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posted by GaiaBVGSR
I found this awesome fanfiction at fanfiction site. It's not my own. It was the first time in my whole life I cried দ্বারা পাঠ করা a (fan)fiction... দ্বারা the way, at that whole site are much great Bellamort Fanfictions.
How to annoy, agitate, অথবা freak out Lord Voldemort.
WARNING: Attempt these at your own risk. লেখক is not responsible for any deaths অথবা torture from trying these.

1. Tell him that Bellatrix is waiting for him to propose.

2. Tell him that Harry is in প্রণয় with him.

3. Write an apology letter to the Daily Prophet that looks as though it's from him.

4. Turn his Dark Mark into a tatoo of a kitten.

5. Ask him just WHEN did he last take a shower?

6.Anonymously send him a wig.

7. Constantly wink at him, and tell him that his secret is নিরাপদ with you.

8. Steal Nagini. When he demands her back, claim she likes...
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