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is just a stereotypical indie chick, she annoys me greatly, so greatly infact i've written why....

1. "theres this new type of সঙ্গীত sweeping the country its called indie rock" First of all indie has been around for a good 15 years, its only just now you've cottoned on to it. what would আপনি say bands like oasis and acean colour scene play??? Indie Rock!

2. "i wore skinny jeans like 3 and a half years ago" Most people wore skinny jeans back in the sixties love, its just a re-occuring fashion, আপনি dint invent them. Duh!

3. the way she considers herself a really intelligent person, she studies drama, hardly nuclear physics lets be honest...

Grrr does she hear herself talk?? i severely doubt it, the way she goes on and on and on. The opening night "cheer me im nervous" shut up! আপনি dont deserve cheers just because your nervous, hurry up and get inside the house, i want another contestant to get আপনি off my screen. Among other things
posted by santuccia
Hello guys!
I'm a student in লন্ডন and I have to write a paper on an audience research: since I প্রণয় প্রণয় প্রণয় BB and I know we all share that passion, I thought of asking আপনি if আপনি can answer some প্রশ্ন for me and help me with my uni assignment!
please, please, please it's very important since this is one of my first exam!!
these are the questions:
1. What gender are you?
2. How old are you?
3. What is your degree of education?
4. How long have আপনি been watching the "Big Brother"for?
5. How long per day/week do আপনি usually spend watching it?
6. What motivated আপনি to watch it at first and motivates...
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BB9 Auditions

Want to Be in পরবর্তি year's Big Brother?

The Big Brother auditions are coming to a city near to আপনি and earlier than ever before. If আপনি want to be a Housemate throughout the summer of 2008, আপনি need to go to an open audition in one of the following cities:









The Big Brother open audtions will take place on weekends, and will start in the first city on Saturday 24th November 2007, at approximately 9am - details of each audition তারিখ and exact location will be announced on the Channel 4 website and on Channel 4 TV,...
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What is this?? why put in all girls?? So what do we make of the starting 12 well...


Carole - legend, last to go in and possible saviour to all who watch
Tracey - has potential
Channelle - The hottest of all the housemates this series দ্বারা far and so she gets my vote :D


Charlie - Get a JOB! enough said, yeh so আপনি maybe related to a pretty good footballer but that dont mean আপনি dont have to work. Jog on bitch!
Twins - Doing my head in already and they've only been in there an hour, if i was there i might have to resort to slitting my wrists if they both stayed for a long period of time
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