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posted by cool55225cool
Austin's pov
I haerd my dad yell from somwhare close "Astin monca Moon were aer you. I hate to adment it ,but I sqeacked and cried harder.
"We have to git Austin out of here," Tresh ব্যক্ত I felt Ally nodded in agrement ."Ally আপনি git Austin out of here and I'll git Mr.Moon to out of here.Me and Ally got up to the room.
Ally's pov
I Austin in the room. I had to grt him to stop crying. I hated seeing him like this. I thought of sining him a song, so i went over to the pano and startwed playing the song "Home" I wrote 3 weeks ago.
Hold on to me as we go
As we roll down this unfamiliar road
And although...
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This is an exclusive to people who read my story on FanFiction.
Do not copy my story.
I do not, of course, own the characters.
But the story plot is mine. So please do not use my idea.

Here is the Link to my story: link

Now, in my story, there are little things that আপনি might want to pay attention to. One of them is that Austin and Ally cannot touch.
Another is the doctors. Especially Dr. Delarosa (AKA Dr. D, AKA Austin's doctor.)

Now. I plan on putting this story into action with three books.
Because this is almost a mystery story...

I plan on calling them such:
Supah Wicked
In Supah Deep
Supah Save

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Okay so yesterday I saw Campers and Complications on youtube. Four words; Very Intense প্রণয় Triangle! So in Girlfriends & Girl Friends, Ally developes feelings for Austin. In Campers & Complications, Ally's old camp friend Elliot comes to town. After they start hanging out, Austin becomes extremely jealous. When Dez finds Austin in the practice room making a basket, he realizes Austin has feelings for Ally and tells him this. At first, Austin thinks the idea is ridiculous. But when Dez asks him if he likes he anything about Ally, Austin says he likes alot of things about Ally, her smile,...
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In সৈকত Bums and Bling, Austin gets a huge check from Jimmy Starr and buys all the team gifts. Dez gets a go-cart that says 'What-Up' (it even says it on the license plate), Trisha gets her own beauty stand so she can be her own boss, and Ally gets crystal shoes from her পছন্দ movie. Trisha warns Austin that he should be saving his money for a rainy day. Austin উত্তর like it was a literal sentence দ্বারা pulling out a golden umbrella.
Then Ally realizes she can barely walk in the shoes and Austin says their just for decoration, but Ally simply উত্তর with "but they're so pretty".
And so it...
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