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 Credit: Pete Ware
Credit: Pete Ware
Okay, so I have come across a lot of criticism against Merida that she is childish, rude, reckless, selfish and what not. But since she's my 2nd পছন্দ princess, i'd like to put up a case in her favor for people to consider and see her in better light. I have tried to dissect the movie scenes, probed into possible perspective on various minor details that may have been overlooked.

Why she isn't sophisticated as others:
She no doubt loves both her mother and father, but Merida takes off a part of feisty, loud and unapologetically honest side from her father. She loves to fight with him, laughing...
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Brave: Merida's Fate.
Chapter 1 Episode 1: Pilot

    Life for Merida has been set back to normal after the three clans left. No আরো worrying about marriage, no new responsibilities, and no আরো of that dreaded bear, Mor'du. The only thing that has changed is her mother now truly understands her. Now she has a free life again, and the only person who runs it is her.

    Although, for now she has been grounded and ordered to clean up whatever her mother, কুইন Elinor broke when she was turned into a bear. The damage stretched halfway around the castle, and...
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Have আপনি wondered what this movie was about? Do আপনি like to know the meaning before আপনি see it? So আপনি dont.....you know, waste your money?

Well! I am going to tell আপনি the meaning!

When princess Marida had celebrated her third birthday and she was just playing with her mother. (the Queen)
When she was playing with her mother her father (the king) came and gifted her with a bow and arrow. He had taught her how to shoot arrows very excellent.
Her mother was angry that the king had basically ruined Marida's future of being a princess.
After Marida's FIRST bow and অনুষ্ঠান- অ্যারো lesson, one of her arrows...
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posted by RoseOfRapunzel
Why I প্রণয় Merida

As far as some of আপনি know, I'm a HUGE Merida অনুরাগী and supporter, and when she is insulted অথবা even not shown any gradual প্রণয় compared to the other Princesses I fight and stand up for her. Recently she's been gaining the প্রণয় she deserved, I don't know where it started but as soon as that happened I felt enlightened with delight. I secretly {not a secret anymore} feel that I had something to do with the প্রণয় she's been gaining, but of corse, that's an over exaggeration but I'll just pretend it happened like that. When Merida is called ugly অথবা plain my face turns red but an...
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Brave: Merida's Fate.
Chapter 1 Episode 2: The Drought

    A week has passed since she fixed her bow, and the kingdom is experiencing a drought like never before. The only place that has any water is the lake behind the castle, and yet it হারিয়ে গেছে five feet of water. Each দিন around a dozen people come to the দুর্গ with heat stroke, and few die. And now it is tearing the kingdom apart.

    A meeting was held in the great hall to discuss the issue, and shortly after a fight broke out amongst people. "Everyone shut it!" কুইন Elinor roared. "Quite bursting into...
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posted by 3xZ
Into the Open Air is a song in ব্রেভ performed দ্বারা Julie Fowlis. Merida and Elinor as a ভালুক are catching মাছ in a stream and are reconciling with each other.

This প্রণয় it is a distant star, guiding us প্রথমপাতা wherever we are.
This প্রণয় it is a burning sun, shining a light on the things that we've done.

I tried to speak to আপনি every day, but each word we spoke the wind blew away.

Could these walls come crumbling down? I want to feel my feet on the ground, And leave behind this prison we share. Step into the open air.

How did we let it come to this? What we've just tasted we somehow still miss.

How will it feel when this দিন is done? And can we keep what we've only begun?

And now these walls come crumbling down, and I can feel my feet on the ground. Can we carry this প্রণয় that we share?

Into the open air.

Into the open air (into the open air).

Into the open air.

This প্রণয় it is a burning sun.
posted by 3xZ
Touch the Sky is the first song in ব্রেভ performed দ্বারা Julie Fowlis when Merida leaves the দুর্গ and rides her horse, Angus, through the forest and shoots arrow.

When cold wind is a' calling, and the sky is clear and bright
Misty mountains sing and beckon, lead me out into the light
I will ride, I will fly, chase the wind and touch the sky
I will fly, chase the wind and touch the sky
La la la la
La la la la
La la la la la la la
La la la la
La la la la
La la la la la la la

Where dark woods hide secrets and mountains are fierce and bold
Deep waters hold reflections of times হারিয়ে গেছে long ago...
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posted by Jessikaroo
I'm going to come and say straight up I প্রণয় Merida. She's earned a spot in my শীর্ষ three heroine's of all time, and her movie is one of my favourite পিক্সার films to date. So, moving on..

Appearance -
A lot of people think Merida is ugly, but I disagree. Sure, she's different from what we're used to seeing, but different doesn't mean ugly. Her hair is beautiful, it's a true red-head's red. It's a gorgeous copper hue that is full of life and volume. It really represents her character well. Her eyes are beautiful, such a lovely colour and shape in my opinion. I প্রণয় her smile, it's full of passion...
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When I first saw the preview/trailer for this movie, it made me think of the Hunger Games, as where both Katniss and Meridia are good at shooting arrows. But thats really the only thing in common between them, other than the fact that they really don't want to get married to anyone.
Also, when I noticed Meridias red hair I though about Ariel. I was wondering if they were trying to make a new princess to প্রদর্শনী off their red hair.
But the thing about their hair are the styles. As seen in the movie, Ariel doesn't have curly hair. It seems as she has straight hair, with wavy bangs.
On the other hand,...
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Noble Maiden Fair (A Mhaighdean Bhan Uasal) is a lullaby sung দ্বারা কুইন Elinor and Young Princess Meerida during a memory of them both and when Merida is tearfully begging her mother back to human form.

Gaelic Lyrics:
A naoidhean bhig, cluinn mo ghuth
Mise ri d' thaobh, O mhaighdean bhan

Ar righinn oig, fas as faic

Do thir, dileas Fein

A ghrian a's a ghealaich, stuir sinn

Gu uair ar cliu 's ar gloire

Naoidhean bhig, ar righinn go

Mhaighdean uashaill bhan

English Translation:
Little baby, hear my voice
I'm beside you, O maiden fair

Our young Lady, grow and see

Your land, your own faithful land

Sun and moon, guide us

To the ঘন্টা of our glory and honour

Little baby, our young Lady

Noble maiden fair
I have read that young princess Merida will be included in the princess line and upon hearing the news, to say the least, I was thrilled.
Merida is obviously an admirable chatacter-independent, free willed, but also loving and intellegent. But what marks her among the place of the best princesses iis her faults and vulnerability. She says and does things she regrets, she makes mistakes, but deals with the consequences and fixes them. The only other princesses who do likewise are Pochahonts, Mulan, and Tiana. Rapunzel is merely a victim of what she does not know. Belle and Ariel make mistakes...
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Song of Mor'du is a villain song from ব্রেভ about Mor'du sung দ্বারা King Fergus and chorus to entertain the lords.

I've hunted for him high 'n' low; I've looked him in the eye.
I dream about the perfect way, tae make this devil die.
Come taste ma blade ya manky ভালুক for gobblin' up ma leg!
I'll hunt ye then I'll skin ye, hang your noggin on a peg!
Mor'du, Mor'du
Mor'du, Mor'du!
You're ancient as the highlands and as unforgivin' too.
Mor'du, Mor'du
Mor'du, Mor'du!
Now the time has come for all of us tae slaughter you!

He's bigger than a Cuillin, killin' armies with his paws.
Mor'du is never happy till the...
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posted by 3xZ
Though I may speak some tongue of old অথবা even spit out some holy word I have no strength with which to speak when আপনি sit me down and see I’m weak

We will run and scream আপনি will dance with me We’ll fulfill our dreams, and we’ll be free

We will run and scream আপনি will dance with me We’ll fulfill our dreams, and we’ll be free We will be who we are And they’ll heal our scars Sadness will be far away

So I have done wrong to put me right my judgement burned in the black of night Then I give less than I take It is my fault, my own mistake

We will run and scream আপনি will dance with me We’ll fulfill our dreams, and we’ll be free We will be who we are And they’ll heal our scars Sadness will be far away
posted by cuteasprincie
Can't Believe That I am the first one To write an প্রবন্ধ in this pot...

The villain's role is one of the prime role in the চলচ্চিত্র of Diseny and Pixar.THere are some villains which turns a prince into a frog(Dr.Facilier),Some keeps a princess for a long time(Gothel),Some wants to break toys and make new ones from them(Sid) while some takes someones sweet voice(ursula).But what about BRAVE?How will be the Villain?Who Will be the Villain?What will be the appearance of the villain?Is it will be a Animal?A DRaGON?A DEMON?A Witch?A human?A non-Living thing????What will be the sex of that villain"Male"...
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posted by AutumnSunshine
So the way I first watched this was actually through my little brother. He had seen it in the theaters and asked for it on dvd for Christmas. He did end up getting it for বড়দিন and so we all watched it. I instantly loved it and watched it about 3 আরো times. I especially like it because of the amazing soundtrack! My পছন্দ songs in order are:

Into the Open Air
Touch the Sky
Noble Maiden Fair
Learn Me Right

It brought me to my পছন্দ singer, Julie Fowlis,who sings Touch the Sky and Into the Open air in the movie.
posted by RoseOfRapunzel
*Sigh*I হারিয়ে গেছে all my progress from THEDisneyFreak, so I'm just going to re-post this প্রবন্ধ
Here is the problem with most people on Merida: she's selfish and wanted to change her mom. I can agree with that yes, but she changed and genuinely apologized in the end. Now I'm not going to bring up Ariel, they are very different but comparing them makes me look desperate. You're free to disagree, we all have opinions.
Though yes. I'm aware an প্রবন্ধ like this has just been written but the লেখক is fine with it, I've been লেখা this for the past two days.

I used to hate the idea of ব্রেভ and Merida...
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posted by RoseRapunzel
All the characters and the main history are property of ডিজনি পিক্সার and Brenda Chapman for লেখা the movie script, it's totally অনুরাগী wrote of!

Monday, May 13rd
Dear parchment , I write it because I want to keep the things I think and that happen (like my fantastic adventures) to me now, in my adolescence, so that in the not too distant future, read it and surprised me. For, as my mother says: "When আপনি grow up, if you're not married, you'll regret it and আপনি won't think like that now." And as an adult and of legal age I wil be অথবা married to who will win the archery tournament that will be celebrated...
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posted by HAFanForever
I absolutely প্রণয় ব্রেভ and saw it six times in theaters last year. From the first time I saw it, it was clear to me that the main point of it was the relationship between Merida and Elinor. After seeing it আরো times after that, I couldn't ignore the subtle hints and meanings I noticed in many of their scenes together. That's why I wrote an analytical that describes many of those scenes in terms of their relationship. If আপনি noticed many of the same things I did in the film, then I'm sure that আপনি would like to read my essay. Here is the link to it on FanFiction: link

Although not nearly as long as the first, I also wrote a সেকেন্ড essay in how fate and destiny plays an important part in the film, too: link
posted by kitty190123
Ok, I just watched Brave, and I want to write a review. And please don't say I got stuff wrong, because the power went out in the middle of the movie! We got to watch the rest though. First off, it was really funny. Seriously, I was ROTFL! But, it was really scary! I like that kind of movie! Some of the Scotish language (kerfuffles, etc.) was hard to understand. I think the movie would be too violent for young kids. But it told a good story. আপনি better be good at making predictions, though, because this movie is better when আপনি guess.