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S- The doctor.
L- Who's the doctor?
S- He's the doctor.
D- [0:13] Yep that's me.
S- 'Kay that was scary.
L- No, it sounds like he's replying but he always says that.
D-[0:19] Yes I do.
L-And that.
D- [0:21] Yep and this!
S- He can hear us! Oh my god আপনি can really hear us!
L- Of course he can't hear us! Look. I got a transcript, see? Everything he says. "Yep that's me, yes I do, yep and this, পরবর্তি this, are আপনি gonna read out the whole thing?
D- [0:37]Are আপনি gonna read out the whole thing? (Together)
L- Sorry.
S- Who are you?
D- [0:41] I'm a time traveler, অথবা I was, I'm stuck in 1969.
M- We're stuck! All...
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I'm not kidding. This is the easter egg! I've got two copies of the transcript too- one with the times that the Doctor says his bit, and one without. Try to re-enact it. It's amazing!
the doctor
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It's kind of stupid. The last bit is 2 minutes, 50 সেকেন্ড long. If it cuts off right in the middle of a good part, I'm sorry.
the doctor