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posted by bannanabrain
Shadow was walking with Brianna holding hands and walked through the fair.
Brianna: This is boring. Let's hit it!
Shadow: Fine.
Shadow and Brianna walked প্রথমপাতা and they both went into Shadow's room. Shadow sat on the বিছানা and Brianna kissed his lips.
Brianna: I প্রণয় আপনি Shadow.
Shadow: Hmmhm...same to you.
Shadow stood up and went into the living room and played GH Warriors of Rock.
Shadow: I'm really good.
Brianna came and got another guitar.
Brianna: I good on hard.
Shadow: Let's have a battle.
Brianna: Okay.
They had a battle when Shadow came to the solo Brianna laughed cause she knew he was gonna suck....
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The পরবর্তি দিন MoonLight came to visit Brianna when she saw Brianna she had guns(2 of them)
Brianna:Get away from me u bastard!!>:(
Boy:C'mon baby u know u want me!!;)
*Brianna keeps on shoting and he came in close to her and kissed her on the cheek**Brianna blushed hard and band a huge explosion came out of no where*
MoonLight:Brianna are u alright!!>:(
Brianna:Hell yeah IM alright Wait what are u doing here??!!>:(
MoonLight:Hello I told u Im coming back to visit!!:P
Brianna:Whatever But thanks for coming We have problems,That bastrad came to my house in বিছানা this morning!!!>:(
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posted by bcthestrongest
Scourge:where is this hottie
Babe: *upside down *im a bat
Scourge: আপনি are sexy
Babe: go fuck yourself
Scourge: i rather take u with me *pins her down*
Babe: *slaps him*nigga dont touch me
Scourge: ow u little whore
Babe: nigga bring it
Kenya: *being quit and hugging tails*love u
tails: *hugs back *love u too
Babe: *turns to Knuckles*cute boy* jumps on him* Santa
Knuckles: im not Santa im Knuckles
Babe: *rubs against him with her tail sticking out at the boys*
Sonic Scourge and Shadow:shes hot
Babe: *growls*my niggas sonic and shadow my brothers from another mother
Sonic and Shadow: o no Babe
Babe:yea niggas
posted by bcthestrongest
Kenya: *on শীর্ষ of Knuckles when her phone rings*
Knuckles: dont answer babe
Kenya: i have to its rude not to answer it *answers the phone* hello?
Rockstar: *my sister*hey little sis
Kenya: sister rockstar where u at
Rockstar: *behind me* in your room
Kenya: *turns around and hugs her* sister
Rockstar: *a black নেকড়ে with a তারকা on her eye and scratch on the other she has a tattoo on her back with skulls that is all purple on it she hugs back*hey sis *looks at Knuckles*whos that
Kenya: my boyfriend Knuckles
Rockstar: *puts her hand out অথবা paw lol*hi im Rockstar wolf
Knuckles: Knuckles *shakes her hand*...
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posted by LunaAcores94
নমস্কার everyone its been so long that I haven't be online here since due some personal problems with my family since I প্রণয় to draw alot they only let me allow to use one browser I use to art, that would be DeviantArt since I am always on there alot. It doesn't mean I'm quitting ফ্যানপপ অথবা that I have already অথবা anything like, its আরো like a break অথবা away time but ahem if ur those ppl who are still a অনুরাগী of sonic/anime yesh u can add me on DA (Lunarlastic94) Also I been playing Elsword on my laptop, it has been distracting me alot but oh well, if আপনি play Elsword u can add me there as well, I hate to play alone it all depends, but I'm glad to be back and see how everyone else has been doing lately.
Brianna was out looking for Shadow When suddenly she saw a black hedgehog person in a dress She thought that Shadow was in hiding So she attack and tied up the black hedgehog.She felt something was wrong,Brianna looked at the hedgehog and it was girl,In a black dress that is short,high heel boots,red-ash eyes,long black hair with hairclips on her hair with a shape of a moon combine with a star.The girl started to talk...
Girl:Who are u and Why did u attack??>:(
Brianna:Shut up girl Im the one whos asking the প্রশ্ন around here!!
Girl:*getting mad*I ব্যক্ত Who are u and What do u want??!!!!*Ferious*...
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Name: Fifi অথবা Link
specie: a skunk
age: 15
apperance: an brownish with white streak down her back she looks আরো like Pepe the skunk then her sisters
bio:she was abonding দ্বারা her father and grew up playful then her বন্ধু the pretty fly girls
streth:like other skunks but use her for battle
weakness: being put in water
attacks: a tai spin and disappers hiding her smell
quote:"what is wrong"
fav food: insects
Name: Joke অথবা Joker
species: wolf
appearance:an black and gray নেকড়ে with পরাকাষ্ঠা inside ears
bio:she live on her own fighting back to back with her brother who has a bad...
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One dark day,Brianna and Shadow were going out to see awesome অথবা totally missions but they saw a strange house in the middle of the forest..It was cover with মাকড়সা webs all over the windows,broke and shaddered glass in the graveyard,skeltons দ্বারা the grave and mice wondering around the ground and all old and bad-smelly.They decide to go in and what is inside.
Shadow:*Looks at Brianna and blushes.Grabs Brianna and starts to head inside*Lets go Brianna,U might like it though!>:)
Shadow:hhhmmm nothing so far
Brianna:Yuck they dont know how to keep a house clean!
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posted by bcthestrongest
Dama Dawn Daila and Ayami নেকড়ে demon
Dama position
a sweet helper
Dawn position
a crazy biter
Daila position
the brains
Ayami position
the bad one
Dama অথবা Drama queen
Dawn অথবা the bird
Daila অথবা the Daila lion
Ayami অথবা the demon of the pack
Looks- all but Ayami looks like Kagome but Ayami looks like her cousin Ayame but আরো dangerous with her pack and her hair is dye black
all is short temper
powers- all got shades
প্রণয় interest- all but Ayami প্রণয় Koga and Shadow but Ayami hates most boys
posted by bcthestrongest
Rockstar: *rocking out*
Bebe নেকড়ে Nessie monster and Sangmu lion: *walks in with their instrument *
Bebe: *all black like Rockstar but has a big fond of demons on her outfits*
Nessie: *a blue monster অথবা animal shifter her father is Lock ness monster*
Sangmu: *a lion with brown and কমলা পশম with green eyes*
Bebe Nessie and Sangmu: *looks at Rockstar and me*
Kenya and Rockstar: *smiles and waves
Bebe: *a careless wolf*
Nessie: *a shy animal shifter*
Sangmu: *a non talkative lion*
Bebe: hi
Nessie : *waves*
Sangmu: *writes it down*hi
Kenya and Rockstar: *smiles and rocks out*
Sangmu: *on her guitar*
Nessie: *on drums*
Kenya: *on bass*
Bebe: *on key board*
*singing this song link
 my different outfits
my different outfits
 very right Rockstar
very right Rockstar
 Nessie Bebe sangmu
Nessie Bebe sangmu
It started off as a regular Saturday in Chicago for Brianna and Moonlight..... 'till the Paparazzi came..... and basically ruined it....
Moonlight: UGH!!! >:(
Brianna: Well there goes my Saturday! >:(

The Paparazzi kept asking প্রশ্ন OVER AND OVER again!

Man: Moonlight how old are you?
Moonlight: Why do আপনি care?!? Sheesh such a stalker! *Rolls eyes*
Fat Woman: Brianna is it true that আপনি were in jail 6 times?
Brianna: NO I was NEVER in jail!! Who told আপনি that chizz?? >:(
Moonlight: Eww! Gross! NOT in a MILLION years!!! >:(
Nerd: A million and ONE years?...
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in the night when shadow see alice..

shadow : নমস্কার alice
Alice : hi shadow *looks sad*
Shadow : are আপনি ok?
Alice : *looks right*shadow,leave me alone
Shadow : what did i do to you?
Alice : *runs off fast*
Shadow : Alice wait!
Sonic : *seeing alice running and shadow is chaising her*Alice?..

When Alice arrived home..
Alice : *opens the door then enters then locks it*
shadow : *knock knock*
Alice : who is there?
shadow : thats me
Alice : told আপনি to let me alone!
Shadow : *whispers his self : there something wrong..*
Shadow : Chaos,BLAST!
*the door breaks up and shadow see alice putting her stuff at the bag*
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posted by bcthestrongest
Kenya: *so busy*
Lexe and Lexis: *looks*
Noel: *putting together things for people*
Kenya: *gives Moonlight Alice Krisha eilly and Nightstar a invite*
Moonlight: to your house
Nightstar: her house is huge
Noel: *getting stop দ্বারা scrouge*what u want perv
Scrouge: your little friend Lexis
Noel: u will never ever get her so give up bitch
Scrouge: i got her *walks away*
*at Kenya slumber party*
Kenya: *walking upstairs to Knuckles*
Knuckles: *kisses her*
Kenya: *shock but kisses back*
Knuckles: *undress her*
Kenya : *smiles*
Knuckles and kenya had sex
Noel: *pin to the দেওয়াল দ্বারা amy*get off u bitch
amy :wheres my sonic...
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posted by bcthestrongest
Mercades: *asleep in her গর্ত when sonic sees her*
Sonic: she is so cute
Scrouge: *smirks at her and trys to touch her*
Mercades: *awakes and karate kicks him*hiya im Mercades
Scrouge: im scrouge little cutie
Mercades: *push her brown hair to the side and opens her hazel eyes*nice to met u
Knuckles: *behind Mercades*u alright babe
Mercades:yea im good *kisses his cheek*
Kenya: *behind knuckles and jumps on him*
Knuckles: *annoy a bit*Kenya down
Kenya: *jumps down*
Knuckles: sit
Kenya: *sits*
Mercades: *slaps him*dont use her kenya get up
Kenya: *stands*
Knuckles: i cant do no shit
Mercades: *pops him twice*shut the fuck up
Sally:What is it do u wish to speak about?
Moonlight:So ur the real princess?
Moonlight:U are wondering why Alice is here and also me?
Sally:Yes,Do u know why?
Moonlight:We were escaping from Alice's Father
Sally:From where?Here?
Moonlight:No from a differnet Dimmision
Sally:Ah Earth
Sally:Do u know anything about what happen?
Moonlihgt:I was only created দ্বারা Alice's Mother and that she had created something else
Alice:My Mommy
Moonlight:Yes Alice,ur mother created me cause of ur father and that someone দ্বারা the name Maria had meet ur mother.Ur mother wanted...
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posted by bcthestrongest
 piggy aw
piggy aw
febuary 23rd 2011
Dear diary i so প্রণয় knuckles right now and probably sonic but my sister Ora is coming and she is ten times pretty then me but me and her is like a team i guess she loves sonic and despires cousins amy like me ^-^ i প্রণয় this girl to death but sadly she hates scourge guts and Knuckles but i dont care he rings my ঘণ্টা and he fine i rather take knuckles raping me anyday but i wont because working side দ্বারা side with Luna Brianna and the rest of my buddies i do প্রণয় Knuckles and my sister ব্যক্ত i rather take Tails sexy behind then a ugly dude i should of মুষ্ট্যাঘাত her in the face but...
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Previsoly,Sally training the human girl in a sector room,Alice was caputre দ্বারা a creepy monster and is in trouble in the sector room and a big shine glowed came out of nowhere...

Sally:Wolf whats happening?
Wolf:Im not sure
Alice:*Opens her eyes*HMPH!*Has a whip in her hand*
Gamblington:*Laughs Evily*HAHA u think A STUPID WHIP COULD HURt ME U PATHIC HUMAN!!
Alice:*Uses the whips and has 4 whips now and Throws one to the left arm, then Right leg,Then right hand, then the left leg and Pull all 4*
Gambilngion:WHAT NOOO!!!!ARGH*Trying to get out* LET ME OUT!!
Alice:*Kills the monster with a staff*Ugly!...
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Jealous দ্বারা Fanny Lu

Jealous of your eyes
When আপনি look at other girls
I am jealous, jealous
Jealous of your hands
When আপনি hug another girl
I am jealous, jealous

When আপনি meet someone
When আপনি link walk with someone
When I feel that আপনি are happy
I am jealous, am jealous

Now i want to dance only with you
And now I dream that আপনি are mine
Today I will give আপনি all my প্রণয় in one hug
And আপনি will promise
That আপনি will make me feel no more
No more, no more, never
Jealous, jealous

Jealous of your lips
When আপনি চুম্বন another girl
I am jealous, jealous

Jealous of the night
which shares your secrets

When i look in your...
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posted by LunaAcores94
Celos By Fanny Lu

Celos de tus ojos
Cuando miras a otra chica
Tengo celos, celos
Celos de tus manos
Cuando abrazas otra chica
Tengo celos, celos

Cuando te encuentras con alguien
Cuando caminas con alguien
Cuando te link siento felíz
Yo tengo celos, tengo celos

Hoy quiero bailar sólo contigo
Y hoy quiero soñar que tú eres mío
Hoy te daré todo mi amor en un abrazo
Y tú prometerás que nunca más
Me harás sentir, nunca más
Nunca más, nunca más, nunca
Celos, celos

Celos de tu boca cuando
Besas a otra chica
Tengo celos, celos

Celos de la noche
Que comparte tus secretos
Tengo celos, celos

Cuando te miro a los...
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posted by LunaAcores94
Masoquismo দ্বারা Lola

Tu eras todo para mi
yo no creia mas que en ti
te llegaste a convertir
en mi religion

Tu eras todo y nada mas
eras mi luz eras mi hogar
en medio de la soledad
una bendicion

Pero algo extraño sucedio
el cuendo de hadas se acabo
dijiste adios
y me rompiste el corazon

Cuanto te quiero
cuanto te odio
cuanto te llevo en mis sentidos
si no te olvido
es por puro masoquismo

Cuanto te quiero
cuanto te odio
cuanto te llevo en mis sentidos
si no te olvido
es por puro masoquismo

Tu eras todo para mi
desde el principio
hasta el fin
no habia como definir
todo este amor

Pero algo...
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