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posted by irinaguzun
FACT : Saga lived in Fukushima but moved to Tokyo when he was in kindergarten.

FACT : Saga only continued high school because LUNA SEA graduated high school.

FACT : When Saga formed a band in high school, he played the guitar.

FACT : When Saga was little, he could sit and watch the snow fall for hours.

FACT : Shou does not drink when he's on tour. When he's not, he usually drinks and he's like "Yay~~~"

FACT:Nao got left behind 2 times on a tour when they stopped for gas.

Fact: Nao always has to use the bathroom at the wrong time, like before an interview.

FACT : Tora thinks that girls who restrict their men all the time, are irritating.

FACT : Saga's first তারিখ went bad. He took the girl to a punk সঙ্গীতানুষ্ঠান and the girl got pushed and jostled around.

FACT : When Saga was young, he practiced Judo with his father at home.

FACT : Saga was a very competitive child.

FACT : Shou likes to bully অথবা make fun of people. Like Hiroto.
posted by aliceninejet
on ইউটিউব i saw a video that showed shou and saga kissing!it was nasty.they were গান গাওয়া then ewww.i can't belive it.that really happened.i forgot what the চলচ্ছবি name was so try to look for was like the nastiest video i ever saw.i hope i haven't saw that.i wanted to ask do tora have a girlfriend, and does shou have a girlfriend?^_________________________________^
posted by Hiray_10
Name: Ogata Hiroto
Plays: Guitar
Birthday: 4.5.1985
Hight: 166 cm
Weight: 51 kg
Hobbies: Walking, photographing, collecting shoes.
Nickname: Pon

:: is obsessed with spiderman
:: Occasionally becomes "Hirito-Man" (Spider Man) and fights against Saga's alter-ego
:: Is a camwhore
:: Can and has picked up Shou
:: acts as though they`re actually doing a live during rehearsals
:: wanted to be a Johnny's Junior when he was little
:: designs some of the merchendise
:: either can't swim, অথবা he can't swim very well
:: was "molested" দ্বারা a middle-age woman on the train when he was in high school
:: always carries salt...
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1. Mufufu, Nao is the devil incarnation in alice nine.! Full of wacky ideas and seemingly childish, he can be really bubbly around people he holds close to his heart. But behind that, Nao is a surprisingly emotionless person(something he admitted himself), and he's quite anti-social. To him, আপনি are someone he really treasures and can rely on, even in times of need. আপনি ঝরনা him with প্রণয় even when the whole world shuns away from him, and he will do his best to reciprocate this love. আপনি are a cute person, which is something that he likes about you. Though আপনি may be a little indecisive and...
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posted by Sasunaru120
I প্রণয় আপনি so much! ^O^

Thank আপনি so much for always making me smile and feel happy and making me never feel alone! ^O^

Thank আপনি for giving me the strength to never give up!

Thank আপনি Alice Nine for being the most talented, kindest and most wonderful band ever!

Thank আপনি for making such amazing and wonderful and great music!

Before I found Alice Nine I didn’t have any confidence and I hated myself but thanks to Alice Nine I now have আরো confidence and I have learnt to believe in myself more!

5 years পূর্বে when I first heard and saw Alice Nine was the best দিন ever!

When I first heard and saw Alice...
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posted by aliceninejet
alice nine is so cool!why won't they come over to california and the whole U.S.A?it;s going to be like a tour,but around the U.S.A.^__^I wish one দিন i can go to tokyo,'s so awwwsome!!!!!
if আপনি could have two homes and live in জাপান and your প্রথমপাতা that would be cool.*__*If আপনি had a private airplane and is going to be a awsome life and আপনি even get to meet them personal!!!!!!!!!!!^__^if আপনি could have that somehow.i don't know how to begin it so i started ahead.if আপনি could help somehow then please do it if আপনি could!anyways আপনি could maybe have that happen.