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Here is 85 reasons to প্রণয় Brucas..

1. Because they প্রণয় Each other

2. Because Brooke forgave Lucas when he cheated on her.

3. Because Brooke wrote Lucas letters but never sent them

4. Because Lucas forgave Brooke when she slept with Chris Keller

5. Because Brooke Forgave Lucas when he cheated on her with Peyton

6. Because Lucas started লেখা letters to Brooke.

7. Because Lucas Realized how much he hurt Brooke in the past.

8. Because Lucas realized that Brooke is the one.

9. Because Brooke Believes in Lucas

10. Because they always make up

11. Because Lucas and Brooke belong together

12. Because...
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So Here's Gangstahs Gift from me! She's amazing it's her birthday! And i'm soooooooo happy I've gotten the chance to know her!

When i first talked to Janni it was on the BFG i believe i asked her if she's ever heard of the book called Twilight. What i didn't know then was the long amazing friendship we were about to embark on. The BFG Brought us together, and even if we weren't very close at first she was always someone who really didn't judge me. When i first joined fp i was HATED HATED HATED দ্বারা everyone lets face it even most bl fans...
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Since season 1 I loved ব্রুকাস্‌ but now i started প্রণয় Brulian and Leyton and I don`t প্রণয় ব্রুকাস্‌ any more.
So I wonder if Leyton`s অনুরাগী will excetp me অথবা not? - livanjka - TRAITOR ALERT!!
& all the Lp অনুরাগী are sucking up saying omg sure we will accept you... HA! AND BRAINWASH HER!

I went through their প্রবন্ধ and came across one & decided i should skim through to see what the Pucas প্রেমী have to say... and this is what i found.

Why Leyton Are Ment To Be. <3 addiee পোষ্ট হয়েছে on May 29, 2008 at 06:04PM
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posted by brucas_naley101
Brooke woke up to beating on her door. She opened her eyes and looked around and was surprised to see she was in the living room, then she saw she was laying half on Lucas and she smiled to herself, the events of the পূর্ববর্তি night rushing back to her. But the knocking didn't subside so she decided she would get up, as she was sitting up Lucas' arm tightened around her.
"I'll be right back." Brooke whispered to him and he let her go, reluctantly. She walked over and opened the door and saw none other than her cheating ex best friend. "Peyton. What are আপনি doing here?" Brooke asked stepping...
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Chapter 2

After having that realization that Brooke was really the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

“This is it Lucas she is the one after all the years of heartache and প্রণয় আপনি have been through and all the in decisions with Peyton, Brooke and Lindsey আপনি finally figured it out Brooke Davis is the one I really প্রণয় and আপনি need to prove it to her.” These were all the thoughts that were running through Lucas head as he left Brooke’s house and was heading to the airport and when he finally got their and bought their plan tickets to Las Vegas that’s when he decided to...
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আপনি probably forgot about this.
Well, I am bored and sick, so here it is.
Oh & it seems kinda morbid at times but thats just because I'm a rather dark person.

Peyton was sitting in her car feeling like shit.
"Dude. Where's my baby?"
She looked around and the car and then found the baby in the দস্তানা compartment.
"Oh, there আপনি are."
So she took her out of the দস্তানা compartment and when she realized she wasn't breathing she hit him with a hammer and she died.
She chucked the baby out the window.
"Well now I'm bored."
So she sat in her car and then magically found in her lap...
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First of all:
WOHOO! Congrates becoming the অনুরাগী of the মাস March!=D It was about time আপনি got it hun^^
+ HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVE! I hope that the rest of your life will be filles with প্রণয় and laughter, and remember to enjoy everysingel সেকেন্ড of your life!
Remember to have fun! and live your life exactly like আপনি want to live it, because it is too special to live it as other peoples wantings! Remember to spend every single moment of your life with the ones আপনি প্রণয় because your life isn't worth spending it on the ones আপনি don't love<33
LOVE আপনি too much hun! Happy Birthday!<33

Your প্রণয় for...
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An introduction

I know আপনি haven’t heard from me for some time and that’s largely due to the fact that OTH s6 really made me shit brick if I may be bold to say. It was, in many Brucassers’ general opinion, worse than s4. This is because we get to experience and relive the horror of two interesting characters uniting to become one boring couple. We all read many opinions, comparisons and compelling arguments from many of our reasonable BLers here and I would just like to assert my own conviction with the rest of all of আপনি because as much I feel too sullen to interact and share comprehensive...
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she won for JUNE 2009 so it's almost been a year! SERIOUSLY PEOPLE WTF? whose job was it to make this! So from all of us BL অনুরাগী we are making a a sincere apology on behalf of our laziness!

Anyways she আরো than deserves this! I'm so happy she won cause she's a truly amazing girl! He bl অনুরাগী art kills me every time i see it she has a true talent! And she's our BLUSH! ♥
I প্রণয় আপনি hun congrats sorry this TOOK FOREVER!
1.After waiting sooo long for this interview, are আপনি still excited about how আপনি won FOTM almost a বছর ago?...
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I have had quite a few people ask me how to embed প্রতিমূর্তি throughout their article, so I figured it would be helpful to make an easy to follow guide for everyone to follow!

I'm gonna use some BL উদ্ধৃতি for my "body" & put the code under each image I use. [Just remember to remove the **'s that I put!]


"I keep that stuff as a reminder of how badly I screwed up things, with you. To remind myself that if I ever get a সেকেন্ড chance, I would never let আপনি go again."

[*img*1 *center*, *large*]

"The difference? The difference is I প্রণয় আপনি Brooke, I wanna be with you,...
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Ok so I admit it. I've been lacking in the BL faith lately but after the 5.15 and the famous scenes "purple monkey" and "couch"...i'm sure that smth has changed. I just want ব্রুকাস্‌ NOW...more than ever.

I know a lot of people say Peyton and Lucas were always going to end up together and all, but I never saw the connection. I mean, they've had their moments, but compared to BL, for me, they just don't come close.

The ব্রুকাস্‌ প্রণয় was আরো realistic as it developed over time into a real, strong love
Peyton and Lucas are (well should be) destined to be friends. All Peyton ever does is thank him for...
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posted by Broody_4_Cheery
again warning, this chapter has darker themes involving violence, self harm and substance abuse, do not read if আপনি feel uncomfortable.


There is a exactly one ঘন্টা break between my morning lectures and my পরবর্তি one, as I race towards the jeep I don't have time to think about who I might see at home. I slept the grand total of zero সেকেন্ড last night and its now coming back to bite me, I piss my lecturers off enough without adding falling asleep in class to the তালিকা of my crimes.

Though I have a pretty fucking good excuse to be distracted today, after all it's not the norm to have everything...
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My scene for BL to finally be together is season 5.

Brooke looked at the small পরাকাষ্ঠা gemmed envelope পাঠ করা the invitation. Her eyes where burning with the tears she held back. What had she done?? Her whole life seemed an uncertainty as she starred wildly at the paper that invited her to watch the boy she loved marry somebody else.

“Alright. আপনি remember when I started Clothes over Bros? It was right after we broke up and I was trying to mend my broken হৃদয় দ্বারা focusing on my work and আপনি need to do the same right now. আপনি need to go out there and become the best person and the best writer...
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posted by Broody_4_Cheery
so i felt like adding an প্রবন্ধ but my mind went blank and then i remembered i hadnt updated MBK for ages on here, i pretty much only do it for hannah who doesnt read it on fanfiction.net even though thats chapter ahead :P

Chapter Twenty-Three


There was a time when I was a little girl when I believed anything was possible, when magic existed without question, and I trusted what those around me said. Santa Clause existed because my father took me to see him every year, মৎসকুমারী were out there because my mother read me 'The Little Mermaid' before I went to sleep, such trust children have...
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posted by Broody_4_Cheery
heres পরবর্তি chapt, and tigger the পরবর্তি one is where আপনি come into the picture.


It took আরো out of me than I ever imagined, one সেকেন্ড longer and I would have started shaking, I would have cried in front of Sawyer and everything I have worked hard for would be for nothing.

I've tried oh how I've tried to সরানো on but it was hard, it still is hard and getting আরো so each day.

Turning the corner I keep my composure but the সেকেন্ড those elevator doors close I slip along the back of the small enclosure until I am sitting on its floor with my arms around my knees. The tears fall unashamed,...
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posted by Broody_4_Cheery
Chapter Sixteen


Though I had suspected sleep would elude me, somewhere during the night I closed my eyes and then the পরবর্তি thing I know I open them and the morning sun is there to greet me. I still feel like I spent the whole night tossing and turning, as if I didn't get one drop of sleep and my body aches.

Brooke cuddles পরবর্তি to me and to my surprise she is still sound asleep, it is a sight I do not see often. Actually I cannot remember the last time I got to watch her like this before last night. She's beautiful, হারিয়ে গেছে in the world of dreams her face is relaxed and even a small smile...
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 Already gone.
Already gone.
From the moment i heard this song; it reminded me of BL in so many ways. So here is me trying to explain how this is one of the songs that fit BL in so ways. I also got this Idea from Holly. She inspired me! =]

Remember all the things we wanted
Now all our memories, they're haunted
We were always meant to say goodbye

Brooke and Lucas, wanted to rescue each other, they wanted to সরানো on from the past, and be together in the future. But there was always that unspoken problem, Peyton. Brooke tried to forget the pain she felt the first time. She tried her hardest to trust Lucas, and she let him in,...
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posted by Broody_4_Cheery

The past – my past – isn’t something I like to think about often, there isn’t much worth remembering. My personal life, অথবা lack thereof, has never been exactly exciting. The geek in high school I never quite grew up from the awkward loner who felt inept in social situations, বন্ধু are not something I come across easily and I have never had ‘homies’ অথবা been ‘one of the guys’. Work – being successful – has been my main focus most of my adult life and I am lucky enough to find genuine joy in all my career moves which leads to me devoting even আরো time to it. My office...
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So as we all already know Jessica won! WOOO! She totally deserves this she works sooo hard for this! SHE'S truly the main reason why this spot is still active! i loved all আপনি উত্তর hun congrats :D
aww thank আপনি (: {btw sorry for my bad english xD}
okay here we go:

1.You've Finally won how do আপনি feel???
•I don't know what to say :D I'm sooo surprised,really!!! **happy dance**
When I first was on ফ্যানপপ and on the BL Spot there was the অনুরাগী of the month,too and
I just thought 'Someday I want to win this too' ! AND NOW IS THE DAY!!!
[I already sreamed when I saw I was nominated!!]...
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Soooo Hannah won January FOTM, and im soooo sorry that this is up late, ive been really really busy, ive actually gotten myself a life, =[ i know it sucks, so im sorry its late!!! Anyways Congrats Hannah, প্রণয় you!!

1 - Welcome Hannah, আপনি have won again CONGRATS MANGOBABE, how awesome do আপনি feel right now?
~ SOOOO EXCITED! To be honest i feel like i don't really deserve it! There are so many people who work so much harder for this. BUT I'm not saying i didn't get a huge smile and start to party when i won!

2- So ব্রুকাস্‌ each have been invited to another planet দ্বারা ন্যালে for a picnic, what planet,...
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