Benny and Joon Best Sam line?

Pick one:
"Kirk Douglas. অগ্রদূত Gogh. Ear."
"Thanks for the couch, Uhm, Mike made me sleep under the sink."
"'Cause it seems that besides being a little mentally ill, she's pretty normal."
"I used to look up to you... Now I can't look at আপনি at all.
"No, Cindy, you're sick! আপনি need help! No, Cindy! No! No! Nooo! Ahhhhhh!"
"Wow... I didn't know I could talk like that."
"Joon? ... I-- I প্রণয় you."
"There's something wrong with your car."
"No, it got me kicked out of school"
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I seriously can't choose. প্রণয় 'em all!!
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