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This is how Ash sings...I considered it when I was watching Hercules. So anyway....the background people are basically Alice, Candi(ugh even she has feelings), and Candi's sister Imani
I'd take it the deepest parts are Shahkman singing, the part with 'First we'll set some bate' is Eric, and other parts is Raf! XD And it's sung দ্বারা Korn! XDD
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Satsu needs at least 6 hours of sleep. If she doesn't get that amount of sleep, she will go commando on whoever wakes her up. Here's an example...
Humatzu knocked the door down. Satsujin was supposed to be working, and she had locked the door. He was gonna wake her up no matter what.
"SATSUJIN HIGASHI WAKE UP BEFORE I GET FLANDRĘ TO TORCH YOUR TAIL FEATHERS!!!"he screamed. She opened her eye slightly then rolled over.
"Go the puck away, Retard McGee,"she replied. Humatzu's eye twitched. He turned around and screamed.
The আগুন goddess automatically...
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Victoria Higashi was around 7 years old when her mother died. She saw her father shoot her mother right in front of her eyes. Her big brother Damien was পরবর্তি on the list.
She tried to run away at the age of 8, but her father caught her and started to beat her. He would beat her every night and when he left for work every morning, he would lock her up in the cellar with no light, no food, and no water. She would cry for help, but no one could hear her in he middle of nowhere. She prayed to the gods and goddesses every night after the beatings.
Only a মাস after the death of Damien, Filicity,...
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Shina was watching in horror as Satsujin raged at the demon who was contacting her. Satsujin paused as the demon tried to negotiate.
Shina was stunned. She had never seen this...
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Name:Satsujin Higashi
Race:A strange one-of-a-kind bird
Rank:Goddess of minor anger and fear
Age:Older than time
Power(s):can give nightmares to every living life-force. Small আগুন powers, can manifest out of thin air
Friends:Shendu, her reincarnate(Ash), Shina(sorta), Igniciá, La Vérité

Looks Like
feather colors:Black and red(mostly red)
eye color:Changes, but are mostly dark brown অথবা yellow depending on her mood
Spines:On the শীর্ষ of her head, they curl up, on the side, they're straight
Beak color:gray
Most common emmotion:Sarcastic, rudish, angry

Ask anything about her past if আপনি want
"Goddesses dammit!" Ash cried out.
High school was a total shitstorm for Ash. She hated almost every subject...but especially gym. Her assignment today...the Rope...
She stood there in her কমলা t-shirt and her blue shorts and stared up at the rope. It was about 200 feet tall, and btw, Ash was enrolled in the most advanced school there was. She was told to climb the whole thing. Her half-friend Candi Umbri stood beside her.
"Swear jar!"Candi ব্যক্ত in her omg-she's-a-blonde-bitch voice. Ash rolled her eyes.
"Why can't I just fly up there?"she asked the gym teacher.
Coach মরগান was one of...
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About a week after the Imprint, Ash's parents came to visit.
The doorbell rang.
"Shit!"Ash exclaimed. She slowly opened the door and her father's nose was in the air.
"What do I smell?"he asked. Alice sniffed the air, then reached into a large টাকার থলি and pulled out the book Ash had been dreading...the handbook. Ash cussed under her breath.
Alice flipped to the very last page and Ash knew what it said:
"Ashlynn...who has Imprinted you?"Rafaello and Alice ব্যক্ত at the same time. Ash sucked in a breath. Rafaello death stared his daughter.
"Dad! It's not what আপনি think! No one forced...
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Ash was on her usual midnight walk. পাতিহাঁস was stalking her as a joke like usual. He was planning something was a red moon. Not only was he going to bust a move, but so was his brother Constantine.
Ash crunched through he gravel. He silently floated behind Ash. The shadow the moon caused( yes it can do that) allowed Ash to see পাতিহাঁস just দ্বারা looking at the shadow in front of her. She smiled.
"I can see you, boy..."she ব্যক্ত to Drake. He pouted.
"Damn. I wanted to scare you!"
Ash's smile got wider. He knew about the shadow."Obviously..."she ব্যক্ত sarcastically. She stopped walking and...
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Name:Ashlynn Rosalie Black(Ash অথবা Rose)
Species:Vampire bat
Age:She looks around 19 but she's older than that
Theme:Sweet Sacrifice দ্বারা Evanecsence
Friends:Safire the half-demon,Yomi the half-demon (C)Puppetmaster111,Ningizzida the hedgehog,Isis the hedgehog,Lish the mermaid(C)MephilesTheDark,Caboose the robot-thingie,Typhoon,(C)Marksmen456,Drake the demon,and Jezahbella the demon(C)Me
Constantine the demon(C)me
Kalona the fallen angel(C)me
Renee the SUPERSPAZ rabbit

Fur color:gray
Hair color:Black with flame colored tips
Hair length:down to her thighs
Eye color:Topaz...
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Ash to out her small paperback handbook for vamps. She opened it to one of he last pages. It was ripped at the bottom. She squinted at the small handwritten words.
he Change is a gift from the gods. Not all demons/vampires accept the change, most die. It may be gruesome, but it is the way the gods and goddesses intended it to be.
First symptoms of an oncoming Change:
In the beginning, আপনি will start to feel warm spots, shivers,and all of the symptoms of the stomach flu. These are natural, and do not injest any antibacterial drugs, for this may lead আপনি to decline the Change, which will in...
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That night....
Another fucking nightmare!
I could feel his presence, but I couldn't see him. I was wearing regular clothes and not that skimpy trash I wore last time. The area was still foggy.
Then I felt his hand on my shoulder. His hand was freezing.
"Hello Ashlynn, my dear. So nice to see আপনি again. I missed you..."He ব্যক্ত in a dreamy flirtatious voice. I flinched from his hand. His wings wrapped around me. I yelped.
"Ok um so আপনি know my name...what's yours?"I asked shakily. I felt his icy breath on my neck.
"My প্রদত্ত name is Kalona...the Fallen Angel..."he ব্যক্ত in my ear. I turned my...
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Now I found my sister. Just as Mike told me to. I guess we could be related. Why does she get dads nice black hair and I get Mom's dreadhead? That's mean, I know. But it's brighter red then Mom's. It's আরো actual crayon red. Hers was a beautifull auburn.
Anyways, Ash was offering me a place to stay with open arms. Why would I decline since I have no home, myself?
"Fine. I'll stay."Ash smiled all big. The annoying demon-boy's frown deepens. He whispered something into my sister's ear. She froze, then looked like she was concentrating on something.
"I dunno, Drake. If it happens again, I'll...
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The woman jumped out of the mouth of the cave but, before she hit the water, she quickly flew upwards. She hovered over the island, trying to determine which way was north. She saw that the east was to her left, so she was facing south. She turned around and flew towards her প্রথমপাতা land.
At the house--
"So you're Vermillion, aren't you?"Ash asked. Vermillion nodded.
"So you're Ashlynn, aren't you?"he asked, with a hint of teasing in his voice. Ash nodded.
<Two can play at that game...>she thought. Safire stood in between them.
"Um hello I'm still here..."she said, waving her...
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The girl, mother of two, sharpened her dagger. She checked her watch: 6:39 am. The start of a new day. She sat in an abandoned cave mouth that stared out into the vast oceans of Honolulu, Hawaii. She looked over to her calendar, which she hadn't checked in days.
"Hmm. The anniversary of my death was yesterday. Figures I wouldn't remember,"she grumbled. She missed her family, friends, and her husband...and her two children Ashlynn and Vermillion. But she stayed put, determined not to let the government find her and start up that stupid war again. That is...until now.
She ripped...
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পাতিহাঁস smiled his charming smirk. He got up off the couch. Ash's stomach rumbled.
"What do আপনি want for breakfast?" পাতিহাঁস asked, walking into the kitchen.
"My nightmare..."Ash ব্যক্ত darkly.
"OOO!!Dark, Ashy!"Drake commented. Ash laughed."How about some French টোস্ট huh?"he asked. She laughed harder, but gave him a thumbs up. Once she stopped giggling like a 9 বছর old, she walked over to Drake. The French টোস্ট smelled yummy.
"Go ahead and wake up Sa--"
"WHAT DO I SMELL?!"Safire interrupted Drake. She stood at the রান্নাঘর doorway. Ash laughed again.
"French toast, Saffie!"she said. Safire dashed...
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Ash frantically glanced around the room. পাতিহাঁস was দ্বারা her bed, his hand to her shoulder. He looked panicked too.
"Are আপনি OK?!" he demanded."You were fucking screaming! I thought আপনি were being attacked...or worse!" His pupils shrank. Ash realized what he meant and blushed.
"Ew," was all she could say. পাতিহাঁস met her eyes."I'm fine, Drake. Just a...bad dream..."That...was an understatement. She had been terrified of that boy. She squeezed her eyes shut for a second, and when she opened them she could see better in the dark. Safire rushed into the room, looking tired. She stared at পাতিহাঁস for...
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Ash thought silently while the others discussed the picture. She sat cross-legged on the floor.<So, what, now I have a brother?!>she thought. পাতিহাঁস looked over his shoulder to Ash and noticed something, but decided now wasn't the best time to spring it on her. He continued the conversation. He ব্যক্ত something that Zero didn't like.
"Boy don't go disrespecting your elders!"he said.
<Dork>Ash thought.
"I am so much older than আপনি that I was with Flandrę when she was declared Goddess of Fire!" পাতিহাঁস stated.
The whole room froze.
"Yeah, so I am your elder!"
Zero's eyes were like frying...
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