Breaking Dawn The Movie How do আপনি think the story of Breaking Dawn will be shown?

TwilightMillie posted on Jul 23, 2010 at 04:41PM
Hey Guys!
There's been question to how Breaking Dawn Part 1 and Part 2 will be shown and what parts of the book they will use and which they will cut out?
Here's what I think,
-Breaking Dawn part 1 will begin with Bella in her "Before" Car, telling about how they told Charlie about their engagement, and the movie will end with Rosalie lifting Renesmee over her shoulder to cuddle her, and Jacob stood staring at her.
-Breaking Dawn part 2 will start with blackness, and Bella describing the pain she was in during the changing process, and it will end with Bella, Edward and Renesmee, and Bella will say "Forever".
-Renesmee will be part CGI and part real, the CGI being her 6ft jump in the air, her growth and newborn Renesmee. I think she'd be played by a 3-4 year old small child, as she'd have to be able to talk, and have the maturity and intelligence Renesmee has.
-They won't show the birthing scene, but they will show Edward rushing Bella into a hospital like room, and a time lapse of people running in and out, and Jacob pacing outside.
-Like the birthing scene, they won't show the sex scene, but they will show Bella in her lace outfit, and the newly married Bella and Edward lying on the bed together, and then the camera moves to the bay window facing the stars, which will then time lapse into a morning sun, then the camera will move to Bella's face covered in feathers.

^^ That is my estimate, it may or may not actually happen!

What do you think??

Millie <3

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বছরখানেক আগে Bauldrere said…
It is a good idea.