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In a tribute to the great Animaniacs tradition, here is a আরো extreme level of "Good Idea, Bad Idea". Fun for the whole family! Today's episode: "Tetherball"
good idea bad idea
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As Yakko, Wakko and Dot were about to return to the studio, a অনুরাগী of their প্রদর্শনী saw Dot's great flipped hairstyle and began to freak out with excitement.

Male Animaniacs Fan: C-c-c-can I have your autograph, Ms. Dot Warner!? [holds out a blank book]

At first, Dot was confused, but since she was no longer being ridiculed for her hair, she decided to grant her অনুরাগী his request.

Dot: Aw sure! Anything for my loving fan! [brandishes a pen and writes her signature on his book]
Male Animaniacs Fan: Thanks!
Dot: And I hope আপনি like my fabulous hairdo! [gives her অনুরাগী a big চুম্বন on the lips]
Male Animaniacs...
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Hello, Aldrine2016 there. Since either Seanthehedgehog অথবা AnimeFan66 failed to write my part 2 request, I think this will be the first part 2 of an Aldrine2016 fanfic written দ্বারা myself.

After Dot returned to the tower, everyone looked at her, who was still in her and her brother's home, confused.

Yakko: Well, she made us all laugh.
Director: And since her haircut was too horrible and funny to be filmed in our new episode, let's change our episode so that only আপনি two appear. [points to Yakko and Wakko]
Yakko: So that আপনি can film it while avoiding our sister's haircut.
Director: Now, let's get filming!...
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"I'm Animaniac,
people say I'm outta whack,
আপনি can't miss our wild new show,
with my cute sis and my bro!

We all act like we're insane along with Pinky and the Brain,
Bobby,Squit,and Pesto,
Scratchansniff,Hip Hippos!
Rita,Runt,Chicken Boo,
Slappy too!

We dance and sing and do all kinds of crazy things!
Oh,we're the amazing Animaniacs,we'll বিভক্ত করা your sides in half,we are the most exciting ever!

So,watch us cause you'll প্রণয় us,we'll be on your TV,
Weekday afternoons right here on FOX!"

This was a song used on শিয়াল in 1993 to promote Animaniacs,it was sung দ্বারা Yakko.
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