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posted by bluecementicing
নমস্কার guys and welcome to the Airhead series ফ্যানপপ group! Hope আপনি like it.

As আপনি know the বই are দ্বারা the amazing author, Meg Cabot, who also wrote the Princess Diaries series. It's about Em Watts who has a brain transplant and wakes up as Nikki Howard. Life as a supermodel is not how it seems! Well, it is a little what with all the nice clothes, partying and purse-poodle. But there are also cheating boyfriends, freaks, weirdos, employers who don't trust you...and yeah, the guy আপনি প্রণয় thinks you're dead. Not the best scenario. (I know আপনি probably know all this but ফ্যানপপ told me I need to write আরো so I just stuck it in).

Anyways, what I really wanted to say: please feel free to add your own stuff and get involved! Add images, videos, whatever, just no hating অথবা anything rude please.

Thanks for joining,