sense baby crying and give it a bottle !!! When the team approached slowly the pit-bull started unknowingly and approached the team. Soon letting them pick up and feed the baby. She walked up to the team wagging her tail. They both fought together never giving up helping inspire each other whenever needed !!!
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জন্তু জানোয়ার
animal cruelty
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Many people give money to charities believing their money will be used to help people in need. They don't always realize that their money may instead be used to fund testing on animals. While some people believe animal testing is necessary, there are now many humane ways to learn about disease and to test medical treatments, methods that are actually আরো effective than testing on জন্তু জানোয়ার and that do not cause pain and death to innocent creatures.
Here are just a few of the charities that currently fund testing on animals. If আপনি object to testing on animals, let these charities know আপনি cannot...
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