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posted by Blazefan4life
Life is one big mystery but it is a gift that is প্রদত্ত to আপনি from God. Our purpose in life is to enjoy being who আপনি are and to find out what আপনি were put on Mother Earth. Yes, we all have sticky situations in our time but it is all just a part of nature. We just need to take it as it comes, keep pushing on. Life is like a road trip, the car represents আপনি and the road represents your life and your choices. Let's say that you're in college and you're on your way to a bright future when your room mate offers আপনি drugs. There are 2 roads. আপনি try to go down the right road, but আপনি give into peer pressure and go down the wrong road. And আপনি go down that road too far. But আপনি should remember something, no matter how far আপনি go down the wrong road, আপনি can always turn back. And when আপনি turn back, আপনি can undo those wrong turns and get your life back on track. Enjoy life as it comes and stay on the right road and you'll do great things for this world someday.
posted by Blazefan4life
sup, peeps!!! if u iz পাঠ করা dis then u probably heard about my new অনুরাগী club!! go me!!!! and i just got started sooooooo... help me out!!!! i wanna put up sum প্রতিমূর্তি but it has dat copy right thing on there!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!
and i have such ryhdtudjdyr a headache!!!!!
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