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jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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বছরখানেক আগে soulcreate said…
Shikai: Rīpā ( reaper )
Release command. Tear to the bone.

It looks like a three bladed glaive where the blades curve back really far. The center is a wide grip with a skull in the middle on both sides. It's all white and looks like it's made of bone

Shikai abilities. Kage no ken ( shadow glaive ). This ability forms a second black glaive in the other hand made of rieatsu
Ttsu no kurōnsākuru ( three clone circle ) when thrown this ability makes three glaives that spin in a circle around the original make it a bigger stronger attack

Bankai Sukerutonkingu ( skeleton king )
Second release command. Send to the graves

A long scythe with a handle made of bone. On the bottom end there should a skull with an open jaw and a small pile coming out of the mouth. The blade is black and the sharpened area is blood red. The center where the blade connects is a black circle. Two bones petrude from the back and there are several red feather like extensions coming from the bottom rim of the circle. On the top there's a skull facing up with the jaw closed. The users arms gain a bone like armor going all the way up and partially across the back. Also the zanpakto spirit spirt is hollow like.

Bankai abilities
Kurai kūgeki ( dark void ) the user slashes and creates a small black portal that can absorb any ability including hollow powers
Shi no honō no bakufū ( death flame blast ) the user points the top skull towards the opponent the eyes glow and the jaw opens and shoots black flamesat the target
Jigoku no kusari ( hells chains ) chains appear from the black circle and can be upside as a whip to grab opponents and block attacks
Kurai kūdō (Dark void scythe ) the zanpakto dissapears and black rieatsu from a longer double ended scythe with two blades on each end. It uses the full power of the soul reaper and the zanpakto spirit. It also changes kurai kūgeki to where the user spins the weapon and can absorb multiple attacks
Bankai also grants the user some hollow powers such as cero.

I always thought a hollow zanpakto would be cool
বছরখানেক আগে foxthefirelord said…
[zanpakuto name] raykora
[release command] reap
[bankai name] no bankai
[description] in raykora's sealed form he looks like any other zanpakuto but when he transforms into shikai he becomes a single bladed scythe and which is one and a half meters long

[shikai abilities] on the command "surrasshu" and a simple swing of the scythe a power scythe shaped beam will shoot out as a long ranged attack but that is the only ability

[bankai abilities] no bankai abilities because raykora doesn't have any bankai

[zanpakuto spirit description] raykora has spikey brown hair with dog ears and a dog tail and his clothing varies from time to time and his personality is cool and friendly and has a sort temper when other threaten his friends
Kuro_Hyou666 commented…
So simple. Your Zanpakuto literally took up less than a paragraph... I mean, come on... put in some effort to make a sweet Zanpakuto that আপনি can feel proud of. And who cares about your character? Just make a Bankai anyway... it's not like it really matters on this spot. বছরখানেক আগে
বছরখানেক আগে Kuro_Hyou666 said…
Zanpakuto Name: Tenjin Orochi (Celestial Serpent)

Release Command: Summon (shoukan)

Bankai Name: Yato O Kami No Fukitsu (Snake God's Ill Omen)

Release Command: Call upon the gods (koshou sono gami)

Zanpakuto Appearance: Green handled short sword, measuring roughly 74 cm from the end of the hilt to the tip of the blade. The guard is circular, with the design of a simple snake stretched inside the circle. The guard is silver in appearance.

Special Ability: Has a relatively weak nerve poison in the blade, which can cause mild, or no pain to stronger opponents (roughly vice-captain/captain-level). However, to weaker opponents, this can cause pain and after several minutes, the poison can shut off feeling in their nerves, so that they are unable to recognise their pain threshold, often causing them to overreach, or fatigue faster than normal.

Shikai Appearance: The short sword transforms into a conglomeration of 8 whips that extend from a crude grip at the end, which allows them to all be used at the same time. The opponent can also use each individual whip as necessary.

Shikai Abilities:

Special Ability: The whip is able to extend up to fifty times its original length during the use of specific abilities. As with the sealed blade, the whip delivers a small amount of the nerve poison into the opponent's body with each strike. The effect is chronic and builds up over time - the opponent's level of reiatsu determines how long this may take.

Lash of the 8-Headed Serpent: A highly powered strike, that does damage to the opponent based on how much reiatsu the wielder decides to imbue in said attack. This attack uses all 8 whips at once to deliver 8 lashes for the price of one.

Homing Lash: Providing that the wielder has already managed to strike the opponent at least once, this ability allows the whips to sensitise to the opponent's reiatsu signature. Each of the whips can follow the opponent up to the maximum extension from the original length.

Super Speed Strike: Gathering up a large amount of reiatsu, this ability utilises that energy to create super quick strikes, which can even match the speeds of shunpo. This is also highly effective against sword style, as the reach is far greater and it is very difficult to block strikes from a whip moving at such speeds.

Bankai Appearance: All of the whips become one, which is similar in appearance, but somewhat longer and the whip materials become stronger and more durable. The only other difference is the tip of the whip, which gains a serpent head, complete with fangs and devious looking eyes etched in.

Bankai Special Ability: The same as the Shikai ability, however the whip becomes longer and can extend up to 100 times its 6 meter length. In addition to be able to use the same abilities as in Shikai (which become somewhat more powerful, but require a little more energy than with Shikai), but the Bankai also gains a final technique, but can only be used once per day due to exhausting all of the wielder's reiatsu and much of the Zanpakuto's reserve energy.

Final Strike, The Deadliest venom: This injects the most potent of the blade's venom. If this strike manages to hit the heart of the victim, then they will die instantly, regardless of how powerful they are. However, this attack is avoidable for skilled/fast opponents.
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Kuro_Hyou666 commented…
I'll probably সম্পাদনা this at some point and put আরো detail into the Bankai abilities, especially, but also the Shikai abilities, too. Unfortunately, I was pressed for time, so I kind of had to post it as it was. But, it will definitely get an সম্পাদনা in memory of Whiteflame's reviews, cause I know damn well he would have had plenty of প্রশ্ন about this one. বছরখানেক আগে
GruntSquad92 commented…
i have trouble rating swords like that. My default is to create "unremarkable" swords, that are wielded দ্বারা third seats and below. I just don't feel comfortable touching the area, where the plot of the উৎস material is playing at. Furthermore, I'm not a bleach অনুরাগী anymore and am kinda আরো hung-up on the idea, that zanpakuto are reflections of ones soul. Less on its cool-factor. বছরখানেক আগে
Kuro_Hyou666 commented…
@Ryuu. The poison for the Shikai and Bankai, is the same as the effect of the sealed sword, so the effects of the pain are chronic and build up over time. Once the user has taken enough nerve toxin, their nerve endings start to shut down and they stop feeling what pain their body is in and are unable to recognise their pain threshold, therefore usually fighting for too long and overreaching against the user of Tenjin Orochi. বছরখানেক আগে
বছরখানেক আগে Kuro_Hyou666 said…
People should post more Zanpakutous on here. I remember the glory days when up to 7-8 Zanpakutous could be posted in a day and half of them would be reviewed by the next day. Seriously, though, someone should post one so I can review it. Lol.
বছরখানেক আগে Ryuuikari said…
So, for old time's sake, here's a zanpakutō from Ryuu's Blade Vault...

Name: Yōshitō (Premature Death Stepping)
Sealed appearance: While sealed it takes the form of a normal sized katana with black hilt-wrapping and a dark-coloured sheathe. A link consisting of 108 small black prayer beads is connected, at both ends, to the base of the hilt.
Released command: Curse.

Shikai appearance: Its general appearance does not change however the colour of its hilt-wrapping and mala beads are now grey.

Special shikai abilities: Yōshitō has the ability to cast curses, called “Tenkunō” (Heavenly Affliction). The wielder must first ingest a person’s blood to be able to curse them; after being ingested once, the person can be subsequently cursed at any point thereon. Casted Tenkunō affect both the victim and the wielder simultaneously and cannot be inflicted on multiple persons, but multiple Tenkunō can be inflicted upon a single person. The wielder and the victim are referred to as “Shibito” (Dead Men) once Tenkunō have been casted. Tenkunō will persist even after shikai is resealed or the wielder dies.

Shikai technique(s):
Shindaibutō (Dead Caress Stepping): A harrowing sensation of death briefly permeates the Shibito’s minds and bodies every 18th, 27th, 54th or 108th step they take. What number of steps the sensation arrives at is random and won’t be the same for the two Shibito. This Tenkunō lasts for 4 minutes.

Shitaitō (Cadaver Stepping): This Tenkunō lasts for 4 minutes and causes a random body part to “die” every six seconds; when a body part “dies”, in actuality the body part merely becomes completely paralysed and loses the ability to feel anything. Once 4 minutes have elapsed, the paralytic effects disappear. Shibito can transfer body part “death” to the opposing Shibito by cutting the opposing Shibito’s corresponding body part e.g. if the wielder’s left hand “died” they could regain its function by cutting the opponent’s left hand therefore causing the “death” to transfer to the opponent’s left hand.

Onitō (Demon Stepping): A black flame sets alight above one of the Shibito’s heads; this flame designates that the Shibito is the “it”. From this point onwards, the “it” has 108 steps (27 in bankai) to inflict damage upon the opposing Shibito; if the “it” fails to do so then there is a 50% chance that their heart will instantly stop beating, thus killing the “it” (this percentage decreases proportionally if the opponent has significantly larger reiatsu than the wielder). If the “it” is successful in inflicting damage within the number of steps then the opposing Shibito becomes the new “it”. This Tenkunō lasts 18 ‘turns’, 9 ‘turns’ for each Shibito. In addition, the two Shibito cannot be more than 42 metres away from one another; if a Shibito tries to flee and exceeds this distance, their heart will instantly stop beating, thus killing them.

Bankai name: Yōshitō (Bewitching Struggle to the Death)
Bankai release: The wielder tears the mala from the base of the hilt and then lets the prayer beads fall to ground below them, causing the beads to form a circle around the wielder; the wielder then initiates bankai.
Bankai appearance: In bankai, the appearance of the katana barely changes with the hilt-wrapping now becoming white. The wielder now wears 18 malas, with white prayer beads, on their body: 4 small malas on each wrist and each ankle, 1 large mala around the wielder’s neck and 1 slightly smaller mala that floats above the wielder’s head like a halo. The malas around the wielder’s wrists and ankles consist of 27 prayer beads, the mala around the wielder’s neck consists of 54 prayer beads and the mala floating above the wielder’s head consists of 108 prayer beads.

Special bankai abilities: In bankai Yōshitō retains the ability to cast its three shikai Tenkunō but it can now cast Aradateru Tenkunō (Aggravated Heavenly Affliction) as well. Aradateru Tenkunō differ from normal Tenkunō in that they can be casted upon one or more persons and the effects of the curse do not necessarily confer back to the wielder. All bankai curses are Aradateru Tenkunō.

Bankai technique(s):
Tentōsōtō (Heavenly Struggle Stepping): A unique Tenkunō that the wielder can inflict upon either themselves or a target; its effects only apply to the recipient. This curse causes the recipient’s spiritual power and reiatsu to steadily increase beyond their limits upon facing an opponent(s) that is more powerful than they are. The cost of this increasing power is that an exponentially increasing amount of physical and spiritual strain is put on the recipient’s body; if the strain becomes too much, the recipient promptly dies. The only way to end the effects of this curse are to kill the opponent(s) the recipient is facing or for the recipient to die.

Nijūnana Denpa (Twenty-Seven Transmissions): The wielder casts a transferable curse upon a victim by dealing them damage which directly draws blood. This subsequently ‘infects’ the victim with a spiritual condition that gradually necrotises their entire body (starting from the point of inflicted injury). This necrotizing ‘infection’ can be transferred to another being (including the wielder) by dealing them damage which directly draws blood; it is possible to have the curse transferred back after transferring it away. Every time the ‘infection’ is transferred to another being, the speed at which it necrotises their body increases; the initial time is 27 minutes for the victim’s body to become fully necrotic and this time decreases by a minute every time the ‘infection’ is transferred. Once the curse has been transferred 26 times, the 27th time it is transferred, the person it is transferred to dies instantly with their body rapidly necrotising and the curse ending. Necrosis caused by this curse remains even after the curse has been transferred away.

Gojūyonjin (Fifty-Four Blades): A passive-aggressive curse that causes every 54th slash/stab attempt, from both the wielder’s and opponent’s attempts, to inflict massively augmented damage (assuming the slash/stab successfully lands); this 54th slash/stab is called “Jōkakiri” (Purifying Cut). Every 4th Jōkakiri inflicts cardiac arrest upon the recipient to the attack (assuming the slash/stab successfully lands). This curse automatically activates after the release of bankai.

Hyakuhatsu Shibō (One Hundred and Eight Deaths): A powerful curse that guarantees death. For this curse to be casted, both the wielder and the target need to have drawn blood from each other; if this condition has been met the wielder can then set the curse, causing Yōshitō to glow. The next time the wielder and the target clash, the curse takes effect, trapping both the wielder’s and target’s minds inside a special realm called “Eienshikai” (Eternal Dead Space). The Eienshikai is a featureless, completely white zone that seems to expand infinitely; the only other thing inside the Eienshikai is a large Shinigami-like creature that motionlessly observes the two Shibito. Inside the Eienshikai, both Shibito begin with 108 lives (their number of remaining lives is marked on their foreheads respectively) and the first Shibito to lose all 108 of their lives, dies permanently i.e. one Shibito must kill the other 108 times before the other does, for the curse to end. Inside the Eienshikai, each Shibito’s stamina is limitless but their spiritual weapons are forcibly sealed and unable to be released i.e. shikai, bankai, Resurrección and Vollständig cannot be released under any circumstances. While this is going on, the Shinigami-like creature continuously counts down from 108 to 0; every time the creature reaches 0, both Shibito automatically lose a life and the creature restarts counting. Every time one Shibito kills the other, the Eienshikai resets itself so the Shibito can resume fighting again. In the outside world, time-space around the Shibito’s physical bodies halts the moment the curse is casted and the Shibito’s bodies enter a state of suspended animation inside of a colourless translucent aversion sphere that forms around them; the bodies remain in this state until the curse ends, thus restarting time-space and instantly dissipating the aversion sphere. If both Shibito happen to hit 0 lives at the same time, the curse ends and both persons end up dying via cardiac arrest.
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Kuro_Hyou666 commented…
Good god. Lol. This is an interesting blade, that's for sure. It seems pretty powerful, though it does affect the user, too, but it has some pretty insane effects, like the 50% chance of the হৃদয় stopping and the effects of the Tenkuno. I have questions, actually. It's lucky আপনি পোষ্ট হয়েছে this, really - I can do my first review in like two years. XD বছরখানেক আগে
Ryuuikari commented…
আগুন away ! বছরখানেক আগে
Kuro_Hyou666 commented…
Sorry, Ryuu I never did that review in the end. Though I'm sure you're long gone from here now, anyway. ·2 মাস আগে
বছরখানেক আগে Ryuuikari said…
The second zanpakutō I'm bringing out from Ryuu's Blade Vault...

Name: Gōusei (Intense Sound of Rain)
Sealed appearance: It takes the form of a regular katana with a cloud-shaped tsuba and aquamarine hilt-wrapping. It has a blue sheathe.
Release command: Anticipate.

Shikai appearance: In shikai its appearance doesn’t change.

Special shikai abilities: In shikai, Gōusei has a few precipitation-based abilities it can utilise. The sounds of a heavy downpour can be constantly heard by anyone in the wielder’s vicinity for as long as shikai is active; while initially unnoticeable, the sounds gradually grow in loudness until it can be clearly heard. Gōusei is a zanpakutō that enjoys wet, damp and humid conditions and its power is augmented in such conditions; inversely, in hot, dry conditions its power is reduced.

Shikai technique(s):
Yohōonryō (Forecast Volume): This automatic technique endows the wielder with the ability to accurately predict the movements, actions and abilities of weather-based attacks. As a by-product, the wielder can predict the weather up to 24 hours in advance to a 99.9% degree of accuracy.

Sanonryō (Umbrella Volume): A clear translucent energy coats the blade and then, from the tip, a large ‘umbrella’ forms from the same energy (roughly 6 feet in diameter). This energy umbrella is used mainly to block, shield and disperse powerful liquid-based, gas-based, plasma-based and energy wave attacks; it can also block light-based and darkness-based attacks too. Attacks from solid substances can easily break through the energy umbrella; strictly penetrative attacks will generally break the energy umbrella (regardless of their element), although the aforementioned elements have a drastically reduced probability of doing so.

Kirionryō (Mist Volume): By manipulating the water vapour in the surrounding environment, Gōusei causes the rapid generation of thick obscuring fog that covers an extremely wide berth. Despite the drastically decreased visibility, the wielder is left visually unimpaired. Frozen fog forms if the environment is below freezing when the technique is utilised.

Bankai name: Gōusei (Cloudburst World)
Bankai release: The wielder points the blade into the sky, causing the sky to rapidly darken and thick rain clouds to form overhead. Then, whilst rotating their arm round so the blade now points to the ground, the wielder initiates bankai causing heavy rain to immediately begin falling.
Bankai appearance: In bankai Gōusei does not change in appearance although the wielder’s outfit always gains a large hood.

Special bankai abilities: In bankai Gōusei retains use of all its shikai abilities and techniques, as well as gaining a new set of precipitation-based abilities. For as long as bankai is active, a shockingly heavy rainstorm will always be present in the wielder’s vicinity; this is because the permanent rainstorm is a separate extension of Gōusei itself, thus it cannot end unless the wielder is depleted of spiritual energy, gets killed or bankai is resealed. Despite the constant heavy rain, the wielder is not impaired in any way.

Bankai technique(s):
Senmeonryō (Thousand Eye Volume): Due to the constantly falling rain, the wielder is capable of clearly perceiving an opponent regardless of any abilities, powers or techniques that would normally conceal their presence. Those who can become intangible are immune to this technique's perception (because the rain simply passes through their bodies).

Omoiaoonryō (Heavy Blue Volume): Gōusei changes the precipitation falling from the sky from heavy rain to a heavy hailstorm. The hail that falls can range in size from a golf ball to the size of a small car. The wielder remains completely unimpaired and safe from the hail that falls. Using this technique suppresses the effects of Senmeonryō until it is deactivated.

Akasekionryō (Red Red Volume): This technique comes in two stages after activation. In the first stage, every time the wielder draws blood from a target more carmine-coloured raindrops begin to fall until, eventually, it only rains carmine-coloured raindrops. In the second stage, the wielder makes a single slashing motion causing the physical force that would have been inflicted by the wielder’s slash motion being distributed equally among every carmine-coloured raindrop that is on the target’s body; this usually manifests as countless minute slash wounds suddenly appearing on the target’s body. Because the physical force is distributed equally among an incalculable number of raindrops, the wounds inflicted by the technique usually appear a great deal worse than they actually are; the pain the technique causes is indirectly proportional to the number of carmine-coloured raindrops covering the target’s body. The technique cannot be blocked for as long as the carmine-coloured raindrops cover the target’s body. It does not affect bodily orifices.

Seitenonryō (Clear Weather Volume): The wielder makes a large arcing motion with the blade whilst initiating the technique, causing the storm clouds to rapidly dissipate and the heavy rainstorm to cease. This technique’s core effects causes a very sharp increase in the humidity of the environment though those remaining in the wielder’s vicinity still experience the sensation of heavy rainfall despite the rainstorm having ceased. Activating this technique negates the effects of Senmeonryō until it is deactivated, prevents Omoiaoonryō and Akasekionryō from being activated and enables the usage of the Ōgoe Dassui, Shizuka Gyōshuku and Tenkyūonryō techniques.

• Ōgoe Dassui (Loud Dehydration): While the technique is active the blade does not inflict physical damage upon organic matter but instead ‘harmlessly’ passes through it; whenever the blade passes through organic matter, said matter is completely dehydrated due to the water being rapidly absorbed into the blade. The blade of Gōusei takes on a translucent appearance indicating the technique is active.

• Shizuka Gyōshuku (Quiet Condensation): Gōusei rapidly condenses the water vapour in the surrounding atmosphere on to the wielder’s body. This somehow endows the wielder with semi-intangibility; slicing, slashing, impaling and penetrative attacks simply pass straight through the wielder’s body whilst concussive attacks and attacks with a relatively large surface area (e.g. a punch) will still inflict normal damage. Non-penetrative energy-based attacks generally still inflict normal damage. This technique can be maintained steadily for as long as the wielder can sustain it. The wielder’s body is covered in water droplets as if they were sweating profusely whilst this technique is active.

• Tenkyūonryō (Rain From A Cloudless Sky Volume): Upon command, the wielder points Gōusei at a target causing bullet-like precipitation to rain down destructively from the sky for several seconds. The power increases if a lot of water has been absorbed via Ōgoe Dassui but slowly decreases the longer Shizuka Gyōshuku has been activated.
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বছরখানেক আগে Bleach0123 said…
Sealed Form: A regular Katana

Shikai: Kanetsu
Release Command: Disassemble, Kanetsu!
Form: Stays the same, but its blade is now transparent with a visible silver outline.

Ability #1 Koware Yasui: Anything it cuts will become fragile, except for the user. Anything that is already fragile will be made even more fragile. This ability can be used on the same target many times until the target is brittle enough to be shattered by gravity (its own weight) even if it isn't dropped or attacked. This ability only works on solids.

Ability #2 Shi no Han'ei: This allows the user to travel from one reflective surface to another. It also allows the user to attack opponents near reflective surfaces and transport other objects no matter the distance.

Bankai: Moroi Kikan
Form: Same as above, but is now 3 inches longer.

Ability #2 Garasu no Haretsu: This ability causes the Moroi Kikan's blade to shatter into dust. The dust is extremely lightweight as it can float into the air. Since its glass powder now, it is no longer visible. Once the opponent(s) inhales the glass powder unknowingly/knowingly, the powder will reconstruct itself as glass blades inside the opponent's internal organs. Another option of this ability is for the powder to reach the bloodstreams and stop the blood circulation. This ability can used in conjunction with Toketa Suna to cause an extremely painful and burning death.

Ability #3 Toketa Suna: This ability causes melted, liquid glass the to form spontaneously. The amount of glass produced is limitless and can turn into solid form at the user's will. This technique can be used to burn, trap, shatter, and even preserve opponents in glass. The wielder has full control over the liquid glass's properties such as temperature, density, speed, shape, size, movement, and pressure.

Ability #4 Sen Ao Hari no Kabe:
The wielder holds the zanpaktou pointing up and as it glows blue it multiplies one by one from the left and right as it forms a wall. This allows the wielder to block attacks like a Cero. This ability can also be used offensively. When the user points the sword at the target, the wall of glass blades will also point at the target. The multiplied blades will then simultaneously fire all at once towards the target. It will also follow the target if it moves.

Ability #5 Shōten:
This technique can only be used in the day time. By releasing glass particles into the atmosphere, it can create a giant laser lens that focuses all the sun's light into one focal point like a deadly laser to incinerate the target.
Kuro_Hyou666 commented…
How many times did আপনি post the same blade? হাঃ হাঃ হাঃ ·2 মাস আগে
বছরখানেক আগে Brandon8591 said…
Name: Sansei Himei (Genesis)

Shikai: Sansei Himei
(Genesis (Complete Form))
Release Form: Tengoku no hajimari
(Heaven's Beginning)

Bankai: Tengoku no atarashī sōsei-ki
(Heaven's New Genesis)

Abilities: Shikai: Universal Destruction/Creation
Ability, Light/Darkness Manipulation/ Immunity,

Bankai: Celestial Balance, Immortality,
Enhanced Physical, Mental, & Spiritual Abilities.
Enhanced Sixth Sense. Summon Sword

Natural Abilities: Negatively manipulates other zanpakuto's abilities. Affects opponent s and their zanpakutos where they can't do anything, but move their eyes. Kill/Numbs the opponent before thinking to move/attack. Crushes your entire being and soul til u feel like a normal human. Can wish anyone/anything out of existence.
Puts Fear and Guilt on the opponent. Can freeze opponent before thinking to move/attack the user from any direction. Shatters weakened opponents swords and spirits. Defends user with Heavenly elements.

Strengths/Weakness: Immortality,
Indestructible Sword, Summon Sword.

Color: Black blade with black & white hilt.
Purple & Black grip. Purple, Black,
Heavenly White Reishi

Type of Species: Heavenly Dragon King, Archangel,
Hollow/Soul Reaper.

Immunities: Everything, but the Universal Creator and the 2 known archangels (if given ability to). Can be knocked unconscious for 15 sec. by dragons.

Warning: Kills anyone, if user is enraged for any reason. Everything disappears and dies every 2 seconds. Nothing can escape domain while in negative emotions.

Domain: Everywhere, except inner sanctum of anyone, whose not a threat to user or his friends & family.
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 Name: Sansei Himei (Genesis) Shikai: Sansei Himei (Genesis (Complete Form)) K Release Form: Te
বছরখানেক আগে cfox3404 said…
Here we go

Zanapakuto/ shikai:
Shi no ha “death blade”
Release command:Fēdoin za naito “fade to night”

Shikai description: Shi no ha is a small wrist action blade that is black with a red brace that latches to your arm. It strikes fast and is very light.

Shikai abilities. It is easily concealed and best used when secrecy is a priority. Also it can create darkness no matter how much light there. Once activated there is zero visibilty with a 100 yrd circle spanning in any direction.

The second ability is that it has such a sharp edge that it can cut through any material it touches.

Bankai name: Kage no Shi no ha “Death Blade of Shadows” Once transformed it turns into a scythe. With the handle havaing a span of 7 feet and the blade arcing at almost a 180 degrees. It is all black except for the blade which is a sterling white.

Bankai abilities: Whatever is killed in it’s shikai form can then be summoned as a shadow spirit in its bankia form. Also the shadows can be controlled and he can also look through the eyes of the shadow to see what it sees.

The second ability: Is it’s sheer weight. The weight let’s the blade swing without obstruction. Once you swing nothing can obstruct it’s path. Only the wielder can change its path.

The 3rd ability of this bankai: it can produce a shockwave when the flat of the blade slams down to the ground producing a high density shockwave that stuns and repels.
বছরখানেক আগে 517v3r said…
Release command: life steal
Banki name:Raifureiyon

Shikai abilities
1. It drains the users spirit energy in return making the sword bigger and stronger
2.can focus spirituel pressure into the sword to make it sharper
3.can absorb haido

Bankai abilities
1.can drain the spirit energy out of anything it cuts
2.releases spirituel pressure and reishi mixed together to create a shield around the user
3.can shoot out absorbed energy in a slash

Kuro_Hyou666 commented…
Boring. No-one posts anything interesting on here anymore. So dead. বছরখানেক আগে
বছরখানেক আগে Eugene_Sakuma said…
Name: Nanaka Shirogane
Former Name: Shichika Shirogane
Kanji: 白銀 七花 (Shirogane Nanaka)
(Shirogane Shichika (formerly))
Alias: "The Goddess Shrine Maiden"
"Most Beautiful Captain"
"The Angel"
Race: Hybrid; half Shinigami, half Quincy, half God
Status: Alive (but remains unknown where she lives right now)
Gender: Female
Birthdate: September 7
Age: 1000+ (20 in physical appearance)
Height: 5' 5" (165cm)
Weight: 112.5 lbs (51kg)
Hair Color: Silverish White
Eye Color: Gold/amber
Rank: Captain
Division: 7th
Religion: Shintoism
- Peace
- Freedom
- Nature
- Purity and honesty
- Impurity
- War
- Betrayal or disloyal to Soul Society
- Quincies (even she is a half Quincy)
Hobby: Gazing at the sea
Skills: Kendō, ikebana (Japanese flower arrangement), Miko (Shinto Shrine Maiden)
Personality: She is always calm, smart, polite, kind, hardworker, honest, pure-hearted, and very loyal to Soul Society. She cares and support other people, and shares other people's feelings especially when they are sad or depressed. She is emotionless that her face expression looks so serious and doesn't smile often (like Byakuya) but smiles rarely. She is a kuudere type and one of the most beautiful and prettiest captain. Many people liked her, but she didn't care and ignored them with an emotionless face. She is always calm during the battle because she is very powerful that no one can defeat her. She was a master of swordsmanship of kendō and her hobby is to gaze at the beautiful sea.

Nanaka Shirogane (or Shichika Shirogane, formerly) is a former 7th division captain which she served for being a captain in 450 years ago and she left the office and retired in 180 years ago, so she served for 270 years which is the 3rd longest serving captain in the history of Soul Society (after Yamamoto and Unohana which they served for 1000 years). In kendō swordsmanship, she sometimes battle with Captain Unohana and 11th Division Captain and the 6th generation of Kenpachi named “Kenpachi Kirishima” (桐島 剣八) to challenge because both Unohana and Kirishima is also a master of swordsman (Unohana was a First Kenpachi [SPOILER]). Many swordsman fighters were scared of Nanaka because she was so strong and impossible to beat her. Also she was a student of Ikebana Club with her club mates named Himeka Aone (青音 姫花), a former 5th Division Captain, and Yukari Tsukishima (月島 紫), a former 8th Division Captain (before Kyōraku became a captain) and also a mother of Shūkurō Tsukishima. Since Unohana is a President of a Ikebana Club, she teached all these 3 Captains. She hated Quincies, except the Soul King. 200 years ago, she fought most of the Quincy armies during the Soul Society invasion by the Quincies. She fought w/o using her Zanpakuto and only used Kidōs and Hakuda. She also has Quincy power but it remains unknown what’s her Quincy power and ability will be like. Nanaka never used Quincy power before because she hates Quincy and she felt like it is a curse to have a Quincy power. She doesn’t
want to expose her Quincy power toward Shinigamis because Quincy is an enemy of Shinigami and it is a treason against Soul Society. She doesn’t want to feel betrayed toward her friends, Captains, and the Soul Society so she kept her secret and remained hidden.

Nanaka was powerful enough to defeat her, even some other captains. She was strong as Royal Guards. She was a Kidō Master that she can do the highest level of Bakudō and Hadō easily without incantation: Bakudō #99 and Hadō #99. Also her speed of Shunpo is incredibly fast like Yoruichi. She also has a very high spiritual pressure (almost same level as Kenpachi Zaraki and Genryūsai Yamamoto’s spiritual pressure). She didn't use her zanpakutō that much and kept it secret that her zanpakutō is too powerful and mysterious. So during the battle, she only used Kidō. Some captains have seen her shikai, but none of the Captains, even Genryūsai, and neither Central 46 seen her bankai. Her bankai is well keep hidden secret.

Nanaka Shirogane’s Zanpakutō:


始解: 法ノ妙純
(Hō no Myōjun)
Shikai: Law of Mystic Purity

Ability: Her shikai ability is to cancel any offensive attacks/spells like Kidō spells, Zanpakutō abilities, cero, hakuda, etc. Her shikai is defensive that it can
halt the offensive attack because the attacking on someone is an act of
violence and immorality. If it got cancelled the attack, it is a chance to
strike back on the opponent.

Shikai Release Command:

(shinsei wo mezamero, “Ho no Myōjun”)
Awaken the Power of Divinity, “Law of Mystic Purity”


卍解: 妙法天然純質神
(Myōhō Ten’nen Junshitsushin)
Bankai: Mystic Law Nature of Divine Purity

Ability: Her bankai is to make people mentally purified which they turn out to be moral.
This kind of abilities is to make a evil to good, insanity to sanity. For example,
the aggressive fighter like Kenpachi, Grimmjow, Nnoitora, or Yammy, will
stop fighting and become moral like Komamura and Ukitake since both are
pure hearted. Her shikai is to halt the offensive attacks but the bankai will
connect to people’s mind to brainwash the wickedness to good. Also her
Bankai can purify everything, including Soul Society, Hueco Mundo, and the
Human World. She can purify the whole universe and make it into a peace
with no conflict in reality. Her appearance during the bankai state will be look
like it has a multiple giant angel wings like Aizen’s third form, “Butterfly Aizen”.

Her Backstory:

Nanaka is a Soul King’s wings and she is hybrid: half God, half Shinigami, and half Quincy, similar to Ichigo Kurosaki who’s also Shinigami and Quincy hybrid. Over 1000 years ago on September 7th at the Soul King Palace, Soul King evolved and the wing has formed (like Aizen’s butterfly wing) and the wing has formed into Nanaka’s appearance and she was borned (that’s why she has a wings during her bankai state). She called herself "Shichika Shirogane", but later on she changed her name into "Nanaka Shirogane". "Shirogane" means "white and silver (白銀), which she has silverish white hair like Hitsugaya, Gin, and Ukitake. Her first name "Shichika (七花)" means "seven flower" because she has seven petals of white flower on the side of her hair. "七花" can read either "Shichika" or "Nanaka" because number 7 in kanji "七" can read either "shichi" or "nana".

Nanaka said to Soul King while Soul King has been sealed, “Master, I will live in part of Soul Society and I will create the most powerful and mysterious things that many shinigamis and captains never imagined. I will join on the shinigami side and be all the Quincies my enemy, even I am a half Quincy.” She escaped Soul King Palace w/o being caught by Soul King guards and zero squads. After that she went to Soul Society and went to Shin’ō Academy to train very hard and became a captain few centuries after. She never told anyone that she is part of Soul King’s body. She never met Pernida Parnkgjas (the left hand of Soul King), Mimihagi (the right hand of Soul King), Gerard Valkyrie (the Soul King’s heart), and Juha Bach (the son of Soul King) after they left Soul King’s body parts and joined the Quincy (except Mimihagi fallen from Rukongai) before Nanaka was born. However, Soul King felt disappointed that she joined Shinigami, instead of Quincy. During her young age, she saw the war between Shinigami and Quincy and she started hating Quincies. During in Shin’ō Academy she trained very hard to become stronger to beat Quincies. She was struggling herself over Quincy and her hatreds. Her hope is to sweep all Quincies away and make Soul Society freedom and peace. Her spirit on her inner world is look like a “Garden of Eden” because the heart of her soul is extremely pure.

400 years ago she used bankai for first time to fight against the 5th Captain named Chōnōsuke Ryūgasaki who committed the heinous crime for the mass murder that killed Rukongai civilians, shinigamis, some vice captains and some captains. On that time, it was only her and Chōnosuke at the lonely forest at night. He killed 878 people in total, mostly the Rukongai civilians. She used bankai to stop Chōnosuke and sealed him using Bakudo #99 “Kin” (“prohibition”) and sent him to Central 46 for the judgment of his crime and then sent him to Central Great Underground Prison where shinigami who breaks the law of Soul Society, there is up to 8th level of this underground prison. Chōnosuke was sentenced to 14,440 years in 7th level: “Daishōnetsu” or “Daien’netsu” (大焦熱/大炎熱) (meaning: the “great scorching heat”; Pratāpana [the term from the Buddhist hell, “Naraka”]). 7th level of underground prison is where people who commit mass murder or brutally tortured and killed the victims. These people who committed this type of crime will be burned from great flames and being severely tortured by the guardians. This type of crime is a treason against the Soul Society. Chōnosuke suffered enough from these type of punishment. He gave up and committed suicide with his own Zanpakutō. He died in there.

Her quotes (to Soul King):

“Master, I will live in part of Soul Society and I will create the most powerful and mysterious things that many shinigamis and quincies never imagined. I will join on the shinigami side and be all the Quincies my enemy, even I am a half Quincy.”

The image of Nanaka Shirogane (top):

The image of Nanaka’s Zanpakutō Spirit, her name, “Hō no Myōjun
(法ノ妙純)” (bottom):
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 Name: Nanaka Shirogane Former Name: Shichika Shirogane Kanji: 白銀 七花 (Shirogane Nanaka)
·10 মাস আগে l0ngl1v3th3k1ng said…
my zanpakuto is called Shi no Hoshi (dead star) release command: koge! "scorch!"

Description: in Shi-Kai it appears to be a large katana bright white on the blunt end and black on the cutting edge. the hilt is white with black diamond patterns along it, the guard is black and is shaped like a five-pointed star.

Deddosutāburasuto: an attack similar to getsugatensho it is comprised of pure black plasma

Nage rareta hoshi: fires a ball of black plasma that explodes, this technique can be used like a land mine or as a direct attack.

Sutābīmu: fires a laser made of black plasma with a white center

Yokuatsu-tekina netsu: blade emits extreme temperatures (enough to instantaneously melt steel from five meters away)

Bankai: Nisshoku-Shi no Hoshi (eclipsed dead star)

Description: the blade of this sword is obscenely long and is pure black, it's hilts colour pallet is reversed becoming black with a white diamond pattern along it, the guard is star shaped black at the center and white on the five points.

Shoku sa reta hoshi no bīmu: similar to Sutabimu but larger and more powerful, it is inverted as well, being white with a black center

Hakai-tekina netsu: blade emits temperatures exceeding 15 000 degrees Celsius

Shūten,-boshi gatakuchikukan: releases an explosion of white plasma reaching temperatures of 150 000 degrees Celsius this attack nullifies all other spiritual pressures in its radius

Shūten, burakkuhōru: creates a small black hole that attracts and consumes all nearby matter for five seconds

edit: I actually created this Zanpakuto for a Bleach x My hero academia fic it is the sword that Izuku will use.
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·7 মাস আগে Hizaiah_D_Wolf said…
Shikai : Warai Kan'noke (Laughing Coffin)
Release Command : Makikomu (Ensnare)

Zanpakuto description
Warai Kan'noke is formless when released a moving and malleable silver liquid in its original form
Due to the Zanpakuto's fickle nature and its users formless and adaptive mindset,
Warai Kan'noke is believed to be the perfect assassination zanpakuto, as it changes form based on previously gathered info on its opponents ability or zanpakuto.
It's Shinigami Hizashi Kinshara is a top lieutenant of the omnitsukido's most secretive corps
Trained to hunt and kill previous offending omnitsukido members, Hizashi Kinshasa had developed a formless and adaptive mind, this helped influence Warai Kan'noke to take whatever form it deems most appropriate to carry out the execution of a Shinigami.

The ability of Warai Kan'noke does have a flaw though, before it's called upon Warai Kan'noke subconsciously uses previously gathered information to profile the enemy and would only respond in a form that it deems fit, naturally this would leave it user with a few moment to become similar with whatever ability this shikai produces.

Hence Hizashi isn't reliant on using his zanpakuto in any fight and usually uses it as a last resort. Due to its formless nature, Hizashi has mastered every single blade in existence and also a proficient master of kido, Hakuda and Shunpo. One of the advantage of Warai Kan'noke is that it's form is basically to grant the user an assured victory against any opponent at the cost of a steady increase in the request of reiatsu.

Another downside to Warai Kan'noke is the aspect of it being only to manifest a single form as long as it's in its release form, hence whatever form it takes as at release, they'll be no improvement in strength until it is unreleased again a stagnation of sorts.

Bankai : Futsu no ōwarai hitsugi (Great Laughing Coffin of Buddha)
Release Command : Yorokobu (Rejoice)

Zanpakuto description
Futsu no Owarai being the bankai form of Warai Kan'noke, loses all it's hindrances, that is the abilities of the zanpakuto can be changed immediately to fit numerous enemies at once, due to this nature the zanpakuto is able to formulate any ability needed to battle an opponent as when such a bankai is released, it grows in ability based on present encounters and also based on previous information, the strength of the zanpakuto grows exponentially to be capable of withstanding brutal attracts from captains eve
·7 মাস আগে Kuro_Hyou666 said…
First Zanpakuto in about two years, holy fuck. Hopefully people enjoy.

Name: Tenshi No Yaiba ('Angel's Blade')

Release Command: 'Descend from the Heavens' (Amakudari)

Zanpakuto Appearance: A golden katana, that is an irregular length, being longer than a normal katana, but not quite as long as a nodachi. The blade is highly polished and has the golden sheen to it, with a slight aura enveloping the blade. The handle is a normal style for a katana, but golden material is used for the weaves.

Shikai Appearance: The Zanpakuto shrinks somewhat, becoming similar to a rapier, but also becomes somewhat longer, even longer than a nodachi, or other type of longsword. The blade retains its golden colour, as well as aura, but the handle develops slightly different features, retaining certain aspects of the gold colouring, but also a red feather at the end of the handle and etchings made into the handle of certain heavenly scriptures.

Bankai Name: Tengoku ('Kingdom of Heaven')

Bankai Appearance: The typical Japanese style of a sword has been replaced completely, even compared to the appearance of it in Shikai form. The blade becomes longer, wider and somewhat thicker and resembles that of a broadsword, rather than a smaller blade. The handle, and guard, become much larger and the handle itself is encircled by a larger circle with what might be labelled as 'spokes', as with a ship's helm, or car wheels. Where the 'spokes' intersect with the outer rim of the greater circle, there are pointed, round nubs to signify where they end. The blade, and handle/guard all retain the golden hue/aura.

Shikai Abilities:

Tenka: ('Descend From Heaven') This is the first stage of the Shikai's form, where the blade is first drawn after making the transformation from its regular form, to its Shikai form. This is also part of the main drawing effect, where the blade is drawn, lightning quick (quite literally), and used to fend off regular attacks by parrying, or attacking in a straight line. However, once drawn, the ability is no longer named and this ability can be used at any given time, providing the blade is not drawn (which requires further action, i.e. sheathing the blade, or simply placing the blade in such a position where it is not in a specific stance). This is the main technique for the Shikai and the most commonly used ability, despite its irregular style. The true value of this ability is the speed at which it can be drawn and respond to an attack. The type of sword (rapier) is also very light and responsive, making it perfect to make any regular attack at high speed as well.

Joubutsu: ('Go To Heaven') This is the second stage of the Shikai's ability, where it is only named in the first instance of it being sheathed, or positioned in a similar manner. After the first draw and usage of Tenka, the Shikai cuts through the ground in a targeted area, which affects roughly a one hundred meter long crevasse and which is roughly ten meters wide. This puts a large amount of striking power into doing so and causes aforementioned crevasse, which sends a powerful force upwards in the form of a shockwave, that which forces the enemy 'closer to heaven', or rather simulating the user (representing an angel) demanding/instructing the enemy to 'go to heaven'. This can only be used after Tenka has been used from the original sheathed position, hence the point of the noted 'stages'.

Tenkei: ('Heaven-sent Warning') This is the third stage of the Shikai's ability, where it is typical and is only named in its first instance of the backward motion of the blade, once it is pulled back toward the user after utilising Tenka and Joubutsu, or rather, the first two stages of the ability. This ability, however, is somewhat different to the first two abilities, in that it is less 'physical' and more 'spiritual', or rather utilising the 'aura' that the blade gives off from its golden hue. It could also be referred to as an attack only utilising the spiritual pressure of the user. When Tenkei is activated (after the first two stages and other prerequisites) it fires off slashes of spiritual energy, which arc in a certain manner. The distinguishing feature of this reiatsu based attack is the number of times that it is used in one instance, where the user slashes tens of times in one instance (the number is random, so it won't be the same every time, it simply depends of the user on how many slashing motions that they make in that instance), firing off swift, slashing attacks and are fired off at half the speed of the original drawing motion (Tenka). Once this attack has commenced, the blade is pulled back towards the user and the original motion of Tenka is employed once more.

Bankai Abilities:

Tenchu: ('Pillars of Heaven') When this ability is activated, it is activated from drawing point as with Tenka. This sends hundreds of earth pillars into the air in the targeted area, which is controlled by the motion of the sword. This happens at the same rate as with Tenkei and the pillars can extend to around one hundred meters high and roughly five meters in diameter. Once this ability is over, the blade is pulled back toward the user and is put back into drawing point (sheathed). This works in conjunction with Tenka, i.e. is activated after Tenka has been employed and the blade comes back to the user after the original attack from Tenka.

Zenten: ('All Heaven') This ability can be activated from drawing point, as with Tenka. And, like Tenchu, is activated after Tenka has been used. This ability is quite different from all the other abilities, where it creates a large dome of energy surrounding the user and the enemy (and is also called the 'purified zone'). This creates a golden 'mist' of energy in an area roughly one hundred meters squared and limits the vision of the enemy, as well as purifies enemies that are 'evil spirits', namely Hollows. By purification, this refers to the idea that the 'mist' will create a burning sensation of enemies that the user determines are 'evil' and causes them intense pain, making far more difficult to maintain concentration whilst fighting back with limited vision. Contrary to the other 'stages' of the Bankai (and Shikai), this remains active for two minutes after the ability has been activated and, therefore, will not deactivate once the blade has been pulled back to the user. Other 'stages' can be used while Zenten is in effect. In essence, this ability is supposed choke the opponent into making rash decisions while combating the other 'stages', dealing with the pain of Zenten's purification and the limited vision in the mist.

Douten: ('Heaven-shaking Event'/ 'Armageddon') This is the final stage of the Bankai and is vastly more powerful than even the other stages combined. Once activated, this sets off a huge explosion of holy flames in the immediate area and covering up to two hundred meters squared. If Zenten is currently in effect, these flames will carry the same properties as the 'mist' of Zenten. This can only be used once, before the Bankai dissipates and reverts back to its original form. Bankai cannot be used again for ten minutes and only if the user has enough spiritual pressure to reactivate/re-release it. This stage is so powerful that, if Zenten is activated at its use, it will destroy any opponent that is weaker than the user of Tengoku. Otherwise, they will be severely injured, but will not die.

Both Zenten and Tenchu can be used after Tenka, or following the use of Tenkei, as the Shikai abilities can be used in sequence with these two abilities. Of course, the same general rules apply to how they are used, as well.
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·4 মাস আগে King_of_sadist said…
Well here is my zampakuto idea that i thought of

Zanpakuto name: Bara no ichigeki no shi ( death of a single strike of roses)

Shikai form: A regular katana with a rose design handle which the blade is covered in a cloth in the color red and black at the handle

release command: every rose has its thorn so come blossem Bara no ichigeki no shi

Bankai name: Bara no hakai (rose destruction)

Descriotion: it creates a sword that turns red when about to charge and must have blood on it to activate its abilities to copy Byakuya's sword when it teansforms into a bunch of sakura pedles which turns into rose pedles with a deadly turn as the handle is still there as the chain is a thorn link chain wrapped around the arm

Shikai ability: Its as sharp as pricking your finger on a rose thorn. When not in use it turns the entire ground into a rose bed from the enemys blood which makes the sword dangerous and is what caused some of Yamamotos scars. The sword is only sealed away when the user is pissed and is the most deadly sword that rivals Byakuyas sword where it is also called a copy cat Bankai abilities, but when in battled againt kenpachi and Unohana it loves for blood

Bankai ability: when used it disintegrates into a bunch of rose pedals which protect the user by making any type of weapon like a fist, sword and will fight other zampakutos which when the users sword handle moves the pedles move with the sword

Special abilities

Rōzusuraisā: the rose pedals once it leaves its sword and rolls up into a whip with thorns that act like a whip but soon changes as it is flexible and is top speed that can catch up to yoruichi but too slow to touch her but left a mark on her chest when she challenged the user to see if it can reach her

Rōzu fukusei: when in sword form it can replicate how many swords the user wants and make into that user bankai and fight with how many swords the atracker needs to defeat the enemy

Bara no shi: the final attack when the user uses it it releases a bunch of vines that wrap tightly around the user until they are covered in vines and kills both user, hollow, arancar and they become one woth the sword shattering it until there is nothing left behind and turn into a rose

·2 মাস আগে bruhmonke said…
[zanpakuto's name: kuchipawa/shikai name:supakuchipawa]
[release command:suck on them toes]
[bankai name] - Bruh Monke

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)
=description: vacuum

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional: monkey transformation

=(then comments on your zanpakuto) Very horny
·16 দিন আগে Mega-X said…
[Dragon's edge/Doragon no ejji]

[Unleash the dragon within!]

[bankai name] - (Infernal Dragon's edge) Jigoku no doragon no ejji

-description: pic

[shikai abilities] - description:
1.) Burakku inferuno: This ability will cause dragon's edge to ignite itself with black flames surrounding both it and it's user, it can be used as a defensive barrier or as a way to trap your enemies.

2.) Shiroi honō: The blade emits a pure white aura with temperatures exceeding 25,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

3.) Kurosu faia burasuto: an attack similar to getsuga tensho, but it is comprised of pure silver plasma, while it fires in an X like formation.

[bankai abilities] -
1.) Shadou tsuin sutoraiku: Whatever is killed in it’s shikai form can then be summoned as a shadow spirit in its bankia form. Also the shadows can be controlled and he can also look through the eyes of the shadow to see what it sees.

2.) Tsuinsupininguejji: The weight let’s the blade swing without obstruction. Once you swing nothing can obstruct it’s path. Only the wielder can change its path.

3.) Tengoku no ame (Heaven's Rain): Upon command, the wielder points Doragon at a target causing bullet-like precipitation to rain down destructively from the sky for several seconds. The power increases if a lot of water has been absorbed via Ōgoe Dassui but slowly decreases the longer it has been activated.
 [Dragon's edge/Doragon no ejji] [Unleash the dragon within!] [bankai name] - (Infernal Dragon's