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every a.n jell member has their own unique characteristics, has their own specialty,has their own talent and own ways to প্রদর্শনী their প্রণয় to the a.n jell queen...... Go mi nam.....
But Go mi nam has only one heart....
and it only needs one অ্যাঞ্জেল to guard it, to protect it to conquer it..
and who do আপনি think would it be?

would it be Jeremy, the funny ঢাকি of the band? would it be Shin woo, the silent guitarist and secret rescuer of Go mi nam?
অথবা would it be the devil Hwang Tae Kyung?

this প্রবন্ধ will help আপনি to judge if who would be the real angel.....to be continued
posted by hongkilover01
Muscle Girl is the new Japanese drama series that stars Lee Hong Ki. Lee Hong Ki plays the role of Yoo Ji Hoo, a famous pop star. Yoo Ji Ho's mother disappeared 1 বছর ago. A বছর later, during his performance in Japan, he left to look for her. The manager of Ji Ho trys to look for him but cannot find Ji Ho and will almost do anything to get him back. Meanwhile, a Japanese girl named Shiratori Azusa (Ichikawa Yui) had just become the new director of a female pro wrestling company, Shiratori Wrestling, after her father died. She was left with a big debt that had to be paid অথবা else the wrestling...
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