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jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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বছরখানেক আগে shadowcon99 said…
true i never really thought about it that way
বছরখানেক আগে shadowcon99 said…
Zanpakuto Name Shikai; Jikan no ban'nin “Keeper of Time”

Release Command: Sukurīmu wa, subete anata ga dare mo anata o kiku koto ga dekiru, shitai “Scream all you want, No one can hear you”

Bankai Name: Jikan no gurandomasutā “Grandmaster of Time”

No Kai Name: Kare wa jikan o idomu mono “He Who Defies Time”

Description: the handle is blood red with black wrappings around it like a normal katana the tsuba is a black circle with two smaller holes that extend from the handle. The blade is black and the sword remains in this form through all stages of transformation.

Shikai Abilities: Saisho no dankai de wa, ichi-nen “First Stage, One Year”
The wielders’ opponent is frozen in time for what seems like a year but is really only 1 minute and for that amount of time the wielder can do whatever he likes to his opponent but the weilder is stuck in the position he was in when he activated it and the swords blade grows 3 times longer. However, the wielder is not allowed to kill his opponent just severely injure him at most the reason for this is because it goes against Jikan no ban'nin’s beliefs.

Bankai Abilities: Dai 2 sutēji wa, jū-nen “Second Stage, Ten Years”
An area One spirit mile becomes frozen in time and the wielder gains domain over this area for one hour however, while inside the designated area the hour feels like ten years but the weilder is stuck in the position he was in when he activated it and the swords blade grows 10 times longer. However once again no one inside the area can be killed because it goes against the zanpakuto’s beliefs.

No Kai Release: this is an ability only my Zanpakuto posses which allows my Zanpakuto to access a third even more powerful stage this has been achieved because of our combined immense spiritual pressure.

No Kai Abilities: Saishū dankai de, mugen mirenia “Third Stage, Infinite Millennia”
This ability defies the laws of soul society which is why it is rarely used. Saishū dankai de, mugen mirenia is an ability that allows the user to travel through time anywhere inside one millennia by one year at a time forwards or back.

check out my forum post for my character
বছরখানেক আগে wolfmaster3000 said…
@Lobos yeah Lobos that's what Mashin pretty much is just more Violent he's a Kenpachi that know's his sword
বছরখানেক আগে shadowcon99 said…
anyone who post here if you are interested in joining a roleplay i still need characters for mine it would be greatly appreciated if you joined
বছরখানেক আগে peterre said…
Hey shadow whats your role play that you are talking about?(i just made the account just to ask you beacuse i don't want to search all the 142 pages...xD)!!
বছরখানেক আগে halain said…
here my 1
it called
Yon tsubasa purotekutā (4 wing protectors)

Release Command :Watashi no subete no ugoki o hogo shi, watashi o aisuru ai(protect my every move and love me dear)

bankai name :Yon hāpī o hogo shi, watashi o aishite (the four harpies protect and love me)

description: i wield it as a amulet around my neck with a little sword on it (it is basely like Unaharas sword can as ive hid it) with 4 wings on it)

shikai ability's: My amulet glows and turns into gloves and a pair of boots on my right hand is a blue magicians glove and on the left and gauntlet holding a sword with weaves of many colours flow from it
on my right legs is a shoe with wings on it and on my left a fighting shoe in black
my right magic glove make kido more powerful and shoot sparks from the end. the other make my sword skill more power full and that is it
the foot with the wings on it makes me faster and can move through walls
and the fighting one can smash allot of things even diamond.

its bankia summons 4 harpies and each 1 is a different part of my skikai one uses magic the other sword the other fist and the last speed each with a different colour and hairstyle which they can change at will the magic can use any kido as well as shooting sparks the speed (who were a helmet) one can teleport and use claws attack one is really strong and uses spiritual pressure and the sword one uses a sword and i grow wings and use just my hands

 here my 1 it called Yon tsubasa purotekutā (4 wing protectors) Release Command :Watashi no subete
বছরখানেক আগে ky-chan said…
AHHHHH!!!!!! i missed so much!!!! oh dear, oh dear!
I haven't taken the time to read through the zanpakutos, just a brief overview so i can't say much.

@EVERYONE, YAYS! The creativeness is flowing! Keep it up! {i mean it because some look awfully familiar...} Other than that, good job! {not perfect} but good job nonetheless!
বছরখানেক আগে halain said…
বছরখানেক আগে john17 said…
god its been a while last time i was up here to read it was on page 131 dang i missed so much cuz of school o well ill start posting new blades soon
বছরখানেক আগে Soundsword102 said…
I just got a good idea for a zanpakuto, so if this is a forum just for friends, im sorry.

Name:Sishen de shengyin(Reaper`s voice)
Release: Speak to your eneimies

Sealed form: A smaller, thinner sword with a a pure white tip. The hilt is silver and the handhold is Also pure white

Shikai: The sword disapperes and reappers as a ghostlike apparition. then the whole sword floats out of hand and attacks the enemy while seemingly "whispering" to its master. The sword is 2 times bigger than it once was and ripples with sound.
Weakness:If the master is even touched by the opponent, the shikai is restored back to its origional form.

shikai ability:Sound of the reaper: can emit sound so high the eardrums almost burst or emit a sound so soft the enemy starts to feel drowsy.
Baritone slash: slashes down twords the ground and releses a sound wave that looks similar to the getsu gatensu(i hope i spelled that right)

Spirit: a white robed Man in a hood with a black belt and black gloves. Appears to the opponint when he is about to die. Anybody who hears the sweet tone of the flute he plays has no chance of surviving. His face is that of a skeleton and is only shown to those of dead souls of the ones he kills.

Bonkai name:sishen jita(Reaper`s Guitar)
Release:Lul everyone to their death

Bonkai Description: A pure white Guitar that resembals a skeleton`s skull.The wire is deep black and can only be touched by its master. Weakness:The user cannot move from the place he is standing untill he quits his bonkai. If it reverts back, it cannot be used for 2 days.

Bonkai ability:DeathBed: A series of notes played results in an overpowering sensation to sleep. anybody who falls under it will sleep untill they solve a puzzle givin to them inside their minds, like a paralel universe
Sound Barrier: one note played can cause vibrations in the air to dispell and attack
Sound tsunami: . Summons Changdi, the spirit of the sword, and plays a duet with his master. this causes a sound so high, it causes anyone who the master wants to become frozen in thier tracks , then another series of notes play, the opponent is then attacked two ways. Unfortunatley, whatever damage is done to the opponent, half of that damage is done to the user, with the exeption of death, were the master is also killed.

Hope u like it, comment on it and i will make more. sorry if it isnt descriptive enought.
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বছরখানেক আগে shadowcon99 said…
so over powered and lost of mis-spellings
বছরখানেক আগে Soundsword102 said…
i fixed it with weaknesses
বছরখানেক আগে jstar18 said…
Okay, I don't normal address zanpaktou unless it is over powered. So Soundsword102, your blade is seriously over powered. Abilities that cause never ending affects are WAY too powerful, so the first bankai ability about the opponent never waking up is too much. And the cheapest attack ever is an instant kill attack so the last ability needs to be heavily worked on. Remember, every blade has a weakness and every ability should have something that can make it fail. Just spend some more time on it and think about some of the things I said and tweak it a bit so that those issues are addressed.
বছরখানেক আগে Soundsword102 said…
i finished it up, no instint killes and no long term effects. thanks jstar
বছরখানেক আগে jstar18 said…
big smile
Yeah I see the changes and they look good! Nice job! Just always remember what I said for future reference when making new ones. Just continue to think along the lines of this last edit and you'll be good to go from now on!
বছরখানেক আগে bleach_num4_fan said…
no offense but being able to control time to stop your opponents movement for a minute is seriously op. in that time you could just walk up to the guy and slice off his head and be done with it but i think the space parts pretty cool, you just need to change the time part a bit
বছরখানেক আগে whiteflame55 said…
I'd say the whole thing is pretty obscenely overpowered. Your shikai utilizes time stopping while allowing you free reign to do what you want (and for 1 whole minute no less...do you know how long a minute is in Bleach? It's practically an eternity with the speed people use). The bankai's better, but only by a bit, and for the wrong reason. Apparently, any wound inflected by the blade, which can now apparently cut at a distance and through dimensions (I'm guessing that's nearly undodgeable), will warp them into another dimension, thus killing them. Sure, for some cuts it will take longer, but it seems that any cut is an automatic death sentence. I say that's more reasonable is because it's not absolute. At least in this case, there's some idea that strikes might be blockable or dodgeable. Doesn't seem possible with your shikai.
বছরখানেক আগে Soundsword102 said…
im thinking about making a character for myself. Need more time though
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বছরখানেক আগে kimoy4321 said…
to bleach_num4_fan whiteflame55:

done editing my zanpakuto abilities...and erased the first post...

to whiteflame55:
my bankai is NEARLY unblockable because it's on the final form...but you can still dodge the attacks if you can keep up with its NEARLY unblockable power...
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বছরখানেক আগে kimoy4321 said…
zanpakuto's name/shikai name: Moon Warp

Apearance: a normal katana with green sheath, black hilt-wrapping and golden triangular guard...

release command: Let's Play

bankai name: Evil Moon Warp
*the sword's appearance doesn't change when released...

[shikai abilities] -
= in this state, when the opponent thinks he need to strike the reaction is delayed for 3 seconds to a given input...when affected by its power you can no longer negate the effects on you...when released, opponents whose beyond 20 meters are not affected by its power...
*opponents that are within 360 degrees radius and 20 meters are affected*

*maximum delay for shikai = 3 seconds*

[bankai abilities] -

(*) when on its bankai state, it can now alternately control both its shikai ability ( but the delay is 1 second longer ) and it's bankai ability (TIME and SPACE)... the user can stab or cut an opponent from a distance by slicing through space( part of the sword, like more than a half of it , will appear near the opponent enough distance to cut ) , after the opponent is injured ,from the wound the opponent's body will be warped to another dimension dead!...the deeper the wound and the plenty the cuts the faster the warping...

(*)the user could also use its warping powers to warp attacks like ceros...

(*) When the wielder use its zanpakuto's warping ability to warp himself to other places, the zanpakuto will drain a small amount of reiatsu from the user.

*maximum delay for bankai = 4 seconds*

* if injured lightly it would take at least 15 minutes to warp...huge injuries would take at least 5-7 minutes...and the warping can be stopped by two things only: if you're injured to parts like your arms, the opponent could cut it to stop the warping. Second, if you've beaten the wielder of the zanpakuto.

* strikes that could go through space could slash an opponent within the given area(360 degree radius and 20 meters)...and it could be blocked , the opponents could sense the attack coming by using there spiritual energy as a radar...

* the wielder can't use the delay ability and the "cut through space" ability at the same time...

*if the warping ability is used by the wielder, it would take 15 seconds...

pls comment....
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বছরখানেক আগে whiteflame55 said…
OK, I'll review it further:
Shikai: What's the delay? There's a lot of different kinds of delay. Is your opponent at half the speed, or 1/10th the speed? The radius seems a little large. I'm speaking by comparison with the second espada, who could only affect things that came close to him. A 100 meter radius is a huge area. If you think about it, that's about 630 square meters that you're covering, which is pretty insanely huge if you think about it. I'd reduce that area.

Bankai: I've still got problems here, mainly because I don't know what "NEARLY unblockable" means. These attacks can go through dimensions, correct? Can the opponent see the attacks coming, or will an attack that goes through dimensions cut them without being seen? How can a strike going through dimensions be blocked? What distance can these strikes be made at (can you attack from infinitely far away)? How fast is this warping ability that can move you to other places? How quickly is someone warped to another dimension after they're cut on the finger lightly? How about if they're slashed with a huge gash across their chest? If the opponent wins the battle after having been cut, will they still be warped out of this dimension with time (meaning that any cut is deadly), or does the ability stop when you're defeated?
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বছরখানেক আগে bleach_num4_fan said…
I agree with whiteflame on all thee above he stated. you need to be a little more precise in your descriptions and the bankai still seems very OP
বছরখানেক আগে wolfmaster3000 said…
okay again in bleach if you delay some one's movements you've fucked them over and 3 seconds of a delay is too short I am one of the guy's who honestly doesn't get on people's case's but serouisly man and cutting through Demnssions ? that has a six second delay that's just OP within six second it's just enough time to get to your oppents delay your abilties also use these things for a Basis and turn them into three diffrent attacks in both shikai and bankai not just I can stop you from moveing. and what do you mean by delay ? do you mean you can redouce the speed at wich some one moves can you deylay the strength of a sword strike etc... just be more spefic i'm not trying to be dick here no ass hole ship intended
বছরখানেক আগে Ulquiorra1313 said…
hey does anyone have any ideas for my staff's bankai?
বছরখানেক আগে kimoy4321 said…
edited my post you can read it again...and don't hesitate to tell me anything that could make it better and thanks for the comments guys...

Delay?...the movements are delayed but not the strength of the strike...and the zanpakuto's power could help allies within the given area that's why it's 360...the zanpakuto's power is more useful against hostiles when teamwork is done...of course allies are not affected by its power...
last edited বছরখানেক আগে
বছরখানেক আগে LinkKinuzuma13 said…
big smile
Here is my zanpakuto! =) Hope you like it, and leave comments.

Name: Kinuzuma "Gold Lightning"

Release command: "Supuritto Sora(Split the Sky),Kinuzuma!

Bankai name: "Densetsu Kinuzuma"(Legendary Gold Lightning)

Discription: Kinuzuma, is the most powerful Lightning based zanpakuto, and has a pure gold blade that has been enchanted so that it will never break(in shikai). It also has a silver stone embedded in the bottom of the blade, right next to the crossgaurd(yes, i know a swords anatomy). The blade is straight and doesn't curve at all. This helps with maneuverability. The crossgaurd is very much like tensa zangetsus but with the black lightning bolts being the thing that extend from it about a centimeter. The handel is wrapped in silver cloth with onyx underlay. The pommel(the counter weight)is a small clear citrine crystal being grasped by an onyx dragon claw. My character wears it on his back because he is about Toshiro's height.

Blade length: 2 1/2 feet long
Blade thickness: 1/2 centimeter

Bankai: The blade doesn't change, and my bankai is very much like toshiro's. It has Gauntlets on his lower arms,and Armored boots on his feet(see profile pic), and he also has armor on his shoulders and around his...hips.He also grows Metal Gold wings. This bankai never runs out as long as theres reiatsu, and its made of gold lightning, not ice. But,he can easily tire out. His reiatsu color is Gold with the occasional streak of blue or silver.

Shikai Abilities:

1. Kaminari-"Thunder wave": The sword/user releases a wave of sound that's like thunder, only with a twist; this wave is like a bomb. When the user says "kai", the wave exploads into a blast of lightning.

2. Denki-suta-"Electro-star": The user swings the blade in the shape of a star, and sends it towards the enemy with blinding speed, and yes the star retains it's shape until the ability is canceled.

3. Renningu no ken-"Raining swords": The user will flip the sword into reverse grip, push the blade into the ground, and duplicates will fall from the sky, until it is removed.

Bankai abilities:

1. Gigasutomo "Giga storm": My blade will become engulfed in lightning. It becomes 2 times as powerful as it was before, and makes the enemeys hair stand on end. It is also a projectile attack, so when you swing it, it fires a blast of gold lightning, like getsuga tnshou, only cooler(in my opinion).

2. Jigoku no kaminari-"Infernal Lightning": The user will sommon Black Lightning form Hell, and use it to attack three times before it wears off. Whatever the lightning touches will wither, but not people or zanpakuto.

3. Saiga-kenjou- "Blade of Storms"(My most powerful attack): The blade, like in my first ability, gets covered in gold lightning and becomes 5x stronger than before. But, i have to get in close quarters with this attack. The size of Saiga-kenjou varries acording to the amout of spiritual pressure i pour into it. The zanpakuto itself, does not change.
(It took me awhile to come up with that one! XD)

Vizard name: Perno Osscuro-"Dark Bolt"

(BTW The spirit of this zanpakuto one of the five elementals)

Mask: Below, only the white is black instead.

The color of his reiatsu is always Gold with black outline.
last edited বছরখানেক আগে
 Here is my zanpakuto! =) Hope আপনি like it, and leave comments. Name: Kinuzuma "Gold Lightning" Rele
বছরখানেক আগে bleach_num4_fan said…
your zanpakuto is really great but i think haveing a x15 for your ultimate move is a little much. not trying to be mean. the rest is pretty cool.
বছরখানেক আগে whiteflame55 said…
kimoy - Alright, here's my next review:
Shikai: The new addition is something I don't get, and if you could explain it to me, it might be more reasonable. A 3 second delay, to me, means one of 2 things: that everything is set back 3 seconds, or that the person's actions have a 3 second delay on them. Either way, I'm confused as to how this is beneficial to you. Either way, I feel that you're misunderstanding what is meant by "delay." I'm guessing you mean "slow," or at least to see a move coming. If that's the case, neither of these applies. I'm also now more confused by the range. Is it 100 meters, or do you have a 20 meter radius? It can't be both.

Bankai: I'm getting more confused here as well. I guess I have a bad concept of what it means to cut through dimensions. Where and how is this blockable? If you're cutting through dimensions, how does someone "sense" where your blade is coming from? It's in another dimension, is it not? As far as I know, radar doesn't really tend to include different dimensions. Moreover, how is it blockable when you're delaying their movements? Since the range of this attack is the same as the range of the time delay, both would be in effect. There are just a few other things you have to specify here as well. Does the effect compound depending on the number of cuts? Does this warping effect do anything harmful in the process of warping (as in, before a person is entirely warped)? Also, if the warping effect does take so long, how is it able to so effectively warp energy-based attacks?
বছরখানেক আগে whiteflame55 said…
LinkKinuzuma - I'm not sure I see shikai abilities. That might give me a better outlook on your blade if you provide them.
বছরখানেক আগে kimoy4321 said…
ok here is it guys!...the delay i mean is like after thinking that they have to strike, the reaction is delayed for 3 seconds to a given input.

100 meters and 20 meters?...of course it can't be both...i replaced 100 meters to 20 meters...

and on the space part, yah it can slice through space but how is it going to slice an opponent if the part of the sword that slices through space and time stays in somewhat like other dimension?..it can be blocked because the part of the sword that cut through space will be warped to where the opponent is, as long as it is in the given area...and of course the blade is still connected...it's like cutting through space is same as making shortcuts...do you know "Xiaolin Showdown" and the mystical artifact "golden tiger claw"?. My zanpakuto has the same power as the latter...and it can be blocked also because i can't use the delaying ability when i cut through space( need to add that though ).

number of cuts?... thanks for that i'll have to add that to my post...

does the warping ability do more harm to the opponent?.. No!..

warpinng ability time span... it's how fast a thing or an attack can be warped to another place... as long as I've sliced through space and open an entry for an attack it will do no damage to me...it's just the exit that takes long to open...
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বছরখানেক আগে SanBantaiTaicho said…
Here's mine..
Zanpakuto-Kagemusha"Wire Puller"
Normal Sword Form:Wakizashi
-blue flames will start to burn from the guard to the tip of the wakizashi that can control any form of heat energy.
-incinerates anything it touches.
-can fire Shokyaku no Housenka"Incinerating Flower" it is a wide scale incinerating attack that burns anything in contact to it.
-can create another pair of sword so that the wielder can create multiple attacks.
Bankai:Tessenka Kagemusha! "Bones of the Wire Puller"
-the user(me!)pierces his sword to the ground and the flames from the sword will scatter around the user and create two trident swords.
-shoots multiple blue fire attacks.
-shoots multiple Incinerating Flowers.
-Controls any heat in a certain area.
-Can convert the flames into clones of the user.
-If the user will pierce the left sword to the bottom part of the right sword, the left sword will appear above the user, to the left part of the user, and to the right part of the user as if protecting it from any attacks. But no, it is rather meant for attacking and is very DANGEROUS!! It kills the target in one hit but takes so much time to shoot and takes so much reiatsu..

My name is Daisuke Izuka. I am the current 3rd Squad Captain of the Royal Guard or the zero squad. My appearance is just like a normal looking guy(like byakuya or ichimaru)but has a very mysterious manner. Sometimes he is very serious and sometimes, he is very cheerful. My hair is colored gray and looks like a spiky one. In history, Daisuke is the former 3rd squad captain of the Gotei 13 but he was recruited for the royal guard. So, he gave up his rank and became the 5th squad Captain of the royal guard. And when he mastered his hollowification, he killed the former 3rd squad captain of the royal guard and he was the one who is the new 3rd squad captain of the royal guard...
Hollow Name:Hueso de Dragon "Bone Dragon"
Release Command:Ochiru, Hueso de Dragon!!"Fall Down, Hueso de Dragon!"
-the user breaks the left or right part of his mask to release his hollow. And when released, there will be pair of wings, a long tail, and several spikes around the users body that is made up from bones.
HAhahahaha....Hope you liked it..
বছরখানেক আগে bleach_num4_fan said…
i think itd be cool if some people made arrancar zanpakutos... itd be something different to read plus arrancars are awsome...
বছরখানেক আগে whiteflame55 said…
Kimoy -
Shikai: alright, so the time delay is less about time and more about reaction. It seems like more of a delayed nervous response than anything, I'd go with a different name for the ability but that's fine.

Bankai: so what you're saying here is that the cut will go through a spacial rift, not really that it cuts through dimensions. I have seen Shaolin Showdown and I do know what you're talking about. It makes more sense to me now.
বছরখানেক আগে whiteflame55 said…
bleach_numb4_fan - I believe a forum already exists for creating your own arrancar that's separate from this one. I've made a couple myself, though only one is posted there.
বছরখানেক আগে LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Bleach_num4_fan: You r right, so i edited it to say 11x stronger, and plus i totally agree with you on the arrancar zanpakuto thing.
They are pretty cool, and it would be cool to read something different for a change.
বছরখানেক আগে whiteflame55 said…
Well, I realize it's in shikai, but I should hope that abilities exist in your shikai as well. Might be good to include them, just so that we know.
বছরখানেক আগে wolfmaster3000 said…
@kimoy4321 OKAY not trying to be rude but this is how a TIME zanpakuto should be this is also my latest invention and i'm up for comments and rateing

Name : Shono Hizaki

Race : Shinigami
Height : 5'11

Weight : 200 LBS

Muscle Build : Meduim heavy detail on the muscel tone

Body type : Slender and Athlectic

Gender : M

Occupation : Rouge , Former 5th Divsion captain

Apperance : Shono Blue baggy jeans and a Black T-shirt with a Dragon in the center of it the Shirt come's down to his wiaste he has Brown hair with almost invisble blond strikes in it his hair comes down to his shoulders and it always in a messy but wavey fashion he wears a Sweater that comes down to his hip line that is almost black in color it has the Kanji symbol for fight on the back. his eye color is Hazel ( Brown and green mix ) he is also Heavily tan.

Persnailty : Shono has non-careing persnailty to most people the people he cares about most are those around him he is also very fond of the female body and Sake as well as Scotch and Vodka he often drinks and throws random wild partyies but this is not to be confused with his Battle loveing and blood lust natures that he has in combat when it come's down to it he is a Monster in battle he is a force to be reackond with if he also get's into bar fights often and almost kills the person he is also a kind hearted person once you get passed his tuff shell.

Stats :

Shunpo : 100

Swordsman ship : 95

hand to hand : 54

Kido : 99

Durabilty : 88

Agilty : 88

Stamina : 94

Strength : 80

Zanpakuto : ( note this Zanpakuto is actually my Ideal Zanpakuto yes people it's time wolfmaster Revals his Desired power )

Shikai name : Issun Izure Engki ( One who plays )

Bankai name : Issun Izure Engki Motte Toki ( one who plays with Time )

Release phrase : I just wanna play with a friend

Sealed description : In it's sealed state the blade is a dull pencil grey with a blood red wrapping around it the hilt is a midnight black. the Gaurd looks little more Circular.

Shikai Description : In it's shikai state the blade turns a pale white the red wrappings look a faded in color the Hilt too looks faded in color as well the gaur looks like a clock.

Shikai Abilties :

Munashii Kizu ( Void cut )

this abilty allows Shono to slash through voids if he thrusts his blade forward a void opens up makeing it look like the tip of the blade has disappeared but really another Void will open up some where around the mid section of the oppents and hit them if he stabbs downward the same abilty happens but he will hit his enemey some where in the foot ( so the higher his blade the higher the portal that opens is, he also can't perdict where his blade's tip will open up and strike his enemey he only knows that if he strikes head level it will hit him in the shoulder neck or lung if does a meduim height thrust it will hit the enemyies ribbs, torso,chest,stomach if he strikes low he hits the enemey in his hips legg's or feet ) this abilty lasts for 2 minutes and has a 2 minute cool down time . it take's him 30 seconds to open the void and 30 seconds to appear the strikes time it takes to travel from one void to another is 10 seconds however when opening the void he can be harmed and the voids can be blocked by Bakudo over level 30 and up he also strikes at asstaint captain level ( the strikeing speed is redouced by the time it get's to the oppent ).

Munashii Terepo-to ( Void teleportaion ) this abilty allows Shono to teleport through Deminsons however it take's him 60 seconds to teleport and he has to be able to see where he is going he has cannot teleport through Soild or moveing objects so he cannot Avoid kido blasts or kido based attacks he can only teleport anywhere with an open area witin 5 feet of him. by he can't teleport into solid throuh soilid things I mean Buildings houses huts moutaints ETC.this abilty lasts 1 minute and has a 5 minute cool down time

Munashii Benso ( Void Defnese ) with this abilty he can quite literaly open and close voids however it take's him 1 mintue to open a void when a user or person is put into one of these voids they are not dead but appear 5 feet away from him and if he make's a void consume a single body part it's the eqlivant to haveing an arm or leg choped off it also take's 1 minute for a void to appear over a single person of wich the person can dodge. he can only remove limbs not organs he also can't remove a person's head he can't remove sections of the body so he can't remove your whole torso or your whole lower half. this abilty lasts for 3 minutes and has a 5 minute cool down.

Bankai Description : once the blade enters bankai it becomes even more pale and the wraping and hilt look more faded in color the blade also looks dull and old.

Toki Tou ( time freeze ) this abilty allows the user to slow down time within a 20 meter raiduis for 2 minutes and redouces the oppents speed , sword strikes and kido by 50 % , if the user get' ou of the area he will no longer be affected also Shono has to be in the area for the given time peroid however if he leaves the abilty still contuines his abilty in the area of witch it was casted this abilty has a 5 minute cool down and can only be used twice in a 24 hour peroid.

Toki Kai ( time cut ) this abitly allows the blade to age Everything it touches ( friend or foe ) to it's point of death over a course of 4 minutes this abilty doesn't work on Kido or Kido based attacks this abilty lasts for 2 minutes and has a 8 minute cool down. also if Shono cut's him self it applyies to him as well.

sakashima Toshigoro ( Reverse ageing ) this abilty allows Shono's Blade to Reverse age anything it touches (includeing him self) to the point it was Cerated or "born" so for a human the part he touches would turn back into when it was nothing but dirt on the sidewalk this abilty lasts for 5 seconds and can only be used once in a 24 hour time peroid.

বছরখানেক আগে kimoy4321 said…

thanks for the idea again...need to change the name of my shikai...and i've already change the cut through dimensions to cut through space...even edited small parts of my post...thanks!


nice sword you got there... but it's kinda obvious you got some ideas from the previous posts....
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বছরখানেক আগে whiteflame55 said…
wolfmaster -
New blade? Happy to review this one too:
1) I'm a bit confused by this. How close do these voids open up? If the opponent moves in the 10 seconds it takes to move from void to void, will it open up in the spot they were before, or where they moved to? They seem to be automatic in terms of opening, revealing themselves at the site equal to the height of the attack. I'm also left wondering where the distinction is between this being kido-based and sword-based. If it can be blocked by kido, does that make it kido? If so, why is the sword disappearing? You should clarify it.
2) It takes 60 seconds to teleport...can you see them the entire time you're working on teleporting? Can he be attacked mid-attempted teleportation? What happens while he's trying to teleport? Must he hold still, or can he keep moving?
3) This is the most confusing one yet. So...the void can be opened on top of an opponent? How does that work? If it takes a minute to open, how is that effective? When it is opened, how long does it take to close? Why can it cut off some body parts and not others? How large is the void? Does it look different from the other 2 voids? Overall, I just don't get this ability. It takes a while to open up, and it seems like you would have to pressure your opponent to not only put a part of themselves into it, but never make a move to go in completely.

1) So how long does he have to be in this to stabilize it? Does he have to be completely inside of it? Does he have to be there at the beginning of the use of the ability, or later in?
2) If it touches clothing, does everything attached to that piece of clothing age, or just the site of the strike? How quickly does this aging occur? Is there any way to stop it?
3) Same questions apply here.
বছরখানেক আগে wolfmaster3000 said…
i'm gonna bother posting the edits but the voids open up 3 inches away from an enemey , he does have to be completely still but it doesn't apply to him if he's falling yes he can be attacked in mid-teleportation. it would take the same amount of time to close as it did to open and i put a big waiting peroid on the shikai because I didn't want to seem Over powered I was going to have it open up after 30 seconds that seemed OP to me.


he has to be in there for about 10 seconds than he can leave and yes he has to be in the area if he wants to use this abilty. If it touches clothing just where the sword strikes would age so if he went to go strike Isao and the sleeve of Isao's Haori was slashed that wouldn't age but if he went through the Haori and his say Isao's left arm only that would age and it would take 5 minutes I believe I said for it to age to it's "point of death" same rules apply to the last Bankai abilty.

hope that cleared things up for you Whiteflame
বছরখানেক আগে whiteflame55 said…
Well, I appreciate that. A lot of people aren't very receptive to what I have to say on here, so it's nice to hear. I've always said I'm not the end-all-be-all, and if people disagree with me, I'm not always going to be right.

I think that cleared up quite a bit wolf, though I only skimmed it (busy day). I'll check on later to make sure.
বছরখানেক আগে bleachfan12 said…
i know this is off topic and i've already asked a similer qustion but what do you (this is for any one) think is going to be said on the lost subitute soul reaper arc? if ichigo lost his powers, he must get them back (his father did) just wondering what people think will happen and i'm alittle glad the series didn't end crapy (hopfully).
বছরখানেক আগে kimoy4321 said…
[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]

[release command]
burn up!

[bankai name]
Oni Honoo Daikaji

=description -
resembles a normal katana with dark green hilt-wrapping, a black sheath and diamond-shaped guard. Daikaji maintains its form of a regular katana either in shikai or bankai state. When released flames emitted by the zanpakuto scatters in a given area that disintegrate everything in its vicinity.

[shikai abilities] -

= Heat blast ( Netsu Bakuhatsu )=
- the zanpakuto will heat it's blade and fires a strong blast that burn everything on it's way... the wielder can use this ability anytime he wants but he can also recharged it longer enough to fire much stronger blast... he can also control the size ,shape, and intensity of the blast.

= Hell Vortex ( Jigoku Kachuu ) =
- the blade of the zanpakuto will emit flames then the wielder will shoot it towards the opponent and forms a large vortex of flames around the target...the intent of this ability is to destroy the target while trapped inside the flame vortex...

[bankai abilities]

= Heatwave ( Netsu Nami) =
- when bankai is released this ability will automatically activate, it enables the wielder to make thermal radiation faster than the normal heat transfer ( to unknown level) thus making the surroundings hot...so the longer the zanpakuto stays at bankai the more the temperature increases to the state that it can burn or melt everything in range...

= Inferno Zone ( DAikaji Chitai ) =
-this ability is supplemented by the ability "heatwave". this will enable the wielder to produce very hot flame at the range covered by the first bankai ability...the range covered by this ability and the other one has no accurate measurements because heat travels ( through air ) and the range gets wider at unknown level and time...everything in its vicinity can be reduced to ashes if the wielder wishes to.

= Inferno Reign ( Daikaji Toochi ) =
- the zanpakuto emits large amount of flame that forms into huge fireballs overhead the opponent...at the wielder's command the fireballs crush to the opponent that explodes in contact and every fireball that hits the ground will make a huge pillar of flame that incinerate everything in vicinity...the wielder could continue this technique as long as the target is still alive but this is very dangerous and lethal that it can destroy a town because of its high destructive power...

(the flames created by daikaji can be controlled by it's wielder to avoid hurting allies)
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বছরখানেক আগে lightndark said…
Susurinaki Honoo (Weeping Flame)

Release: Hanashimasu anata no Susurinaki (Release your weeping)

Bankai: Kanashimi Honoo (Sorrow Flame)

Description: Sealed it looks like a regular katana with a blue cloth wrap with a black scabberd.
It’s Shikai blade is on alight with blue flames and the hilt gains a red and blue gem.
It’s Bankai covers the users body with a brown-purple demonic looking armor with 2 floating flames next to the shoulders and 2 rods protruding from the elbows.

Shikai abilities :

Kuruoshii Hane (Demented Wing): Allows the user to spread flames with each slash of the blade and control the flame.

Kanashimi Tate (Sorrow Shield): Makes the user immune to any type of flame.

Kuruoshii Honoo(Demented Fire): The blue flames when they burn a target steal a tiny portion of their reiatsu per second they are in the flame.

Bankai Abilities:

Kuruoshii Kobushi (Demented Fist): The users punches are augmented by the blue flames.

Kuruoshii Shimasu (Demented Quake):The user punches the ground then a spout of blue fire will come out at any location from the ground where the user directs it and it’s range is 1 mile.

Kuruoshii Kanashimi (Demented Sorrow): The users can blast flames of various colors and heats at the target and can change the flame strength in his attacks listed.

Sorry if i got translations wrong.
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বছরখানেক আগে bleachfan12 said…
kimoy4321- you only gave one shikai abillity becides heat blade, this may just be a grammor error. the only problem i see is your bankai's second abillity, you'd kill everyone (friend and foe alike) whos around you, it's just to powerful try to tone it down alittle.

lightndark- i like your zanpakuto, but with the abillities i'd just cange the names (for example: change flame sheild to solum flame sheild. and ignition fist to a name with sorrow or sadness in it, etc, etc.)
-also a little FYI bankais don't have a release comand becides saying "bankai, then the name"
i would also change the release comand to (make them weep)it fits with your zanpakuto's name.
becides that it is a cool zanpakuto i just think adding sorrow or a word that is similar to the abillities names would make it even cooler.
বছরখানেক আগে kimoy4321 said…
@ bleachfan12
edited my post...
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বছরখানেক আগে lightndark said…
Bleachfan12 thanks for the heads up on the bankai and i have changed some names .
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বছরখানেক আগে bleachfan12 said…
kimoy4321- i thought up a attack for your shikai
attack name: oblivion
dicription: you must be ancored to the ground or if you are in the air you use spirit particals to ancore your self, you can only fire this attack in one direction. this attack is used to break strong sheilds and can distigrate litterary anything(can destroy hachi's kido walls) the longer you charge it the more devistating it becomes. however due to the power it can only be used once every...... so often. (chose how long)

i hope you like the segestion.
by the way what does your zanpakuto shikai and bankai names translate to?

lightndark- maybe use demented for a attack abillity and sarrow for defencive abillities. the names were used so often they kind of lost meaning, but you are on the right idea.
বছরখানেক আগে infernalfeather said…

My Zanpakuto

Name: Kippari Doku - Finality Venom

Release Command: Hanashi - Let Loose

Appearance: A normal jet black wakizashi with a black blade and no hilt the blade is 12 inches and the handle is 8 inches

Shikai: a pure deep purple, see through, hollow, glass like straight double edged long sword with a 24 inch blade that is half an inch thick at the base and decreases in width as it goes up. The tip is 1/10 of an inch thick. The blade is 2 inches wide at the base and becomes an inch wide from the 18th to 24th inch of the blade( going up)There is a foot long handle with an open circle at the end (like Shinji's), there is no hilt but the point where the blade ends and handle begins slims down in a V shape. It can be held telepathically by placing the palm near the circle or held at the handle. Reiatsu is changed into a dark blue and fluid substance. It is kept inside the blade and can be seen swishing around when the blade is moved.

Abilities: Kippari Doku has two abilities in shikai mode

1st Ability : Sesshoku Suru To Teshi - Stop on contact : When an opponent is stabbed, cut, or given a open wound the blue liquid in the blade is released through re-sealable microscopic pores and absorbed through the opponent's wound into the bloodstream and travels until it finds healty blood vessels and then stops the blood-flow in that area. This is done by chemical reaction thickening the blood until it is in a jello like state.Once a few ounces of blood are thickened blood from the wound will continue to spill and the effected blood in the body will not allow regular blood to be able to flow past it. The effect will slowly get worse with time and more attacks. One ounce of venom thickens three ounces of blood, for one ounce of venom to be released the blade must remain in contact with the wound for 4 seconds. The are 160 ounces of blood in the average body. The longer the blade is in contact with the open area the more venom will be secreted there.

2nd Ability: Nagare O Jiyu Ni - Flow Freely : The venom is released onto the body of the wielder and in ten completely covers the surface area on the outside of the body with a thin coating. Then it becomes thick after 10 seconds enough to keep itself in place. This ability has no offensive capabilities what so ever. When any physical attack (punch, kick, zanpakuto, or other weapons) touch the body they simply slide off. The ability has no effect against ceros, kido, elemental, or energy attacks. After one minutes of use it becomes brittle and sheds off and a new coating is required . One energy attack is needed to make it flake off and render it useless. To create another coating more reiatsu is needed to create and transform the venom but the technique can only be used again after a five minute waiting period. It can not be used on inanimate objects (ground, floors, walls, etc.) but can be applied to allies in order to protect them from physical harm but it takes 30 seconds to thicken and work. It does not have any negative effect on mobility.

Inner World: An endless blood red and white sky with 5 foot by 5 foot dark blue 3 inch thick, strong, flexible, jello like squares that can be hopped on, laid on, and ridden like surfboards. They normally float and move slowly on their own like clouds but can be rearranged into many different shapes by thought alone. If you want you can free fall for infinity.

Zanpakuto Spirit: A 15 foot long blue snake with white swirling designs that look like the milky way are spread throughout its body. it has two thin arms with three claws each. The head like a human's and has green hair, red snake eyes, a forked tongue ,and two pointy long dog-like ears. It can naturally float and fly quickly by slithering in mid-air.

Bankai: Not Yet Achieved

If anyone has comments, suggestions, problems, or feels the blade is to over/underpowered let me know
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বছরখানেক আগে DAICHI said…
shikai: mikuro "beautiful dark"
realease: fade to light

decription: it's a slightly long slightly cuvered blade with a thin black and white hilt and a small dark grey chain ,leading to a small ring, extending from the base of the hilt.

bankai: mikuro hotaru "beautiful dark star"

description: as thin as the shiki but decorated in a light, but strong, black design increasing the power.

shikai abilities:

>supa-ku "spark" - the user negates on zanpaktou within the area or the user negates all the zanpaktou's within the area

>sai kashoku "repeated light" - the user copys an enemies shikai in the area. the user may not use supa-ku and sai kashoku at the same time. It takes 4 seconds to alternate between the two.

>soujuu "Manipulation" the user can manipulate his retsui's shape and concentration so the user can cut from distances and creaate spheres of damage.

bankai abilities:

>sai gekihatsu "repeated outburst" - same as sai kashoku except it only takes 2 seconds and the user can use any zanpaktou that the user has encountered. for a 5 second interval the user may also use bankais.

the shikai abilities have their own weaknesses and the bankai seems a bit underpowered.
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