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posted by tommaxwell1988
to Billy রশ্মি Cyrus I am Thomas Maxwell and I am your biggest অনুরাগী i প্রণয় your সঙ্গীত I wish to meet আপনি i would প্রণয় to be your number 1 অনুরাগী if I could if any VIP tickets are available I would প্রণয় to get my hands on them and to get to know you. I would do anything to meet আপনি it will be great for me a because I think আপনি are an amazing person , I am 32 years old born on the 23rd of January 1988 and a Aquarius and I have a Disability called Downs Syndrome I was hoping that আপনি could come to Australia to perform for my 34th birthday it will be a blast my বন্ধু and I প্রণয় country সঙ্গীত .I do hope আপনি will consider this I will pay আপনি Whatever price maybe it will be a lot of fun

thanks your number ! অনুরাগী Thomas Maxwell
posted by Kedog
Dear Billy Ray; I was Master Sargent Kenneth Kelley my Serial Number 364581399AR. I loved the song and it has alot of meaning to me, that is why I am writting আপনি . I live with the VeitNam war in my head everyday and have mightmares at night I was there in 69-73 I not saying I wouldn't do it again but there are some here that have fall even if they did come home, some that wish they never came back.I buried a good friend here three months পূর্বে cause he took his life. We were in the Army and same company (82nd AirbourneRanger.)I sit and cry but my kids don't understand why ,Some of us just can't stand to even talk about it. All I ask is that this country say pray for the fall that came back to . God Bless আপনি and your Familly Billy.Don't every stop singin. From nothin but a country boy,