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BLAMargera123 posted on May 29, 2011 at 03:41AM
Former Rank:
Hair Style:
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Visored Mask:

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বছরখানেক আগে Hagashi_Yuki said…
do u need a pic in the mask?
বছরখানেক আগে BLAMargera123 said…
if you want dude this is just for fun! speaking of which i'll give everyone an example:

Name: Sakiyoshi
Birthday: June 19
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Visored
Former Rank: Seated Officer of Squad 10
Hair Style: Shaggy
Hair Color: Black, Purple Highlights
Eye Color: Purple
Clothes: Gray-Brown Baggy Pants, White T-shirt with the word "Cool" on it, and a black sweat shirt.
Visored Mask: The Mask is in a diamond shape, the eyes slits are in the shape of hearts with 3 slits at the mouth area, with 3 purple lines going down the mask.
History: when he was in the soul society he was a ladies man but he fails to come on to ladies. his visored abilities came out of the blue so how he got his abilities are unknown.
Name: Ai no buredo (love Blade)
Description: The Hilt is Pink, The guard is in the shape of a Heart, the blades tip has two hook like shapes on it.

theres my example so please leave a reply or something!
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বছরখানেক আগে shanks100 said…
you don´t explain his powers, it looks interesting the character.
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বছরখানেক আগে BLAMargera123 said…
you guys thinking up your ideas?
বছরখানেক আগে yerthao said…
Name:Shiina Kiyomizu
Birthday: May 19
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Vizard
Former Rank: Vice captain of squad 11
Hair Style: in a long ponytail
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: Emerald (green)
Clothes: white sweatshirt,black saggy pants and red tank top with the word "Vizard" bolded in Black.
Vizard Mask: the mask is like the face of a tiger, there's holes for the eyes like a tiger but wider, there is a red line marked around and under the eyes.
History: Was a hard fighter in squad 11 but wasn't in missions a lot because of her strength, she often hears a voice inside her head, when's shes not busy she'll be usually on her roof looking at the sky or training in her secret place. No one really liked her much because they never even bother to ask her anything.
Name:shoumetsu tenshi(Death angel)
Description:looks like a katana with a crimson handle but when in 2nd form the sword is transformed into a claw on the left hand and the other is a huge sword (into two parts)

My Vizard character! :)
বছরখানেক আগে yerthao said…
big smile
do we create a story along with it? the vid is just for fun
বছরখানেক আগে tammav5 said…
heres mine

name: shuzushinaku (shuzu for short)
birthday: july 24
gender: female
is in visord...
former job: captin of 3rd squad
hair style: long braid.
hair color: white
eye color: bright blue.
clothes: black atletick legwear and silver tanktop. with hot pink short sleeve zip-up with the insignea of the 3rd squad on it.
visord mask: the shape is like ichigos but has 3 lines on both sides and a long line down the middle with holes for her eyes.
zanpakto: meshuzuki
বছরখানেক আগে gensoikari97 said…
Name: Hayate Shizuka
Birthdate: June 19th
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Visored
Former Rank: Squad 6 Captain
Hair Color: Silver
Hair Style: One ponytail
Eye Color: Gray
Clothes: Black shirt with 7 white diamonds in the shape of a number 7, White jacket unzipped with white fur on the collar and wrists, white pants with white fur at the ankles
Visored Mask: White open mouthed(fangs)fox head shaped mask with red crescent moon on the forehead
Zanpakuto name: Fokkusufaiyāmisuto "foxfire mist"(as in a fox's fire, not a light given off by fungi)(X|)
Description: Sealed as a black Shikomizue with white foxes carved into the shaft
(more info on the Zanpakuto in create a Zanpakuto)
বছরখানেক আগে Deathclaw98 said…
naem:reaper birthdate:august 28 gender:male affilation:visored former rank: captain of squad 10 hair color:black hair style:curly and a bit spiky eye color:red clothes: a black long sleeve shirt with the number 1 on it,black gloves, black jeans with red and black tennis shoes. visored mask: has two horns with two dark gery lines goin down the eye holes the horn were colored in both black and red with half the mask red and the other black. zanpaktou name: shadow lighting. description the blade is dark gery with the hilt and guard being grey and white.
বছরখানেক আগে AceDarkwolf17 said…
Name: Kai Shuichi

Birthday: Dec 17th

Gender: Male

Affiliation: Visored

Former Rank: Squad 5 Captain

Hair Style: His bangs hang both sides of his face and is spiky in the back

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Sky Blue

Clothes: Long black coat decorated by white trimmings, a tight-fitting black shirt, and loose grey pants held up by a belt and black shoes

Visored Mask: Wolf head shaped mask with a menacing smile, red lining the eye holes, two red pointed lines on forehead, grey lining the upper part of the mouth

History: When he was a captain, he was a extremely lazy and did absolutely no work. He constantly stared at the night sky. He continues all that to this day

Name: Kikyo "Undying Love"
Description: White Kusanagi with black strip running the down the middle
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বছরখানেক আগে blackpanther666 said…
Have any of you actually considered how your characters became Visoreds? Because there is only way for that to happen and that is through the Hogyoku...
বছরখানেক আগে wantadog said…
Okay here goes...if i have copied anyone then i apologize.

Name: not a clue(this is not his name)
Birthday: January 12
Gender: male
Affiliation: visored
Former rank: 7th seat of squad 10
Hair style: smooth(parted to the left)
Hair color: grey
Eye color: Bright green(i mean realllly bright green)

Clothes: white t-shirt with a smiley face on it,and dark blue jeans.(when he fights, he fights in a dark blue soul reaper uniform)

Visored mask: This mask is one that is so thin, it appears to be part of his skin. It takes on the resemblance of his face but there are two horns sticking out from the top that have a black spiral patter on them, and there is no nose visible.

History: In the soul society he was a 7th seat that had the spiritual pressure and skill of a lieutenant, the only reason he was still only a 7th seat was that he did not want to be any higher for that would mean he would have to work more and would have less fun.

Zanpakuto: sealed state
Description: this blade has medium sized blade and a guard that has four dragon heads going in each direction diagonally.

Zanpakuto: Shikai
Name: Unmei No Mokuteki(fates purpose)
Description: The blade while in its shikai resembles its sealed state but a blue strip in a spiral pattern is on the blade. Also there is electricity surrounding the blade(also in spiral pattern). There is a red circle on either side of the top of the hilt.

Zanpakuto: Bankai
Name: Saigo No Unmei(final fate)
Description: While in bankai, the soul reapers body is completely covered in chains. These chains can increase or decrease his weight or the effect gravity has on him at will. There is a chain that is attached to his wrists, the soul reaper can make this chain hard,soft,stretchy, or whatever.

hope you likey
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বছরখানেক আগে onix11 said…
Name: Mike Mottoma

Age: 15

Height: 5'10

Weight: 165

Race: Human

Data: Before acquiring the powers of a hollow. Mike was a chunky Japanese american kid that no one really ever talked to. Then one night when him and one of his friends went to the woods to a party. Mike was filled with dark energy that quickly consumed him. His physical appearance changed and he lost all of his fat and turned it into muscle. He wears the traditional student outfit of his academy which is a black uniform with buttons on the front of the coat.

Vizord Mask: When he was given the powers of the hollow, his power as a human increased, giving him three times his original strengths and abilities. He is unable to fully control when he transforms into a vizord and because of that many innocent people are hurt. When the mask is on, it looks like the head of a lion with the mane covering the back of Mikes head. When it is dawned, the mask give unknown amounts of power, making it very dangerous to use.
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বছরখানেক আগে blackpanther666 said…
Name: Akira Shishira

Age: 902 (looks about 40)

Height: 5'6

Weight: 73 kgs

Race: Rogue Shinigami/Visored (Bear in mind that I don't really like making Visoreds, and this is the first)

Visored Mask: Similar to Al's mask, from FMA, while he is in the form of the metal knight. The mask also has long, arrow-head shaped piece attached to the top of his Hollow mask.

Eye colour: silver (silver irises, black pupils while Hollowfied)

Hair colour/type: His hair is blue, and spiky like Ichigo's but longer.

Mannerisms: Akira has never spoken a word in his life, he is mute. This doesn't stop him from fighting with a fierce determination to find out the real reason why he can use Hollow powers. He is not so much serious, as seemingly saracastic half the time and very sincere the other half. He hates people who take their powers for granted and don't use them for a purpose, whether the purpose is necessarily good or not.

History: He was an orphan while growing up in the World of the Living, a thousand years ago. He was part of the crusades in England, and followed his king with determination. He was killed during the Battle of Hastings in 1066. He was Captain of Squad Three, until he was defeated by Gin Ichimaru. When he woke, he was in the Department of Research and Development. Aizen had completed the infection process for Hollowfication and, shortly after, became Hollowfied, attacking Gin and Tousen, severely injured Tousen. He was cast out by Aizen and left to die.

Zanpakuto: Kabarie No Mori ('Lance of the Cavalier')

Release Command: Charge wildly (Denka mikon)

Bankai: Kiritsu Kishi ('Order Knight')

Shikai abilities:

Ketatamashii Mori ('Piercing Lance') The Zanpakuto hardens with order, and adds a certain amount, of this order, to the cut, when he cuts the opponent. This upsets the balance of chaos and order within the opponent's body, which reacts badly with the reishi around and can cause their reiatsu to become greatly unstable. The extra order also thickens their blood slightly, making it somewhat harder to move around, without losing breath quicker. Other side effects are a splitting headache, nausea and lapsed concentration.

Tsuchi Kamei ('Earth Affiliation') The wielder has the upper hand while moving about freely on anything counted as earth (i.e. rock, dirt, soil, land, plants/trees/grass). While fighting on earth, the wielder is much stronger than the opponent in terms of brute strength. While this is beneficial, it can slow him down at times. (Tsuchi Kamei is passive)

Bankai abilities:

Youmei Sokai ('Order Dispersal') When the opponent is cut, order begins to flow slowly out of the cut, until the blood flow clots up and begins to stop bleeding. The maximum amount of order that can be lost through this ability is five percent of any given cut. The body of the opponent, however, will slowly regain order. The lag-time for this ability is a minute. The opponent gains order back for approximately five minutes.

Special ability: The wielder's Shihakusho is covered by a thick armour, which can deflect Kido up to Hado 33, Sokatsui. To counter the weight of the armour, the wielder is given a speed bonus by three times as much.

Sealed Form: Zanpakuto is the same as a normal katana in this form. The guard is a four-sided cross, which is silver. The tsuba is steel grey with black underneath.

Shikai: The weapon changes into a short lance, with a pike head on the end.

Bankai: The lance becomes much longer and the head of the lance becomes a Zanpakuto-like blade, similar to the Shikai of Zangetsu, but in the recent form, from the latest Bleach episode 361. The blade is black, with a white aura around it. The lance-pole is approximately 1.5 meters long, while the blade is approximately 1.25 meters long.
বছরখানেক আগে blackpanther666 said…
Hehe, another Visored, just for the hell of it. This will be the last one, though. I doubt I can create that many openings for Visoreds.

Name: Sukoru Raionshin ('Squall Lionheart') XD (Some people should recognize this reference.

Age: 1832 (looks around late 50's, though it is hard to tell because of his hair color and muscly appearance)

Height: 5'9

Weight: 77 kgs (Relatively slight, but very fast and agile)

Race: Visored (One of the first ever Visoreds, though he is more like an Arrancar, but has a Bankai and Shikai)

Visored Mask: Has a round, black patch in the middle and metal pieces that are pointed and extend out the sides and back, like claws. They are silver/chrome in color. There are eye-holes (more like slits) that are cut out of the middle of the black part of the mask; Sukoru has red pupils with black irises =, when he is Hollowfied.

Personality: He is extremely proud, as he is a very experienced fighter and would fancy himself an instructor, though he never really instructed anybody. He can be very confident in a fight and always keeps his calm, never becoming angry, or allowing emotions to get in the way of a fight. Even so, he still seems to have very little understanding of 'emotions' as he is essentially emotionless (similar to how Ulquiorra was). He is extremely capable of commanding others and has a high understanding of tactics during battle and training.

History: He died many, many years ago, when the World of the Living was technologically young and witchcraft and superstitions had been believed in. He was considered to be a 'witch' and was burnt at the stake. He died in pain and agony, burnt alive. He wanted revenge, but he was dead and instead harbored so much hate for the ones who'd done it to him, that he'd wished to protect himself from himself, or rather, the Hollow inside of him. His Zanpakuto had manifested for him, but the Hollow took over for long enough for him lose himself long enough to gain Shinigami/Visored powers and was now intensely powerful. He can keep his mask on sometimes for a whole fight, so it can depend on how much of his reiatsu is used.

Abilities: Unlike normal Visoreds, Sukoru uses Sonido and also has a Cero. His Cero is silver/black in appearance (silver with black streaks and tendrils mixing through the silver.

Special ability: Sonido Kaihou ('Sonido Release') This releases a wave of reiatsu around Sukoru and is released at the time as his normal Sonido, speeding it up somewhat (varies with the amount of reiatsu used to bolster it.

Zanpakuto: Taihouyaiba ('Gun-blade') This Zanpakuto looks like a typical 'Cutting trigger' from Final Fantasy Eight)


1. Can release an attack called 'Rough Divide'. Sukoru lunges at the opponent and slices into the ground, releasing a blast of reiatsu and damaging the opponent with the blast and the earth-debris.

2. Taihouyaiba explodes whenever Sukoru yells 'Renzokuken!'

3. Can release a wave of flames, like a flame-thrower.

Bankai: Tategami Oumono ('Lion King') Gun-blade grows longer and slimmer to a point, but has 'claws extending out of the front of the Gunblade.

Ability 1: Sukoru leaps at the opponent and knocks them back, into the air, then commences to slash at them twenty times in succession, each strike taking no more than five seconds at longest and two seconds shortest.

Retains other ability's in Bankai.

Shihakusho: Gunslinger's Cloak. This gives him some defence from explosives and he has armour underneath his top.
 Hehe, another Visored, just for the hell of it. This will be the last one, though. I doubt I can crea
বছরখানেক আগে blackpanther666 said…
He would look like an older version of Squall from FF8, but with longer hair and facial hair.
বছরখানেক আগে tommy-white said…
Name: Tyme Kichura
Birthday: December 5
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Visored
Former Rank: Squad 3 Captain
Hair Style: sholder length in back, right above
eyes in front parted to the right
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Eye Color: Light Blue
Clothes: Normal captain uniform with a white
Visored Mask: Wolf-like with light blue lines
that looks like whiskers, long ears pointing down
History: Loved for quick actions, brains, and
making anyone smile no matter their mood
Zanpakuto: Akua okami (Aqua Wolf)
Medium length katana, light blue handle, and
guard looks like a paw
Shikia: Run though the wet forest, Akua okami - handle covers
the right arm, guard covers hand as a paw shape, sword
splits into four claw-like blades
Ability- Makes a howl-like sound with each slash
(slash with ur soaked paws) release four jets of water
Bankia- Akua Okami no Ikari- larger forms of shikia covers both arm
Gains a wolf pelt that covers arms and back
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