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Fallen Leaves দ্বারা Billy Talent
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posted by s3ptamber
Vanities are only charity
And she makes donations at the Tiffany's,
Life is hard without a credit card to get by, get by
She sold her dreams for security
To a man that now she hardly ever sees
With a cold মার্টিনি in her hand, she don't mind, don't mind

So throw all your luxuries aside
You can't take them with আপনি when আপনি die
Still when I look into your
Eyes are full of dollar signs
Oh, reach, into a pocketful of dreams
Oh, now, before they fall out of the seams
Oh, take a chance, don't matter if আপনি fail
you're too scared to try cause আপনি might break a nail, oh

If আপনি নকশা a plastic happiness,
Then climb...
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billy talent
billy talent
billy talent
posted by s3ptamber
Well I'm scared of my reflection
Is it mine অথবা is it yours?
And I swear I hear the knockin'
But there's no one at the door.

Don't think I'm losing my perspective
'Cause I know one thing for sure
They've been watching, they've been listening
Every whisper, every word

Your sudden movements, sudden movements
Gonna give a soul away
No sudden movements, sudden movements
Or they'll blow our soul away

Dare I find my information
Who's the black মেষ of the herd?
I have mean guardian of angels
And they'll get what they deserve

So lock your children in the basement
Keep a raffle দ্বারা the door
Don't be afraid of my intentions...
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posted by s3ptamber
Let the rain fall down, let it fall to the ground,
Let the rain fall down to the ground.
And the birds don't sing, no they don't make a sound,
When you're six feet underground.

Well they cast me out when the word spread around
That I never sang in the church.
And it took one night for the town to decide
I'm afflicted দ্বারা the curse.

And the rain falls down, let it fall to the ground.
And the birds don't sing, no they don't make a sound.
So I look to the sky, tell me why, tell me why,
Do they all get to live, and I have to die?

So they marched me down to the center of town,
With their pitchforks high in the...
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posted by s3ptamber
Today I walked down our old street
Past the ভোজনকারী where we'd meet
Now I dine alone in our old seats
The cold wind blows right through my bones
And I feel like I'm getting old
But I wish I was getting old with you
I held your hand when we took shelter from the rain
She laughed as we picked out our children's names

White sparrows fell from heaven and carried her away
Black arrows cut the strings of my heart, I kneel and pray

Her clothes hang in the closet still
The phone sits on the windowsill
And every time it rings it gives me chills
My হৃদয় just stopped when I was told
Doctor, doctor, on the phone
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