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Kevy1 posted on Mar 08, 2012 at 09:29PM
In bleach there are human, shinigami, quincy, bount, fullbringers,hollows: arrancar, espada, vasto lordes, Menos Grande and regular hollows and soon enough a new one that I call the Quincars.These are all examples of Bleach races.

To create your own Bleach race you can follow the outline below.


Name of Race:

Story and Origin:Optional


Power description:

Create characters for it as many as you like: optional

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বছরখানেক আগে Kevy1 said…
Language: Latin

Bleach Race: Patronus Sanctus

Story and Origin: They first was apart of the Quincy Organization. They came out of the need for the advancement of the Quincy’s weapon. The bow and arrow needed to be advanced to be able to send the hollows soul to the Soul society but instead a team of people came up with a completely new weapon that had the ability of past over. This weapon was the colt Pistol. The past over ability allowed all shots released by the colt gun to have the same ability as a shingami’s zanpakuto on the hollows soul. When presented to the Heads of the Quincies they decline and dismiss the idea and told them to find a way to put the ability of past over on to the bow and arrow. When told this, the team when back to the testing stages trying to find a new way but this was not to be as three weeks later the shingami descended upon them devastating their numbers but a few of the team escaped along with some others. With most of there people dead they fled to Switzerland vowing to be a weapon of justice for their decease and as such they name their selves Patronus Sanctus meaning the Patron Saint. Their power was limited so for years they seek something that would increase there power. Years past and contemporary times flooded in but the vow of the past still exists, the descendants of the Patronus Sanctus thought a small number remained carried on their tradition and their vow.

One member was doing his regular study about the history of Patronus Sanctus and came upon a documented mission. Some of the Patronus Sanctus ventured into Hueco Mundo where they found a tree that seemed alive unlike the rest around them. This tree that was full with greenery was full with mysteriously looking fruit and some sort of light illuminated around the tree. All sort of hollow gathered around it but none attempted to eat its fruit. The Patronus Sanctus disposed of the hollows and now stood in front of the tree. One proceeded to the tree, he enters the illuminated area and picked one of the fruit and carried it outside of the illuminated area but the fruit quickly withered away leaving the seed. The one that when in started to feel terrible pain. The seed was taken away room him from for safe keeping. One of the others looked at him to see what was wrong with but while he was examining him his soul disbursed into the air in a display of light ascending upward. It had seemed that the light or the mysterious fruit were to be blamed but their thirst for power was greater than their fear. So they took the seed and make motions to leave Hueco Mundo but numerous hollows invader the area and attacked them, all but two survived, bloody and close to death one place the seed into the soil in the forest in Karakura Town and with his last thread of power he created a reshi field around it to prevent the hollows and other from discovering it. After this he laid motionless at the side of it and with his last breath he told me to never mention this to the superiors. The document came to an end at that point.

Knowing this the member gathered the rest of the Patronus Sanctus and ventured into the Karakura Forest area. Where there found a tree with fruit shimmering in blue reshi. Each of them ate form the tree and they began to hallucinate, all of them staggered and fell, passing out in different areas of the forest. They awoke with increased power and new abilities.
Patronus Sanctus Power: A coin amulet that transforms in a colt gun. Each Patronus Sanctus has their unique colt gun that shoot out reshi in various speeds, number and size.

Fruit power otherwise known as Humus vinculum (earth bond) power: This power is derive from there interaction to a specific plant life, soil, insect life or natural elements during their fruit transformation.

I will create characters for this soon and if you want you can too XD.
বছরখানেক আগে frosttakahashi said…
Language: Latin

Name: Tenibris (darkness)

Story: (will post later)



Name meaning(small)

Age: appears 10

Personality: He is very mischievous. He tends to mock his enemies along with a few of his allies. He is very sarcastic and only cares for his friend fortis. Due to his small stature he will comment to others how small they are compared to him.

Fighting style: He is a long distance fighter who fires black beams of energy called Tantibus (nightmare). When in his powered up form (stil coming up with a name for it) he has a cowboy hat and cape with two small pistols he fires Tantibus from. He isn't afraid to fight close because he will easily fire at point blank range even if he damages himself.

Clan sign location: Neck

Name meaning: strong

Age: appears to be 34

Personality: He is not the smartest, in his creation he was given basic language capabilities and his judgement is based on his small brain, his strength compensates for this though. He is very protective of his young friend Parva.

Fighting Style: He is a close combat fighter who has difficulty using energy based attacks. His extra large body allows him to
unleash devestating blows in just one attack.

Clan mark location: Shoulder


Name meaning: swift

Personality: He never opens his eyes for he is blind, he is very creepy and asks the wierdest questions. He becomes enraged though he doesn't show whenever his strength is brought into question.

Fighting style: He is a close combat fighter who wields shuriken and kunai formed from miasma. He can move at speeds twice as fast as shunpo or sonido, however his attacks aren't that strong.
 Language: Latin Name: Tenibris (darkness) Story: (will post later) Characters: PARVA Name meani
বছরখানেক আগে Kevy1 said…
Hey, your post on Bleach War Clan really display this Race well and all of its members.
বছরখানেক আগে frosttakahashi said…
thanks kevy :D
বছরখানেক আগে blackpanther666 said…
Race: Knights of the Gotei 13

Bios: Pseudo-Shinigami who wield some of the power of a God, by a Manifestation Ability which goes beyond a Bankai. Their Zanpakutos generally elemental, but can also not be. These Zanpakuto represent the power of their corresponding God.

Powers: A Manifestation Ability which far surpasses Bankai...
বছরখানেক আগে Sinwalker7 said…
Race: Weavers

Bios: This is a group of fighters who use "unseen" weapons. One of the most used is the "Spider line". This weapon is a pair of gloves with very thin thread attached to the figure tips. The length of the spider line is around sixteen feet. The also use a weapon called "Dragon scale". This weapon is a piece of metal that, when thrown, turns into a box of almost unbreakable crystal. And finally the use a large verity of poisons. They call themselves Weaver because most of them prefer to use the Spider Line for combat. But unlike other clans they do not have zanpakotu, or at lest they don't use them. The live in underground villages away from others and rarely go out. The are a mercenary people. As long as some one pays them they will kill anything or anyone. They are also very proud of their skill and will never rest till the target is either killed or pays higher. This fact has made them very unpopular with the other clans and that's why they live alone.

Powers: All Weavers are born with the power to drain spirit energy by toughing someone. They are trained to control this so the don't harm each other. They also use this power with the Spider line to drain enemies of their power and gain the upper hand. Then there are the more powerful weavers who can use the Spider line to wrap around an enemy and control them like a puppet. This weavers are given the title "Puppet weaver". And when things come down to the wrier the can use kido spells.
alphonse33 commented…
these guys sound pretty badass nice job বছরখানেক আগে
বছরখানেক আগে alphonse33 said…
Race: Soul Ragers
Bio: Soul Reapers who have cast away their sanity for the sake of the ultimate battle lust. this group of fighters of considered the ultimate berserkers. They will fight till they die or lose the will to continue on. they even eat the flesh of their defeated hollows, arrancars, rogue shingami, any thing that is killed in their fight even other Soul Ragers. they believe that flesh of their defeated enemies will grant them their enemies powers.
Powers: they all are hakudo and zanjustu master. they have high physical strength (enough to punch through a arrancars hierro) and physical defense ( enough to survive a direct hit for a high level cero). Plus what ever power and abilities they gain from their fall enemies.
alphonse33 commented…
sorry i did not add any characters to this but maybe আপনি other guys might create people for the the Soul Ragers বছরখানেক আগে
বছরখানেক আগে alphonse33 said…
Race: Ochita( the Fell)
Bio: A group of soul reapers who have taken up sentinent swords(Fell Blades) that take over the wielders body. It is believed the worship the fallen god Catastrophe( the creator of the fell blades). each of the Fell Blades has a unique ability as well as giving the wielder a unique form.
Powers: they have all the powers they had as soul reapers. they abilities they gain vary with each of the Fell blades. some provide the wielder with faster speed, or greater strength, or superior kido powers. The Wielders Zanpakuto is shaped into what the Fell blades feel is most likely to work with their power.

Aries the Ram: Wielder of the Fell Blade Tempo and the Zanpakuto Asutorosumasshā (astro smasher) the hammer.

age: 300,000 (oldest of the Ochita)

Personality: he is cold and calculating. He is superior to all of the other Ochita. He likes to take care of fights quickly.
Appearance: He normally wares a a hood cloak to hide is appearance. when he is not waring the cloak he has a rams hindquarters and ram horns on his head. Symbol appears on his back shoulder blade.
Tempo: Tempo takes the form of a rapier though it can hack and slash not just stab. Tempo imparts upon its wielder A whole new level of speed that exceeds most captain class soul reapers.
Asutorosumasshā: it takes the form of a war hammer with a spike on top. all of its abilities were erased when tempo took over Aries mind.

Symbol: 落ちた
appears on all of the Fell on some part of their body.
alphonse33 commented…
adding আরো members of the Ochita. will go into detail with some of them later also arrancars maybe members to. বছরখানেক আগে
alphonse33 commented…
your rank among the Ochita is determined দ্বারা age not strength অথবা deadliest বছরখানেক আগে
বছরখানেক আগে alphonse33 said…
create your own Ochita character if you want.
বছরখানেক আগে alphonse33 said…
Added Ochita Members

Rank Gender Name-Fell Blade/Effect
3rd F Lamia the Snake - Scath/ Increased heirro and toxic bite
2nd M Steven the Hawk - Ballista/ Flight and increased vision, speed
5th F Ereberus the Hound - Crisis/ Increased strength and smell
8th M Talos the Bear - Bleeder/ Increased Strength
10th M Victor the Lion - Scourge/ Increased Speed and Strength
4th M Chris the Crocodile - Craven/ Increased Heirro and Strength
6th M Richard the Gorilla - Crusher/ Increased Strength
7th M Jordan the Leopard - Evilstar/ Increased Speed
9th M Thomas the Komodo Dragon - Diablo/ Increased Strength, Heirro, and toxic bite
11th F Sara the Tiger - Hacker/ increased strength and speed
13th F Veronica the Eagle - Victos/ Increased Vision, speed and Flight
12th M Eric the Wolf - Wrath/ Increased Speed, Smell, and Hearing
বছরখানেক আগে Sinwalker7 said…

This are humans who turned to hallows and back again. Only unlike others they have their sanity and memory. In a away it's a human that has been corrupted and then pureifed by it's own will. This how ever does not erase their hallow forms. The transformation starts like any other. But after six to nine hours the hallow starts to revert back into human form. If the process is successful the hallow turns into a form call Filler. However this is very risky only one in twenty ever revert back into human. And before they do, or don't at all they will act as a normal hallow.

Now Fillers have the powers of their hallow forms much like Vizards or Arrancars. But without swords or masks. They appear human and act much like a soul reaper. They can use creo and kido spells. They are also stranger and faster then any soul reaper. They also have rare powers that only they can use, like their hallow form. In some cases Fillers can call apon a spirit form of their hallow self to fight with them. This however is only used in deadly situations.
বছরখানেক আগে Rannmaru said…
RACE: Sword immortals
CLAN: black wing of the east demon sect
POWERS: the art of cultivation and the many secret arts
Passed down the centuries.
Martial art skills and weapons.

Bio: they are known as a demonic sect by all righteous sects
As they may go to any lengths for the sake of power as well
As their own justice. Many centuries ago there was a war between
Bith sides and now there arent many left in the world. Yet their
Knoledge has been passed down to a few over the centuries.

In the modern day not much is known about these sect as normal
People have long since forgotten them. But soon tge day will come for
Them to return.