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posted by mynameisearl
Ashley Massaro was on ডবলুডবলুই and then on প্লেবয় now she is on Survivor what next...?

Maybe she can be in a movie with Kevin বেকন and be on the 7 degrees of Kevin বেকন অথবা maybe make a film with one of the Moore ladies Demi, Mandy অথবা Julianne.

অথবা be on a track with the Pussycat Dolls; Wheel of Fortune would be different with her in Vanna's spot with Vanna's style dress's.

What about Ashley Massaro in a musical on Broadway with Chyna the 9th wonder in the WWE.

FYI: I like Ashley and hope to see আরো of this
 Ashley is Piss
Ashley is Piss