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1. Bungee-jumping, go-carting and skydiving: Logan loves jeopardy and action. “I’m kinda addicted to the weirdest things!”

2. Kendall buys organic খাবার only. “This way I protect the environment – and it tastes delicious!”

3. Wow, he’s got muscles: James is able to do several pushups while doing a handstand. “That’s my crazy talent!”

4. The boys like to hang out with the নায়িকা Miranda Cosgrove and Victoria Justice. Their পছন্দ pastime: Hockey!

5. “Whenever I’m nervous I gnaw my nails like crazy,” admits Kendall.

6. “Carlos is the neatest out of us all. If he sees...
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*Theme Song*
On Part 1 Big Time Rush Became Little Time Rush?
Cast Members:Kendall Knight.. James Diamond.. Logan Mitchell.. Carlos Garcia.. Katie Knight.. Mama Knight.. Gustavo.. Kelly.. Jason Garcia.. John Mitchell.. Jack Diamond.. Hunter Knight.. Special Guest Stars:John Cena.. Roshon Fegan.. Miranda Cosgrove.. Bella Thorne.. Kenzz (me)
Lets Find Out Now!
Carlos:Dang my head it to small for my শিরস্ত্রাণ :'(
James:Haha Srry Man
Logan:well dont where it
Carlos Starts to Cry
Kendall:Oh Gosh! D:<
Logan accidently Kisses Carlos (Cargan <333)
Kendall: /:
Carlos Moans.Logan Drags Carlos into the বিছানা room to have Sex <3333
James:BigTimeSex Coming in novmember
The পরবর্তি Day...
Logan:Wheres Carlos??
James:I dont Know
Kendall:I dont know Girl Friend
Carlos Walks in
Logan Kisses Carlos and Carlos Kisses Back <33
Kendall:Cargan Aww :D
James:O.o I had a crush on logan
James Cries
Logan Giggles and Carlos kisses him again
posted by xanderlovesbtr
Katelyn: Hey, Logan! I’ve missed আপনি so much! *Runs up and ভালুক hugs Logan*
Logan: Uh. . . I only went back to the apartment to grab my towel. Um. . . *Looks around pool area* Aren’t আপনি supposed to be with Kendall? I mean, আপনি are his girlfriend.
*Katelyn giggles* Katelyn: Oh, Kendall, schmendall! YOU’RE SOOO much cuter than he’ll ever be.
*Logan stops to think* Logan thinking: This is SOOO akward. Where is Kendall?!?!?!
*Katelyn grabs Logan’s arm and shakes it* Katelyn: Hey, look over there! Isn’t that your photographer friend, Marcos? Maybe he’ll take our picture for us! What do...
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posted by MickCayla133
-School: Roosevelt High-
Mrs. Collins: Class, There New students Coming
Band: talking-
Band: Stops-
Girls comes in-
Bands: Stares-
Mrs> Collins: These are, Jo Taylor, Carlie Taylor, Stephanie Taylor and Erin Taylor. আপনি may sit back there. -points-
Girls: Goes and sits দ্বারা them-
James: Hi I am James.
Erin: He.Hey
Girls: Kay"
-bell rings-
-Lunch: Pepperoni Pizza-
Kendall: নমস্কার Girls! Over here!
Girls: turns around then goes to sit-
Kendall: Can we get to know Each other
Jo: Why!
Kendall: Your Hot!
Jo: Thank আপনি -flirts-
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Now I’m about to give আপনি my heart
But remember this one thing
I’ve never been in প্রণয় before
So আপনি gotta go easy on me

I heard প্রণয় is dangerous
Once আপনি fall আপনি never get enough
But the thought of আপনি leaving
Ain’t so easy for me


Don’t hurt me [BTR]

Desert me

(Three) Jordin
Don’t give up on me [Logan]
What would I wanna do that for [BTR]
(Four) [Jordin]
Don’t use me [BTR]

Take advantage of me
Make me sorry I ever counted on you

1, 2, 3, 4 to 5

Baby, I'm counting on আপনি (4x)

Understand I’ve been here before,...
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posted by BTRJamesDiamond
Oh ooo woah...
Cause the world stops when I put my arms around you, around you.
(oh woah)
And nothing even matters (oh)
And nothing even matters. (oh)

It's like one for the haters,
Two for all of those who try to shut us down.
They don't really know.
There ain't nothing they can do that can tear us apart.
No. I don't care about the money, don't care about the clothes.
When we're together, baby, anything goes.

We don't even need to prove what we feel in our hearts. No.

This দেওয়াল we built together,
there ain't no way of knocking it over.
We'll be here forever, getting closer, and...
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posted by jamesandlogan3
Jagan (Ja/mes and Lo/gan) is the friendship/bromance pairing between James Maslow and Logan Henderson and the counterpart of Kenlos.

Logan and James have grown close and are now like brothers. In the show, Logan helps James দ্বারা লেখা the "Yeah" song with him and James helps Logan দ্বারা helping him find a তারিখ for the dance. They are close and have been seen joking around and playing in the tour bus with toy guns. James sometimes calls Logan দ্বারা his nickname which is Logie-Bear. James has ব্যক্ত that he loves Logan's Mother because she is so kind.
Jagan Moments (From the show)
Season 1
Big Time Audition...
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Big Time Rush (also known as BTR) is an American boy band formed in Los Angeles, California, in 2009. The band consists of members Kendall Schmidt, James Maslow, Carlos Pena Jr. and Logan Henderson. The band released its debut album, BTR in October 2010. It peaked at number 3 on the Billboard 200 and was certified স্বর্ণ দ্বারা the RIAA for sales of over 500,000 copies. A সেকেন্ড studio álbum, Elevate, was released on November 21, 2011.


Main article: Elevate (album)
On July 22, 2011, the band released a promotional single, "If I Ruled The World" featuring Iyaz, off their সেকেন্ড album, Elevate...
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*Theme Song*
Kendall Schmidt as Kendall Knight
Logan Henderson as Logan Mitchell
Carlos Pena as Carlos Garica
James Maslow as James Diamond
Ciara Bravo as Katie Knight
Mat29cool as Michelle Cage
619WWEprincess as Maria Pena
TeamZoey as Rosabel Anderson
JBfan445 as Lisa Counts
Hjj211 as Tatum Maslow
AlexSelenaRules as Alex Jones-Well
Juliet1234 as Cat West
FamousK10 as Taylor Mitchell
Btrno1fan as Erin Bieber
Katelyn Traver as Jo
Erin Sanders as Camile
Selena Gomez as Ally Jones
Joe Jonas as Joe G. Jones-Well
Nathan Kress a Justin Hollywood
KarlaCena as Karla Anderson

Katie:Taylor can is Tell আপনি Something...
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FROM Entertainment Weekly, click link to read the actual article. Click link to watch the video, behind the scenes from the 'Boyfriend' set.


What’s your পছন্দ খাবার অথবা vice to get আপনি through a long recording session?
As bad as it is…coffee. I usually take down a couple of cups during a session.

What song on your album doesn’t get enough প্রণয় that people should really listen to?
We have so many great songs on the album, but one of my personal পছন্দ is “Nothing Even Matters.”

What kind of সঙ্গীত did আপনি grow up listening to?
I grew up with the Beatles,...
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(Oooh, oh)
Wait a minute
Before আপনি tell me anything, how was your day?
'Cause I been missing

You দ্বারা my side, yeah

Did I awake
You out of your dreams? I'm sorry, but I couldn't sleep
You calm me down, there's something 'bout the sound of your voice.

I-I-I-I'm never, never, never as far away as it may seem.
No, soon we'll be together.
We'll pick up right where we left off.
Paris, London, Tokyo
There's just one thing that I gotta do

Hello, tuck আপনি in every night on the phone
Hello, tuck আপনি in every night

And I can hardly take another goodbye, baby...
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 This is a group picture of the guys that was also used in the episode: Big Time ছবি Shoot.
This is a group picture of the guys that was also used in the episode: Big Time Photo Shoot.
Big Time Rush is a প্রদর্শনী on Nickelodean that premiered in January 2010. This প্রদর্শনী is about four hockey playing best বন্ধু from Minnesota who go to Los Angeles and become and গান গাওয়া group. The four guys are Kendall Knight (played দ্বারা Kendall Schmidt), James Diamond (played দ্বারা James Maslow), Carlos Garcia (played দ্বারা Carlos Pena), and Logan Mitchell (played দ্বারা Logan Henderson. They became a গান গাওয়া group when a producer named Gustavo Rocque came to Minnesota and was holding auditions. James' dream was to be a popstar so his বন্ধু drove him to the audition. Once they got their, Gustavo made...
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FROM তারকা TELEGRAM – Logan Henderson was 16 and living in North Richland Hills when he decided that অভিনয় was the life for him. At age 18, with no backup plan in place, he packed his bags and moved to Los Angeles. And now, just barely into his 20s, he’s starring in a জনপ্রিয় sitcom for tweens, Nickelodeon’s Big Time Rush, while simultaneously embarking on a pop-music career.

Sounds like a চার্মড্‌ life — and maybe it is — but Henderson’s luck is largely self-made.

“You can wait your whole life for the right moment and it might not ever come,” he says. “So I’m a big believer...
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James Diamond: I just saw this extremely hot girl who's hair is brown and half way to her back. She looks like she's a half-latina.
Carlos Garcia likes this.
Carlos Garcia: Yay! Another Half-Mexican! Me and that girl আপনি saw.
James: You're Half-Mexican?!
Carlos Garcia: আপনি don't know I'm Half-Mexican and আপনি knew me for your whole life! I'm starting to think I don't know you, James.
Kendall Knight: Idiot.
James Diamond and 9 others like this.

Jo Taylor: I miss Kendall! :(
Kendall Knight: Me too! <3
Jo Taylor: <3
James Diamond: Ewwwww! *barfs*
Carlos Garcia and 3 others like this....
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 Big Time Rush at the National বৃক্ষ Lighting Festival. ছবি দ্বারা Mark Silva for W Washington D.C.
Big Time Rush at the National Tree Lighting Festival. Photo by Mark Silva for W Washington D.C.
Big Time Rush, who performed at the National বৃক্ষ Lighting Festival last night in Washington D.C. in the Ellipse at President's Park behind the White House (12/1/11), is participating in Ornaments for the Parks, an auction organized দ্বারা W Washington D.C. to benefit the National Park Foundation. All band members signed one ornament: bidding has just gotten underway at link.

The ornament will be on display through December 11 at W Washington D.C., 515 15th রাস্তা NW, Washington D.C., link.
 Big Time Rush signs an ornament to benefit the National Park Foundation. ছবি দ্বারা Mark Silva for W Washington D.C.
Big Time Rush signs an ornament to benefit the National Park Foundation. Photo by Mark Silva for W Washington D.C.
posted by Sarah6789
James: Cough cough.
Kendall: Cough cough.
Logan: Cough cough.
Carlos: Cough cough.
Me: Hi guys my name is Doctor. Silva and I will be taking care of you.
Me: So lets start দ্বারা taking your temperatures. Ill start with James hi James how are you?
James: I'm good cough cough.
Me: Okay open wide and put this under your tongue and I am taking your temperature now. Once আপনি hear the beep, আপনি are good.
Meanwhile, James is taking this seriously and listening to Me.
Me: Okay your temperature is oh 108 degrees not good.
James: Cough, cough, cough, cough.
Me: That does not sound good.
Me: Okay পরবর্তি is Kendall. Okay...
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Taylor:THNX! for helping Me
Michelle:No Problem
Taylor:Lets go find Carlos

Taylor and Michelle Goes to the AirPort
Taylor:2 tickets to Los Angeles
Ladie:Here আপনি Go 2 tickets to L.A.
Michelle:Thanks Ladie
Taylor and Michelle Walked into the Plane

Carlos sees the Plane Leaveing
Carlos runs outside Carlos chases The Plane
Carlos:TAYLOR!!!!!!*Starts to cry* Lisa
Lisa:What Pathetic শিরস্ত্রাণ Wearing Jerk
Carlos Grabs Lisa
Carlos:Y DID আপনি DO THIS TO ME
Lisa:I hate YOU
Carlos Grabs A Rpg and Shoots Lisa's Mustang
Carlos walked to The Palm Woods Pool
Logan:You Ok
Kendall:Hey Buddy
Carlos:I almost Got Taylor
Logan:Its ok Carlos
James:Its ok Buddy
Kendall:Its ok Where is your Helmet?
Then Taylor and Michelle Walked to The Guy
Then Carlos and Taylor Started to Make Out
*Theme Song*
Lets find out what going to happen in this episode
Logan,James,Carlos,Kendall started to sing
In the middle of a perfect day, I was trippin over words to say, Cuz i dont wanna keep আপনি guessin, But i always end up gettin stuck stuck, But i'am never givin up up
Then John Cena appeared
JohnCena:Do আপনি know where the front ডেস্ক is?
Carlos:Your John Cena
Logan:Sign my Doctor Magazine please!
James:Sign my Lucky Comb
Carlos:Sign my Helmet
Kendall:Sign my Hockey Magazine
Katie:Go straight
Katie:its cool
Katie runs away
Carlos:I wonder which room he's...
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Oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh
Make it count, play it straight
Don't look back, don't hesitate
When আপনি go big time
What আপনি want, what আপনি feel
Never quit and make it real
When আপনি roll big time
Hey, oh, hey, oh
Listen to your হৃদয় now
Hey, oh, hey, oh
Don't আপনি feel the rush? Hey, oh, hey, oh
Better take a shot now
Oh oh oh oh

Go and shake it up, what আপনি gotta lose?
Go and make your luck with the life আপনি choose
If আপনি want it all lay it on the line
It's the only life আপনি got so আপনি gotta live it big time
Oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh
Step it up, get in gear
Go for broke, make it clear
Gotta go big time
Make it...
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