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I know what your thinking what's Barney been drinking that girl was smoking hot and yes I could have nailed her but no it's not a failure 'cause there's 1 thing she is not to score a ten would be just fine i'd rather be dressed to the nines it's a truth আপনি can't refute,
nothing স্যুইটস্‌ me like a suit

Imagine a world were all the boys and girls are impeccably well dressed,
that delivery guy in the জ্যাকেট and tie that কুকুরছানা in the double breast,
that eighties dude with mutton chops that baby with a lollipop,
that lady cop who's kinda cute,
nothing স্যুইটস্‌ me like a suit,

Wing-man I can wear (suits) there...
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posted by campluv98
I guess আপনি would classify this as a fanfic,it's an original poem titled, "Fate". I had randomly came up w/this poem and i realized that after the 1st 3 lines it was perfect for these two. So, here it is.
(ps:i'd really appriciate comments,critism is welcome& somethings arent captialized just b/c i like them that way)


isn’t it ironic, yeah how we both live in a world of জিন and tonic yeah.
This is just perfect, আপনি and me.
We don’t need to feel any better.
We don’t need some secret Scarlet Letter.
But how luscious the sweet smell of temptation is.
If I jump off the bridge will...
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