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Did I say something stupid?
There goes one আরো mistake
Do I bore আপনি with my problems?
Is that why আপনি turn away?
Do আপনি know how hard I've tried
To become what আপনি want me to be

Take me, this is all that I've got
This is all that I'm not, all that I'll ever be
I've got flaws, I've got faults
Keep searching for your perfect heart
It doesn't matter who আপনি are
We all have our scars, we all have our scars

You say don't act like a child
But what if it's a father I need?
It's not like আপনি don't know
What আপনি got yourself into
Don't tell me I'm the one who's not here
Do আপনি know how hard I've tried
To become what...
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Waking up to the sound of text messages
And typing in my ear
You just can't wait to check your e-mail
I'll beg and beg, baby connect with me instead

Technology sucks (Sucks!)
I wish I could change all your numbers
Put your phone underwater
And if your gadgets spoke back, I would have to ask
Why আপনি won't let down
You're such a homewrecker

Oooh, na na (Hey!)
Give me my, give me my baby back
Oooh, na na (Hey!)
Give me my, give me my baby back
Oooh, na na (Hey!)
Give me my, give me my baby back
My boyfriend's in প্রণয় with a robot

Table for three, we got a third wheel
For me and আপনি and your artificial intel...
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আপনি texted me to say
You made a mistake
Couldn't say it face to face
You thought আপনি wanted her
And got what আপনি deserved
Now look who's getting played
They say karma comes around
Used to want আপনি but I don't now

Roses are drained
Violets are black
And I can be cruel
Just like you
The tables have turned
Can't help but love
While saying we're through
Just like you

You hit me up again
To tell me I'm the one
But I just hit erase
Cause I'm so over it
Finally having fun
So drama go away
They say heartache
Heals in time
Whoever they are
They were right

Roses are drained
Violets are black
And I can be cruel
Just like you
The tables...
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I got myself to blame for this
Got myself to blame for my
Difficult days and my difficult ways
But you, আপনি know how to let things slide
I'm আরো perfect in your eyes
You don't see all the damage in me and

There's simply no one else
In the world I could ever find
Likes me when I'm low and still tolerates me when I'm high
You, আপনি got me down
You kept coming round
There's simply no one else
I could lean on a thousand times
Still be there again and again
Never lose his mind
You know me so well
You can't even tell
That you're like no one else
That you're like no one else

No, nothing's ever what it seems...
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আপনি like to keep me on a chain, chain, chain
Change your mind
Or change your ways, ways, ways
You got me going through a maze, maze, maze
I know this isn't just a phase, phase, phase

You always pick me up
And then আপনি hold me down
I'll never let আপনি go

Cuz baby even though আপনি beat me up, beat me up
I still প্রণয় আপনি cuz আপনি heat me up, heat me up
And then so everytime আপনি hit me up, hit me up
I come running cuz আপনি fix me up, fix me up
Oh baby just beat me up, beat me up
Oh baby just beat me up, beat me up

You always make me do those things, things, things
Shut me up
And then make me sing, sing, sing
You love...
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I'm a ghost of a girl that আপনি looked right past
I'm a voice আপনি didn't wanna hear
I'm a page in a book that আপনি read too fast
But I'm still here
You never cared,
never tried,
never even asked
Maybe I didn't wanna say
You shut your eyes, told your lies, and আপনি had your laugh
And thats ok

Cuz আপনি don't know me
You don't want to know its real
And I'm not sorry
For who I am, for what I feel
Cuz আপনি don't know me
(You don't know me)

I got আরো on my mind
That I've never told
I got pain
That you've never felt
I got the scars
I can deal with on my own
I've got stories
That I'll never tell
But maybe its...
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I could slip so easily into you
If I let myself go, oh oh
I could let my wildest dream come true
You never know, oh oh oh
How it's gonna wind up in the end
Will we be প্রেমী অথবা not even friends?

Trouble is
Life, it takes too much
And I can't think straight
People change
And will আপনি still be here after the day
Trouble is I feel like I could win অথবা lose it all
I don't know which way to fall

Don't forget the promises that we made
Will knock out on the plate, oh oh
We'd be back together once again
And we would stay the same, oh oh
Sometimes I think প্রণয় can last
But sometimes I think forever
Is a thing of the past...
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I need an aspirin after you
Until আপনি left and I knew
What my হৃদয় was really going through
And I never wanna go back
But if there's some treatment with the pain
I would rather in rest peace
Please do not resuscitate

I'm still breathing
Don't আপনি think I'm not because you're leaving
Never gonna see me grieving
I'm moving up and away
Not bugging
Funny, I'm not even trying
Never gonna lay down
I'm breathing much better
The air is much clearer, over you

Suffocating and I didn't know why
'Till I realized আপনি were standing
In the way of my air supply
Clear the air, I was about to die
I wondered why I didn't leave...
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Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Maybe I'll need you
Maybe I won't
Well someday I'll want to
But right now I don't
Is it so hard to understand
I'm just a girl without a plan
You hold on too tight
Well take a few steps back tonight

I don't need আপনি to save me
I'd rather crash and burn
Don't need আপনি to tell me
How to live before I learn
And perform a part of it
Breaks my heart
Well I still got all the pieces
That আপনি gave me, that আপনি gave me

Maybe you'll tell me
Well, I told আপনি so
But maybe my screw ups
Is how I will know
Why can আপনি let me hit the ground?
Not like I'm হারিয়ে গেছে and can't be found
I don't wanna fight
Well take a few...
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Here I am in a brand new shade of blue
Stumble as I go into myth upped free bee shoes
Well, I walked for miles and miles
To get through all the pain
But I'm okay, I'm okay
Here I go, oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

All life has changed like a holiday
Feels so damn good like Hollywood
I'm gonna, I'm gonna shove this life
In your face, gonna give আপনি a taste

Let's get it on, got the wheels, hit the ground
Well, these rocky roads
Ain't gonna slow our joy ride down
Well I ran for miles and miles
To make it in the rain
And I'm okay, I'm okay
Here I go oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

All life has changed like a holiday
Feels so damn good...
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Oh yeah
Monday Tuesday we were cool
Wednesday I found out 'bout you
Caught my হৃদয় দ্বারা tellin' lies
You weren't what আপনি advertised

But silly me
To believe
Oh Oh Oh I was unique
When I'm there
You put on a show
Oh Oh Oh আপনি gotta go

'Cause what's true
About you
Who are আপনি when I'm gone
Wanted to
Be with you
Don't know what I was on
'Cause আপনি got me
To forget me
Oh Oh Oh আপনি know that's true
Yeah আপনি got me
To forget me
So Friday I'll be over you

Oh yeah

No no I ain't gonna cry
Go and be with her tonight
I really don't care what আপনি do
'Cause Friday I'll be over you

And silly of me
To believe
Oh Oh Oh I was unique
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Lunes, martes puro amor
Para miercoles dolor
Me mentias sin piedad
Me escondias la verdad

Que tonta fui, te crei
Oh-oh-oh, perdida en ti
Tarde es para tu perdon
Oh-oh-oh, adios me voy

Que escondes, que sientes
Quien eres si no estoy
No quiero, sufrirte
No aguanto tu traicion
Me tuviste, me olvidaste
Oh-oh-oh, se termino
Me tuviste, me olvidaste
Y el viernes te olvido yo

Oh yeah

No no ya no llorare
Ve con ella largate
La noche de ayer, se acabo
Y el viernes te olvido yo

Que tonta fui, te crei
Oh-oh-oh, perdida en ti
Tarde es para tu perdon
Oh-oh-oh, adios me voy

Que escondes, que sientes
Quien eres si no estoy
No quiero,...
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Dust it off, break it down
Get to what we're talking about
To what we're talking about
Don't try and hide it now
Why keep on working it out?
You can't keep working it out

Cause I see how it's putting আপনি down
I just can't be around
What আপনি doing this for?
Cause the light in you's starting to fade
Don't let it get away
Cause you're worth so much more

Don't waste the pretty on him
Don't waste the pretty on pain
When it gets too much to take
Don't give it away (don't give it away)
So don't waste the pretty on life
Cause soon it's gonna fly on by
Whatever way আপনি gotta see
Don't waste the pretty, eh eh

Sit back and...
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I've made this mistake before
Yeah I know it all too well
Sitting দ্বারা the window pane
Just another rainy day

You, আপনি think I seem so sure
But I can tell that আপনি don't know
I keep going back and forth so much
It's so hard to let আপনি go

I know I wanted আপনি to leave
You used to be so right for me
And I don't wanna be wrong baby
Now it's getting hard to breathe
Suffocating memories
Got me up against the wall
And I don't wanna be wrong baby

You and the ফুলেরডালি at my door
Yeah I know this one too well
But it's not knowing what all that means
Yeah, it's got my head spinning

Oh, the hell আপনি put me through
It's so typical...
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A is for all I want
B is for badly
C is for, can't আপনি stay longer
Cause I want আপনি so madly
E is for no escape
Cause I don't wanna leave you
F is for falling too fast with no parachute
Oh oh, and who's gonna save me now?, oh

You're taking me under
Stolen my thunder
And I think I'm all out of fight
I want আপনি to win
All that I ever was
Is burning with this lust
And প্রণয় is a weapon
And it's hurting me to dust
D is for dangerous, D is for dangerous

G for get out of here
It's really too much
H is for, how do I leave
When I'm addicted to your love
I is for insane
It smells like danger
J is for jump off the ship
Or the...
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posted by vampfan
Allison was in the final two along with Kris Allen. She was going to perform the song called stone angels.She was hoping to win.She had to be called back due to Adam being hurt from terrible খাবার poisoning. She missed Danny who she would joke around with a lot. "Oh gosh I sure do miss Danny." She was in her dressing room. Then Danny Gokey appeared holdnig roses.
I missed you.
It feels like old times huh?
So how have oyu been doing?
I'm fine I got a "a" in AP Calculus.
So good luck out there and I.. How did Adam get sick anyway
His boyfriend I think He gave him some bad Kalimari.
Danny laughed so hard he started to cry.
Kris laughed because Adam got sick from his boyfriend and Adam was in the hosipital for 2 weeks.