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posted by vtech123
 The real Noddy Comet
The real Noddy Comet
Season 4, Episode 20, Mayhem On A Cross. A youthful Gordon Gordon alter ego Noddy Comet sings the 1979 hit "Better" from the Phoenix, Arizona band Blue Shoes.

Blue Shoes original recordings were recently uncovered দ্বারা Fervor Records and are available on iTunes etc.

Here's a little info about the band...

Blue Shoes: Post-Punk Power Pop Pioneers
There’s no denying Blue Shoes’ irresistible pop hooks and commercial sensibilities. Their records received heavy regional airplay and the vinyl flew off the shelves faster than some of the শীর্ষ acts of the day, including Fleetwood Mac and Led Zeppelin.
Their quirky stage persona, led দ্বারা their androgynous vocalist, Peggy “Murph” Murphy, packed সংগঠন and landed them on সঙ্গীতানুষ্ঠান stages with such acts as The Talking Heads. The Best of Blue Shoes
chronicles this amazing band’s success.
If আপনি are one major অস্থি fan, I hope আপনি can agree with me on this.Everybody loves Dr.B's assistant,Zack,so why did the producers take him off the show? I think it was a REALLY bad idea because everybody loves Zack (I hope). Why couldn't they take somebody else to leave the show? Like sweets ( Sorry if I am offending sweets fans)He could've been Gormagons assistant. But it was pretty suprising to find out Zack was Gormagons assistant,right. If আপনি really like this articale, I hope আপনি respond positively to it, THANKS!!!
I didn't make these quotes, but i thought i would post them on here because they are really cute :]

Emily on David - "One time I burst into tears, David took me outside and asked, "What's going on with you?" and then really listened to my answer. He's a wonderful friend."

David on Emily - "I like when Emily has her hair down cause she's so pretty."

Emily: “David jokes around so much and plays jokes on us. আপনি can't believe anything that comes out of his mouth, I have realized!”

David: “I প্রণয় being around Emily. I miss her. I miss-“
Emily: “You can’t help yourself.”
David: “I can’t....
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posted by Carbone
Chapter 3
As Angela headed to get Mr. Schneider, Brennan walked toward Booth and Hodgins. When she reached them she quickly told them to come upstairs to the rooms. Brennan was just opening the door when Angela appeared with Mr. Schneider. Once they were all in the room, Mr. Schneider started to explain why he had asked Brennan to come this weekend. Apparently he is under suspicion of murdering a former student whose body was just found buried on the grounds of the school. There is no direct proof of his guilt but he is under surveillance. The murder was over fifteen years পূর্বে and he was hoping...
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posted by girly_girl
 অস্থি is an awesome singer!
Bones is an awesome singer!
I know that when আপনি sit down to watch another great episode of Bones, the last thing that goes thought your mind is what kind of সঙ্গীত will be on the show! Well, if I'm honest, its not my first thought either but I have to admit, the সঙ্গীত on অস্থি is really good and I don't think the প্রদর্শনী would be the same without it! So, I've made a তালিকা of my শীর্ষ ten songs ever featured on Bones! Hope আপনি enjoy! :)

10: This song, played as Angela walked down the aisle in the last episode of season two, is one of my faves! Its "Gimme all your lovin'" দ্বারা ZZ Top. I thought it was really "Angela" to play that...
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Ok so i found this artice in a newspaper! I was sooo shocked!
David Boreanaz has admitted that he often struggles to get along with his অস্থি co-star Emily Deschanel.

The actor, who plays F.B.I. Special Agent Seeley Booth on the crime drama, revealed that Emily (Temperance Brennan) is sometimes too outspoken for his liking.

“We drive each other crazy and tell each other so. There are days when we প্রদর্শনী up and don’t get on too well, but we use it in the scenes,” Boreanaz told Metro.

Asked why they sometimes annoy each other, David explained: “I’m constantly poking her shoulder and getting under her skin. I think it’s part of my job. She’s very opinionated. I could be talking to a director অথবা producer and she’ll put her two cents in. It’s annoying and I’ve told her about it, but she keeps on doing it.”
I just thought I would put together some sites where আপনি can watch and/or download the latest অস্থি episodes. If আপনি don't live in the US then it is hard to find decent চলচ্ছবি right after অস্থি has aired. And if আপনি are like me আপনি can't possibly wait another day! Especially after having waited three weeks like the last time round.

To Watch:

watch-series.com (gets them up relatively fast)
tv-dome.net (has them literally 5 mins after airing)
freeonlineepisodes.net (courtesy of ORi_4EvEr_Y0ung)
megavideo.com (courtesy of drunksheep)
To remove limitation of MegaVideo go link.

To Download:...
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posted by girly_girl
Just though I'd add this part of the dialogue from one of my fave episodes in Season One,
" A man on death row".

'Bones' Season One
Episode: 107
“A man on Death Row”

(Booth and অস্থি are sitting at a টেবিল in the FBI offices and Booth is filling out a form)

Booth - Name?

Bones - আপনি know my name?

Booth - Bones, you're making an offical request to the FBI to be allowed to carry a concealed weapon. I have to follow protocol.

Bones - Its ridiculous. (Mutters to self)

Booth - Fine. We're done. আপনি wanna get some coffee?( Booth pushes the application sheet away from him.)

Bones - My name is Dr. Temperence...
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 Cutest Ever. <3
Cutest Ever. <3
Episode Name: The Hero in the Hold.
Season: 4
Episode: 14
Air Date: December 17th, 2008

The Grave Digger is back, and this time he's managed to make it look like someone took a few important materials out of his FBI case file. Hodgins is revealed to be obsessed with his case. This time the Grave Digger has Booth buried in a submarine, and it's up to Brennan and the squints to save him. Meanwhile in captivity, Booth's old spotter, the already-dead Teddy Parker, returns to help him (this is where the origin of Booth's son's name is shown). Agent Peyton Perrota and Jared Booth also appear.

Below are some pictures from the upcoming episode "The Con Man in the Meth Lab"
 SPOILER PICTURE: Jared Booth in "The Con Man in the Meth Lab"
SPOILER PICTURE: Jared Booth in "The Con Man in the Meth Lab"
 "The Con Man in the Meth Lab" - Booth&Booth
"The Con Man in the Meth Lab" - Booth&Booth
 "The Con Man in the Meth Lab" - The Moment We're Dreading
"The Con Man in the Meth Lab" - The Moment We're Dreading
posted by tvfan5
So I needed an outlet. Super badly. I'm warning you, if আপনি don't read spoilers...stop পাঠ করা this right now.


Let me just start this off দ্বারা stating the obvious: What the HELL are they doing to Booth's character?! I really valued his character and admired him because despite Brennan's hyper-rational tendencies, he rarely showed frustration toward her and that was part of what I really loved about Booth and Booth/Brennan together. I loved the fact that he was so protective of her and careful with her and he was really sensitive toward all of...
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posted by ilurvedward
A/N: this couldn't have been accomplished without the help of....
chel1395,HuddyCrazy1331, ,Huddyadict12,
bainmoussant, and especially youngblood!!

i seriously প্রণয় আপনি guys!!

probably just a one shot btw

disclaimer- I DO NOT OWN অস্থি অথবা HOUSE! TEAR


Bones straightened up off of her couch. Now was not the time to be dozing off; what was wrong with her? Usually during a case Dr. Temperance Brennan was all fits and bursts of productive energy, but not today. Today Brennan had to shove herself off her পালঙ্ক in order to look in the mirror. She gasped...
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posted by Buffyfan92
Okay as a Norwegian I almost laughed myself to death last ep! It was soooo funny!
Okay first of i just want to say that they painted a very bad picture of Norway, we are not that lame, honestly!
And that woman who was supossed to talk norwegian sounded আরো like swedish:P
And seriously they say that our metal is dark, we are nothing compared too...like Slipknot!! I mean they are, lets just say it, fricking crazy!
And we do have আরো murders than they said, I guess that isnt such a positive thing. I live in one of the smallest towns in the whole of Norway and we have had 5 murders in two months...and that is a lot for this town!
Anyways, this was really funny for me and so many other norwegian fans:D
The funniest part I think was when অস্থি tried to say "skalle". It was so wrong:P
Did আপনি know these interesting facts about Emily?

When she was in school, Emily's পছন্দ subjects were math and science.

Emily says the best thing about working with David Boreanaz is that he always makes her laugh and she feels very comfortable around him.

Emily is interested in forensics, much like her character Dr. Temperance Brennan, but she has ব্যক্ত that she would be sick if she had to look at dead bodies all the time.

In 2007, Emily was nominated for a Teen Choice Award for Choice TV Actress: Drama for Bones.

Emily used to own a Wheaten terrier, but the dog now belongs to Emily's ex-boyfriend....
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Some great David/Emily Quotes

Emily: “David kisses me all the time.”
David: “We were doing a scene and I kissed her at the end, and she turned bright red.”
Emily: “He tries to চুম্বন me all the time as a joke, because he knows it makes me very uncomfortable. He kissed me now like twice at the end of a scene.”
David: “And she kissed me once!”
Emily: “On the cheek.”
David: “It was pretty agressive. আপনি should see when she makes out with her other boyfriends.”
Emily: “He gets jealous when I have প্রণয় interests. I’m turning bright red now.”

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"The Change In The Game" - 9/8c (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT)



Ryan O'Neal Guest-Stars

The unidentifiable and gruesome remains of a male বোলার are found lodged in the automatic pinsetter of a bowling lane. Brennan's father, Max Keenan (guest তারকা O'Neal), is a member of the victim's bowling team, but currently sidelined with an injury. With no clear lead in the case, Booth and Brennan go undercover and যোগদান the very competitive bowling team in hopes of finding...
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posted by Carbone
Chapter 3

The পরবর্তি morning as the daylight streamed into the bedroom অস্থি was lying পরবর্তি to Booth who was still asleep. She watched him and knew that she should have told him sooner her feelings but better late than never. She also knew that they should never have any আরো secrets between them and that she had to tell him she lied about the গ্যারেজ being locked.

Booth was starting to wake up and as he turned toward Bones, he saw that she was awake and looking at him with an agonized look on her face.
“Bones what is it?”
“Booth I have to tell আপনি that I didn’t tell আপনি the truth last night.”...
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posted by Carbone
This was a very exciting দিন for Parker’s class room, as they were all going on a field trip to the Jeffersonian. Everyone in the class had picked out a different exhibit that they wanted to see and Parker was no exception. He wanted to see the mummies again that অস্থি had showed him before. He wanted to প্রদর্শনী his বন্ধু the mummy that অস্থি and his dad had found that was involved in a murder.

The teacher who was taking them was Mr. Hyatt. It was not one of Parker’s পছন্দ teachers but he did not care as he was going to see the mummies again. As the class was moving through the museum...
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posted by Carbone
Booth was looking অগ্রবর্তী to this week with his son, Parker. It was the first time in a long while that he will have him for আরো than just a few days. Rebecca had planned to be gone for a week and had asked him to take Parker for the whole week during the school’s spring break. Booth took this opportunity to plan a fishing trip with his son and to take along his grandfather, Hank. He was going to take his son where his grandfather had taken him fishing as a boy. He even had rented the কেবিন they used to go to on the lake.
He knew that অস্থি would be examining some ancient অস্থি this week...
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posted by Carbone

Brennan was on the phone with the state department when Booth entered her office. As he parked himself on her পালঙ্ক she was finishing her conversation. “I understand the importance of this trip for the senators and congressman but I do have other important projects that I need to take care of. Yes I realize that it would be helpful to explain what is going on about the genocide and the mercenaries who are terrorizing the countryside. I will get back to আপনি because I need to check my calendar regarding these dates.”
“Bones what was that about?”
“The state department wants...
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I was so glad to hear that Stephen Fry is back as the wacky but lovable psychiatrist, Dr. Gordon Wyatt, অথবা "Gordon Gordon" to Booth! I came acroos this সাম্প্রতিক magazine প্রবন্ধ about Stephen talking about his comeback to 'Bones' and although its not my article, I decided to add it!

What prompted আপনি to go back and do another episode of Bones?

It's always been a pleasure to work with David
Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel, who play Booth
and Bones. The producers have been very kind and
asked me back many times, but I have always been
unable to do it. This time, it worked out.

It sounds like a fun storyline....
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